Monday, May 20, 2013

Conversation with mom.

Malynne:  hey mom, are you there?  I love you soooo much mom! I hope you have a good week and I hope I get a letter soon! LOVES!
Oh hey, well I have to tell you my address I forgot. :P
335 Pennsylvania Ave.  
Lovell, Wyoming 82431


Mom:  I am heading home......hang on.

Malynne:  OK

Mom:  lets talk

Malynne:  ha ha about what?

Mom:  Dear Malynne,
I have been feeling bad all day about you getting to your email and not finding any letters.  Please understand that last week and this week were extremely busy.  Makenna had a concert and she sang and she was the star of the show. She rocked it.  Makayla had a concert, had a solo and she rocked it.

Malynne:  No honestly it's fine! I figured that this week was crazy for you. It was really crazy for me as well!
ha ha dad told me about the contest that you entered and it just cracked me up!
Mom:  He is a little mad at me for waking him up at 5am.  But if I would have won he would not have been mad at all!  I will try again tomorrow.

Malynne:  Ha ha I know it is just hilarious because I know you and I know you enter contests all the time! :) 
Mom:  Malynne, It is surprising to me how much the kids miss you.  Makenna was in tears everyday for a couple of months.  She is doing better now.  Makayla just wrote you a 4 page letter (yesterday) and was mad that I did not have an address to send it to you (she will be happy today).  Connor talks about you ALL THE TIME....sometimes I just want him to stop.  He talks so much it drives me nuts.  I will talk to Kira about next years girls weekend.  I think we are all liking it more in the summer, so maybe the week you get home????  We may need to talk about our vacation next year closer to when you are coming home.  I thought you would be home in July sometime?????  WE will worry about that next year!

Malynne:  I wish I was home to come too! I really miss all of you a lot but I truly love it out here too. Also maybe next year if you wait until like September I can come with you all! We did the math and I should be coming home on August 21st next year. It sounds like a long time, but it really isn't going to be if you do all the math. I am soo proud of all of them! I love them soo much! I am excited to see them all and how much they have changed when I get home! Ha ha something funny! I have totally picked up this little country accent. I have a little twang in my voice that I don't know if it will ever go away!

Mom:  I am working on getting a package ready to send to you.  Do you need anything?  I was also thinking about sending a package to Courtney and Julius.  What kinds of things do you think I should send them?  What do you like to get?  What should I send to Julius????

Malynne:  Okay so I need a few things. I really need a backpack that I can use when we are riding bikes, and it can be the plaid one that is in my room that I took to school I don't know if I emptied it, but you can just shove everything in there on my book shelf if you want. I also need some spandex riding pants to wear under my skirts in the summer for when the wind picks up and when we are riding bikes. With Court, I am sure she would always appreciate chocolate and skirts :) oh and scarves she loooves scarves! :P With JJ I don't really know what you could send him I haven't heard from him in about a month so I don't really know what he could need. Ties are always a safe bet with the Elders they always appreciate more ties. letters would be great in all of those packages too! I know court would love to hear from you...let's be honest what missionary doesn't love getting letters? :)
kay I will pray for that specifically...and if you get $1,000 use it when you go to California! :D
Okay I really gotta go now! I love you lots!!!! 

Mom:  I cleaned your room and threw away tons of stuff.  I emptied your backpack....I remember it was GROSS and I am hoping I did not throw it out (If I still have it and I think I do, I will wash it before I send it!).  Spandex shorts?  Where do i get them?  Can you get them with the $$$ that we are putting into your account?

Malynne:  no, there isn't a walmart and we only get to go there once a transfer and it is usually the end of the transfer...
k, I love you soooo much! I can't wait to get letters! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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