Monday, May 27, 2013

Funerals and Singing - Lovell, Wyoming

So this week again Sister Davis and I wore ourselves ragged. We took out a young women every night this week and have seen many great miracles come from it. We decided that we were going to give each of them a notebook so that they can write down the miracles and revelations that they receive while they are out working with us. We decorate each of them based on their personality and give it to them with a pen when they come out with us. I have truly witnessed so many wonderful miracles this week.
So we took out the first young woman on Tuesday night with us. Her name was Kaitlyn Mickelson. She is 14 years old and she was so awesome to take with us. We went to visit some less active members we taught the restoration. They were all really open about it and so hopefully we can go back and teach the plan of salvation. After that we just walked up the street and contacted as many less actives as we possibly could going up the street to her house. Then we got a ride back to the church and we walked the rest of the way home. :) It was awesome to have her there and see how excited she was about missionary work.
Then on Wednesday we spent the day sick. There was some sort of bug in our house where everyone that lived there got a really upset stomach and we were all pretty sick and miserable. We slept for most of the morning and then we got up and went to help a member restore there house. So we slapped on some jeans and we went and painted for a few hours. We can home and laid down and slept again because we didn't feel very well again. We woke up just in time to go and do another service project with the youth at the church. We went and we planted flowers for a while with all of the youth. It was so awesome to just work in jeans and to work with the youth and get to know them better. I absolutely love the youth here and the more that I work with them the more that I love them. :) 
So then on Thursday evening we took out another young woman named Mikayla and she took us to her friend Kaylas house. We were able to get in and teach the restoration to her and her mom and we got invited back to share more! It was great to have Mikayla there because she knew Kayla and was able to give is really good insight as to what would help Kayla best. It was also really cool to have Mikayla witness that kind of a miracle while she was with us. It is an awesome opportunity to meet with the people in Lovell and especially the non-member youth and bring in their friends and have them share their testimony.
On Friday morning Sister Davis and I were randomly asked to sing at a funeral. So we went to the church and spent quite a while singing at a 4 hours. I hate funerals and I have to go to all of them in the entire city of Lovell to show that I am supportive. :( Anyway on Friday night we took out a young woman named Jessica. We went to an investigators house because we thought it would be good to bring a member into their home and have them share their testimony. But he started talking all about the book of revelations and how he knows how God isn't coming to this world to save it but to destroy it...yeah probably not the best lesson to take a young woman to. But hey trial and error right? Ha ha it ended up being really good because we were able to bear our testimony about the atonement and invite Jessica to share her testimony as well. So it wasn't a complete flop lesson ha ha. 
So Saturday morning we helped with another funeral. We helped with the food this time and we were serving food for like 5 hours. Again I hate funerals and I really didn't want to go to another one in the second day that I was there! It was not a fun morning. But hey we got to eat lots of food when the funeral was finished. :) That afternoon we went on splits with Madison and Whitney. I took Madison and we went and just conquered the city of Lovell! :) We were able to go and to meet with so many referrals and get tons of return appointments. It was an awesome afternoon and we were kind of on a spiritual high afterwards :) We took out 3 beehives with us that night, Bailey, Raynie, and Hannah. They came with us and this was one of the coolest things that I have seen so far. We walked up the street a few houses and taught a lesson we crossed the street and taught a lesson, we zigzagged up the street and just taught like 20 lessons in a night...sometimes I haven't even gotten that many lesson in 2 weeks let alone 1 night! :) We had them all sing hymns with us and then we were able to bear our testimonies through music and then talk about the specific hymns that we were singing and what they meant to each of us. It was so great for us to see those girls testimony increase! :) 
After each lesson with the young women we bring them back to the church and give them a minute to write in their revelation journals about all of the miracles that they have seen while they were with us. Then we ask them to write in our testimony book. We are hoping that by the end of the transfer that we will have all of the youth in Lovells testimonies and be able to compile them into a book so that we can give it to all of the youth and they can gain strength from each others testimonies. :) I am thrilled to see how having missionaries engaged with the youth will help to build up Lovell! :D 
So Yesterday we weren't able to take any youth out because we were in church form 7:30-about 5:15. Our week had been so crazy and jam packed with people that we missed meeting with some of our investigators and weren't able to set up appointments for this week with them. However, all the people that we missed were either at church or we had the opportunity to see them right after church! :) So we went to dinner and one of our investigators named Arthur was there at dinner! :) Arthur is awesome. He was raised in the polygamist community that is just outside of Lovell. They believe a lot of the same things as us and so he just has a hard time because he feels like he 'escaped' that religion and doesn't really want to jump into another religion that is so similar. But last night he told us that he knows the church is true he is just scared to ask God for that confirmation because he knows once he has it he will have to act on it. So we were able to talk to him and address his concerns and he told us that he would pray to know it is true. He set is baptism date for 5 years from May 26th 2018. Ha ha, but we know that as he prays he will be able to come to know and have a desire to be baptized sooner so he can go to the temple with his wife and kids. :) It was a really sweet experience.  Right afterwards we went to an investigators named John. He has been having a hard time stopping smoking and as we talked to him about the atonement he just got more and more antsy. Finally he just stood up and walked away and we were like "Um...what just happened?" But then he came back with a whole bag of cigarettes (There was like 50 packs) He handed them to the member that we had brought with us. So he is now on track to be baptized and we put him on date for June 20th :D. We were walking home and we just happened to run into a less active that we didn't even know existed. We talked to him and shared a message and offered service. It was awesome! :D Seriously sooo many miracles this week! 
17 Miracles? Pssht! I have seen more miracles this week than I have ever seen in my life. And there were so much more than 17! :) I love this town and the people here soo much! I am so excited to be able to serve them all. 
So funny stories this week! :) As we were teaching John he said a few cuss words. Sister Davis was trying to ask him a question about what he would do if his mom knew that he was still smoking and he yelled "Well she would probably flip" But there was a cuss word attatched to the end of that sentence. So Sister Davis is like "Um....yes she would probably....flip...poop." Ha ha ha ha soo funny! Oh my gosh I just cracked up I couldn't hold it in! :)
Second funny story. We were in ward council and we were talking about this referral that we were trying to contact and we talked about how we had knocked on the door a few times and they had always told us to go away before we could even ask for the person. So we were talking about how to get in contact with them and then this old guy who has never spoken like ever I have never heard his voice all of a sudden pipes up and says "Did you know she's a witch?" Oh my hysterically funny! We were laughing so hard like "Where the crap did that comment come from?" He proceeded to explain that she had all of these degrees in medicine and she calls herself a witch. But his comment was still completely random and hilarious. :) Anyway funny stories from Lovell!
I love you all so much! Hope to hear from you soon! Loves!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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