Monday, May 6, 2013

Conversation with mom - Holy Crap! That is 9 Sisters for Lehi!

Malynne:  Hey mom, so we are emailing right now because we have to drive for an hour to go shopping today...Burlington has no where to shop so I have been sharing my companions food ha ha so we are getting a ride to Cody Wyoming at noon so I probably won't be on. If you have a minute at all before you get off of work that would be great! :) But don't worry I am sending out an email about my week and with my address and about Mothers day on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Loves!

Mom:  There is $50 in your account.  Happy Shopping.  You can count on money on the first and fifteenth.  Do you like your companion?

Malynne:  Yes actually I really do. I was really worried because a lot of Sisters in Billings didn't like her, but then I met her and we are friends and I can't imagine fighting with her. Although I think sometimes she wants to kill me because I am making her learn Spanish ha ha 

Mom:  Do you know Alexa Todd from Lehi?  She is also going to billings.  Just got her call.  Her brother goes to fox hollow and his teacher came running to tell me.

Malynne:  yeah I know her! Holy crap! that is like 9 Sisters from Lehi!!! Well I guess minus my dear Sister Letalu since she comes home on the 17th. Oh, you should go meet her and go to her homecoming! :D

Mom:  That was my next question....when does Letalu come home.   Please write to her and tell her to come meet me. Or i will go to her house.  I love you.

Malynne:  I love you too! :) and yes she knows that she is supposed to come and meet you ha ha. I would be so mad if she didn't!

Mom:  I need your new address.

Malynne:  I just sent it in my email,
321 Elm St.
P.O. Box 95
Burlington, WY 82411
:) Now you can send me Spanish stuff and a new skirt! :) hey, if you find any cheap skirts at like walmart or something my companion is dying to have new clothes and there is no where to go shopping in Wyoming. Everyone here goes up to Billings to go shopping that is how little shopping there is in Wyoming. So if you see something that is a medium/size 6 if they have sizes she would very much appreciate it. Ha ha she was talking about it this morning and just thought that I would ask. :)

Mom, I love you! I really miss you a lot, and can't wait to talk to you on Sunday! Thanks for everything!!! :)

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