Monday, May 13, 2013

Conversation with mom - I am not the Senior Comp????

Mom:  (This is right after my Mother's Day phone call)
Dear Daughter,
Yesterday it was wonderful to talk to you.  I really miss you and that phone call only confirmed how much I miss you.  I honestly knew that you would grow and change, I did not think that it would happen so fast and so deep.  I am so proud of you and already looking forward to your homecoming, to see how much you have grown.
Since we talked yesterday I don't have tons to say.
I am anxiously waiting for your letter!
Love you,

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? :)

Malynne sent her letter stating that she was being transferred!

Mom:  So are you ok with this transfer?  Are you writting a big letter or is the letter you wrote the one I am to forward to everyone?

Malynne:  ha ha that's it :) yeah I don't know how I feel about this transfer. I am definitely not sad about leaving my area because I am really not incredibly attatched to it. I am kind of upset that she is going to be senior comp though. I have been out quite a bit longer than her so I don't know why she would be senior comp. I asked if I had done something wrong because I constantly feel like I am being punished. Elder Olsen told me that I hadn't, but I don't know why I wouldn't just be senior comp.

She is not a Lehite...and we actually haven't gotten along super great up to this point. so I don't really know what to think.

Mom:  Malynne, do not let the title mean so much.  YOU are a MISSIONARY!  YOU are a DAUGHTER OF GOD.  Who cares if you are a senior or junior?  You will always be my baby/junior!

Malynne:  It's not the title. I really think that she will let the senior comp thing go to her head.
I trained her when she first came in and she was just kind of rude about it. Now we have been in the same zone and things haven't been great. I really am pretty laid back and get along with everyone, and the only person on my mission who I have not wanted to be with was her. I guess it is ironic and God thinks he is hilarious!

Mom:  When you get there the first thing you are going to do is throw your arms around her and say, "I am so glad that we get to be companions.  We are going to be awesome together!".
Where is she from?  How old is she?

Malynne:     She is from California like Fresno area, and she is 19 but older than me 19.

Mom:  Have you been told you are going to be the Junior Comp and that she is going to be the Senior Comp?  Or are you just assuming?  Maybe you are both too new to make anyone a senior comp.  Maybe you are just a junior comp that is finishing training another junior comp.

Malynne:  No, President forgot to call us this morning but he called them. Her companion Sister Renfro is going home she doens't want to be on a mission anymore and finally gets her way and is going home. Anyway he called them to tell them about Sister Renfro's travel plans and then told Sister Renfro and Ssiter Davis about me coming over there. They called and were immediately like "Sister Erbe is coming to be with Sister Davis she is going to be junior comp." I think that is why I am so bugged because she is already being so prideful about it and I didn't even know I was getting transferred. 

Mom:  Malynne, THINGS WILL WORK OUT!  You be nice and joke about it, let them know it doesn't bother you one bit!  Just remember to be a good servant of God and remember you are representing his son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was kind and forgiving!
Are you writting a longer letter?  Maybe you can be happy that the place you are going to will have air conditioning!

Malynne:  Ha ha I am really not sad. I am feeling pretty good about things. (Except the junior/senior comp thing) I will probably only be with her for a transfer before one or both of us are training. Lovell is bigger and so it will be nice to have places to eat and shop instead of driving for an hour. There are 2 sets of Sisters and they literally live 2 doors down from each other ha ha so I will have other missionaries to talk to! YAY! And Sister Wood is staying in the area and we will probably do exchanges in the near future so it is all good! :)
Hey do any of those oils work for coldsores?
k well I gotta go, but I love you bye! I will go read that paper you sent me and hopefully I can figure out which one to use! :)

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