Monday, May 27, 2013

Funerals and Singing - Lovell, Wyoming

So this week again Sister Davis and I wore ourselves ragged. We took out a young women every night this week and have seen many great miracles come from it. We decided that we were going to give each of them a notebook so that they can write down the miracles and revelations that they receive while they are out working with us. We decorate each of them based on their personality and give it to them with a pen when they come out with us. I have truly witnessed so many wonderful miracles this week.
So we took out the first young woman on Tuesday night with us. Her name was Kaitlyn Mickelson. She is 14 years old and she was so awesome to take with us. We went to visit some less active members we taught the restoration. They were all really open about it and so hopefully we can go back and teach the plan of salvation. After that we just walked up the street and contacted as many less actives as we possibly could going up the street to her house. Then we got a ride back to the church and we walked the rest of the way home. :) It was awesome to have her there and see how excited she was about missionary work.
Then on Wednesday we spent the day sick. There was some sort of bug in our house where everyone that lived there got a really upset stomach and we were all pretty sick and miserable. We slept for most of the morning and then we got up and went to help a member restore there house. So we slapped on some jeans and we went and painted for a few hours. We can home and laid down and slept again because we didn't feel very well again. We woke up just in time to go and do another service project with the youth at the church. We went and we planted flowers for a while with all of the youth. It was so awesome to just work in jeans and to work with the youth and get to know them better. I absolutely love the youth here and the more that I work with them the more that I love them. :) 
So then on Thursday evening we took out another young woman named Mikayla and she took us to her friend Kaylas house. We were able to get in and teach the restoration to her and her mom and we got invited back to share more! It was great to have Mikayla there because she knew Kayla and was able to give is really good insight as to what would help Kayla best. It was also really cool to have Mikayla witness that kind of a miracle while she was with us. It is an awesome opportunity to meet with the people in Lovell and especially the non-member youth and bring in their friends and have them share their testimony.
On Friday morning Sister Davis and I were randomly asked to sing at a funeral. So we went to the church and spent quite a while singing at a 4 hours. I hate funerals and I have to go to all of them in the entire city of Lovell to show that I am supportive. :( Anyway on Friday night we took out a young woman named Jessica. We went to an investigators house because we thought it would be good to bring a member into their home and have them share their testimony. But he started talking all about the book of revelations and how he knows how God isn't coming to this world to save it but to destroy it...yeah probably not the best lesson to take a young woman to. But hey trial and error right? Ha ha it ended up being really good because we were able to bear our testimony about the atonement and invite Jessica to share her testimony as well. So it wasn't a complete flop lesson ha ha. 
So Saturday morning we helped with another funeral. We helped with the food this time and we were serving food for like 5 hours. Again I hate funerals and I really didn't want to go to another one in the second day that I was there! It was not a fun morning. But hey we got to eat lots of food when the funeral was finished. :) That afternoon we went on splits with Madison and Whitney. I took Madison and we went and just conquered the city of Lovell! :) We were able to go and to meet with so many referrals and get tons of return appointments. It was an awesome afternoon and we were kind of on a spiritual high afterwards :) We took out 3 beehives with us that night, Bailey, Raynie, and Hannah. They came with us and this was one of the coolest things that I have seen so far. We walked up the street a few houses and taught a lesson we crossed the street and taught a lesson, we zigzagged up the street and just taught like 20 lessons in a night...sometimes I haven't even gotten that many lesson in 2 weeks let alone 1 night! :) We had them all sing hymns with us and then we were able to bear our testimonies through music and then talk about the specific hymns that we were singing and what they meant to each of us. It was so great for us to see those girls testimony increase! :) 
After each lesson with the young women we bring them back to the church and give them a minute to write in their revelation journals about all of the miracles that they have seen while they were with us. Then we ask them to write in our testimony book. We are hoping that by the end of the transfer that we will have all of the youth in Lovells testimonies and be able to compile them into a book so that we can give it to all of the youth and they can gain strength from each others testimonies. :) I am thrilled to see how having missionaries engaged with the youth will help to build up Lovell! :D 
So Yesterday we weren't able to take any youth out because we were in church form 7:30-about 5:15. Our week had been so crazy and jam packed with people that we missed meeting with some of our investigators and weren't able to set up appointments for this week with them. However, all the people that we missed were either at church or we had the opportunity to see them right after church! :) So we went to dinner and one of our investigators named Arthur was there at dinner! :) Arthur is awesome. He was raised in the polygamist community that is just outside of Lovell. They believe a lot of the same things as us and so he just has a hard time because he feels like he 'escaped' that religion and doesn't really want to jump into another religion that is so similar. But last night he told us that he knows the church is true he is just scared to ask God for that confirmation because he knows once he has it he will have to act on it. So we were able to talk to him and address his concerns and he told us that he would pray to know it is true. He set is baptism date for 5 years from May 26th 2018. Ha ha, but we know that as he prays he will be able to come to know and have a desire to be baptized sooner so he can go to the temple with his wife and kids. :) It was a really sweet experience.  Right afterwards we went to an investigators named John. He has been having a hard time stopping smoking and as we talked to him about the atonement he just got more and more antsy. Finally he just stood up and walked away and we were like "Um...what just happened?" But then he came back with a whole bag of cigarettes (There was like 50 packs) He handed them to the member that we had brought with us. So he is now on track to be baptized and we put him on date for June 20th :D. We were walking home and we just happened to run into a less active that we didn't even know existed. We talked to him and shared a message and offered service. It was awesome! :D Seriously sooo many miracles this week! 
17 Miracles? Pssht! I have seen more miracles this week than I have ever seen in my life. And there were so much more than 17! :) I love this town and the people here soo much! I am so excited to be able to serve them all. 
So funny stories this week! :) As we were teaching John he said a few cuss words. Sister Davis was trying to ask him a question about what he would do if his mom knew that he was still smoking and he yelled "Well she would probably flip" But there was a cuss word attatched to the end of that sentence. So Sister Davis is like "Um....yes she would probably....flip...poop." Ha ha ha ha soo funny! Oh my gosh I just cracked up I couldn't hold it in! :)
Second funny story. We were in ward council and we were talking about this referral that we were trying to contact and we talked about how we had knocked on the door a few times and they had always told us to go away before we could even ask for the person. So we were talking about how to get in contact with them and then this old guy who has never spoken like ever I have never heard his voice all of a sudden pipes up and says "Did you know she's a witch?" Oh my hysterically funny! We were laughing so hard like "Where the crap did that comment come from?" He proceeded to explain that she had all of these degrees in medicine and she calls herself a witch. But his comment was still completely random and hilarious. :) Anyway funny stories from Lovell!
I love you all so much! Hope to hear from you soon! Loves!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Don't forget about me!

Mom I am going to send out a mass email in a little while. I haven't heard from home in a couple of weeks from anyone. All of my letters stopped and I get like 2 emails a week just from you. I miss all of you so much and I really would just love to hear from any of you. I feel very forgotten the last couple of weeks and the homesickness that I fought for so long is starting to come back. Please don't let them forget about me! I have only been gone for like 4 months!  Love you!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Conversation with mom.

Malynne:  hey mom, are you there?  I love you soooo much mom! I hope you have a good week and I hope I get a letter soon! LOVES!
Oh hey, well I have to tell you my address I forgot. :P
335 Pennsylvania Ave.  
Lovell, Wyoming 82431


Mom:  I am heading home......hang on.

Malynne:  OK

Mom:  lets talk

Malynne:  ha ha about what?

Mom:  Dear Malynne,
I have been feeling bad all day about you getting to your email and not finding any letters.  Please understand that last week and this week were extremely busy.  Makenna had a concert and she sang and she was the star of the show. She rocked it.  Makayla had a concert, had a solo and she rocked it.

Malynne:  No honestly it's fine! I figured that this week was crazy for you. It was really crazy for me as well!
ha ha dad told me about the contest that you entered and it just cracked me up!
Mom:  He is a little mad at me for waking him up at 5am.  But if I would have won he would not have been mad at all!  I will try again tomorrow.

Malynne:  Ha ha I know it is just hilarious because I know you and I know you enter contests all the time! :) 
Mom:  Malynne, It is surprising to me how much the kids miss you.  Makenna was in tears everyday for a couple of months.  She is doing better now.  Makayla just wrote you a 4 page letter (yesterday) and was mad that I did not have an address to send it to you (she will be happy today).  Connor talks about you ALL THE TIME....sometimes I just want him to stop.  He talks so much it drives me nuts.  I will talk to Kira about next years girls weekend.  I think we are all liking it more in the summer, so maybe the week you get home????  We may need to talk about our vacation next year closer to when you are coming home.  I thought you would be home in July sometime?????  WE will worry about that next year!

Malynne:  I wish I was home to come too! I really miss all of you a lot but I truly love it out here too. Also maybe next year if you wait until like September I can come with you all! We did the math and I should be coming home on August 21st next year. It sounds like a long time, but it really isn't going to be if you do all the math. I am soo proud of all of them! I love them soo much! I am excited to see them all and how much they have changed when I get home! Ha ha something funny! I have totally picked up this little country accent. I have a little twang in my voice that I don't know if it will ever go away!

Mom:  I am working on getting a package ready to send to you.  Do you need anything?  I was also thinking about sending a package to Courtney and Julius.  What kinds of things do you think I should send them?  What do you like to get?  What should I send to Julius????

Malynne:  Okay so I need a few things. I really need a backpack that I can use when we are riding bikes, and it can be the plaid one that is in my room that I took to school I don't know if I emptied it, but you can just shove everything in there on my book shelf if you want. I also need some spandex riding pants to wear under my skirts in the summer for when the wind picks up and when we are riding bikes. With Court, I am sure she would always appreciate chocolate and skirts :) oh and scarves she loooves scarves! :P With JJ I don't really know what you could send him I haven't heard from him in about a month so I don't really know what he could need. Ties are always a safe bet with the Elders they always appreciate more ties. letters would be great in all of those packages too! I know court would love to hear from you...let's be honest what missionary doesn't love getting letters? :)
kay I will pray for that specifically...and if you get $1,000 use it when you go to California! :D
Okay I really gotta go now! I love you lots!!!! 

Mom:  I cleaned your room and threw away tons of stuff.  I emptied your backpack....I remember it was GROSS and I am hoping I did not throw it out (If I still have it and I think I do, I will wash it before I send it!).  Spandex shorts?  Where do i get them?  Can you get them with the $$$ that we are putting into your account?

Malynne:  no, there isn't a walmart and we only get to go there once a transfer and it is usually the end of the transfer...
k, I love you soooo much! I can't wait to get letters! LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Lot's of work to do in Lovell. I love it here!!!

Soo......I love it here in Lovell. I knew as soon as I got here that this was truly the area that our Heavenly Father wants me to be in. :) I love the people here already. I think when you are in the right area in the right time, you just connect with the people that are there. So Sister Davis is awesome! When we met we both thought that we were the most fake rudest people, but then we started talking and learned that we actually have tons in common and the opportunity to have a really awesome powerful companionship. What have I learned from all this? I love everyone, and I should stop judging people all the time. Yes I have a lot to learn I know...
Anyway ha ha so Sister Davis's previous companion went home for health reasons, so for an entire transfer basically they weren't able to go out and work. They kept collecting new referrals and people to go and see, but couldn't do anything about it. There is a lot of youth out here who are excited to go out and to be missionaries and get involved in missionary work. Except the missionaries here couldn't really do anything to help out at all because they were too sick. Sister Davis spent most of her time at home studying for the entire last transfer (which was her first transfer out.) So needless to say when I got here there was a few months worth of work to do and to accomplish in a short period of time. So we had like 50+ referrals to contact this week it was nuts!
So work started as soon as I got here which is new because usually we take the rest of the night to unpack...but not here. So we went out and met a lot of less actives and we to teach some investigators and stuff. The next day the real work began. We had tons of lessons lined up. We visited tons of our investigators and visited a few referrals and it was a really good productive day. The next day some of our appointments canceled and we just said a prayer to help us to get to see the people that we are really mean to see that day. We went and there was a member who was praying that we would come and visit her that day to answer some questions that she had. It just so happened that we were looking for a referral and we were able to knock on her door and meet with her because we were tracting the apartment building. We got to go in and to teach her and answer her questions. We were walking down the street and just felt really inspired to go and visit one of our newly reactivated members. We stopped by, and her daughter Keylmynie was there and we were able to go and to teach her and add her to our investigator pool. :) We did some service the next day and just helped restore a house, I was ripping out carpet painting vacumming up all of the dust and dirt that you could possibly imagine and hauling boards for like 5 hours. We were pretty darn exhausted. We had dinner with one of our Bishops that night and we were able to present a really awesome idea that we had. :) Ready for it.....We are going to do what we call extended splits! :D We are each going to take a young woman for 2 nights and 2 days and they are going to live with us and we are going to treat them as our companions and they will live missionary schedule and learn what it will really be like! :D We presented it to him and got it cleared through the mission president and so now we are going to be able to do it. There are still a few kinks that we need to work out, but I am really excited! This is going to be a wonderful way to get the youth involved in the work here and excited about missionary work in general.Yay I am soo excited! :D
On Saturday we decided that it was going to be our day to contact referrals and so we called the young women and we went on splits. We split up the wards, I took 1st and 2nd wards and Sister Davis took 4th and 5th wards and we just divided and conquered. We were able to contact 17 referrals through out the entire day! :) I have never gotten that much work done in an entire week let alone one day! :) I am really excited about going out with the young women it will help the entire town come closer together and with missionary work....I am just excited to see the miracles that flow from it.
So in total we were able to add 5 new investigators to our teaching pool, and contact 25+ referrals this week. :) Except that we got like 57 referrals to replace the ones that we contacted, but hey it is just more work for us to do to help further the work and get members involved. We taught like 30 lessons this week as well! :D I absolutely love Lovell! I really truly know that this is where the Lord wants me to be and I really think I will be here for the next few months at least 2 transfers! :D I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!
I love you all soo much! I can't wait to get letters from you all! I hope you have a great week! LOVES! 
-Sister Malynne Erbe <3 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Conversation with mom - I am not the Senior Comp????

Mom:  (This is right after my Mother's Day phone call)
Dear Daughter,
Yesterday it was wonderful to talk to you.  I really miss you and that phone call only confirmed how much I miss you.  I honestly knew that you would grow and change, I did not think that it would happen so fast and so deep.  I am so proud of you and already looking forward to your homecoming, to see how much you have grown.
Since we talked yesterday I don't have tons to say.
I am anxiously waiting for your letter!
Love you,

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? :)

Malynne sent her letter stating that she was being transferred!

Mom:  So are you ok with this transfer?  Are you writting a big letter or is the letter you wrote the one I am to forward to everyone?

Malynne:  ha ha that's it :) yeah I don't know how I feel about this transfer. I am definitely not sad about leaving my area because I am really not incredibly attatched to it. I am kind of upset that she is going to be senior comp though. I have been out quite a bit longer than her so I don't know why she would be senior comp. I asked if I had done something wrong because I constantly feel like I am being punished. Elder Olsen told me that I hadn't, but I don't know why I wouldn't just be senior comp.

She is not a Lehite...and we actually haven't gotten along super great up to this point. so I don't really know what to think.

Mom:  Malynne, do not let the title mean so much.  YOU are a MISSIONARY!  YOU are a DAUGHTER OF GOD.  Who cares if you are a senior or junior?  You will always be my baby/junior!

Malynne:  It's not the title. I really think that she will let the senior comp thing go to her head.
I trained her when she first came in and she was just kind of rude about it. Now we have been in the same zone and things haven't been great. I really am pretty laid back and get along with everyone, and the only person on my mission who I have not wanted to be with was her. I guess it is ironic and God thinks he is hilarious!

Mom:  When you get there the first thing you are going to do is throw your arms around her and say, "I am so glad that we get to be companions.  We are going to be awesome together!".
Where is she from?  How old is she?

Malynne:     She is from California like Fresno area, and she is 19 but older than me 19.

Mom:  Have you been told you are going to be the Junior Comp and that she is going to be the Senior Comp?  Or are you just assuming?  Maybe you are both too new to make anyone a senior comp.  Maybe you are just a junior comp that is finishing training another junior comp.

Malynne:  No, President forgot to call us this morning but he called them. Her companion Sister Renfro is going home she doens't want to be on a mission anymore and finally gets her way and is going home. Anyway he called them to tell them about Sister Renfro's travel plans and then told Sister Renfro and Ssiter Davis about me coming over there. They called and were immediately like "Sister Erbe is coming to be with Sister Davis she is going to be junior comp." I think that is why I am so bugged because she is already being so prideful about it and I didn't even know I was getting transferred. 

Mom:  Malynne, THINGS WILL WORK OUT!  You be nice and joke about it, let them know it doesn't bother you one bit!  Just remember to be a good servant of God and remember you are representing his son, Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ was kind and forgiving!
Are you writting a longer letter?  Maybe you can be happy that the place you are going to will have air conditioning!

Malynne:  Ha ha I am really not sad. I am feeling pretty good about things. (Except the junior/senior comp thing) I will probably only be with her for a transfer before one or both of us are training. Lovell is bigger and so it will be nice to have places to eat and shop instead of driving for an hour. There are 2 sets of Sisters and they literally live 2 doors down from each other ha ha so I will have other missionaries to talk to! YAY! And Sister Wood is staying in the area and we will probably do exchanges in the near future so it is all good! :)
Hey do any of those oils work for coldsores?
k well I gotta go, but I love you bye! I will go read that paper you sent me and hopefully I can figure out which one to use! :)

Transfering to Lovell!!!!

So this morning I woke up and we just went about our usual P-day stuff. We made food and we just did laundry and stuff, and we were waiting for transfer calls. Well the Sisters in Lovell called and told us what was happening with them, and then They said "Well, we know what is happening to you, but we can't tell you." We got super mad and called the ZL's and they said "Well that sucks that no one has called you yet, we can't tell you what is happening." So we seriously had no idea what was happening, and we didn't want to email before we knew what was happening. So we waited until we got the transfer calls. The AP's finally called us, and told Sister Wood that she was going to be the new Sister trainer coordinator, and I am headed to.....Lovell. I really didn't think that either of us were going to be doing anything other than just staying here in Burlington for at least a transfer. My situation is super weird, because I am going to Lovell and I am finishing Sister Davis's training, but I am going to be junior comp. Yeah I have never heard of the trainer not being senior comp either, but I guess what ever works! So yeah I will send you my address in Lovell as soon as I get it. :) Don't send the Spanish stuff to the address you have now, wait until I am in Lovell to send it ha ha. :) I will let you know! Love you all!!!!! LOVES!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Wyoming, Sister Wood, Teaching English.....I have decided the people in Billings aren't dead and neither am I. It is all good! I am in Wyoming. I got here on Tuesday. I was really mad about it. I wanted to go home. I didn't like my companion. I cried a lot. It was awful.
Burlington is a town with about 300 people in it. There are feilds everywhere and every single person in the entire community is either a farmer, a farm hand, works at the school, or is retired. We cover another torwn called Otto with only about 100 people in it. And then another town that is about 40 miles away called Meeteetse with 400 people in it. Houses are literally miles apart from each other so tracting is kind of out of the question here. On top of us only covering about 900 people total there are 4 wards that we cover Burlington 1st, Burlington 2nd, Otto, and the Meeteetse ward. There are a lot of members here. So I figure that you can relate to my frustration with this because I just really thought that there was no work to be done. They had a baptism last week, and another one this weekend and then like 3 investigators other than that, that by the sounds of them I shouldn't be to hopeful about ever really moving forward with any of them. The very first night that I got here my companion and I got in a huge fight and we yelled at each other, then we both cried and went to sleep. The next day I woke up and I was pretty much just in self-pity. I felt like I had been ripped off and that this was a horrible decision and that I should just go home. Yeah I felt pretty miserable to say the least. We went to a stake RS activity so that we could meet some of the less active members there, and a woman in one of the wards came up to me and was like " You're new." I was like "Oh yeah we just had emergency transfers President really feels like I should be here right now." We just talked for a minute and then I was about ready to burst into tears when she was asking me about Sister Letalu and about Billings and the people there, so I stopped looking at her and just was staring at the floor. Then out of no where she just gave me the hugest hug and was like "I was a missionary too, so it's okay if you cry I know you are having a hard time right now." So I did, I just cried and cried and cried until I just couldn't cry anymore. And she just stood by me and talked with me and let me cry for like 45 minutes and then after I had got it all out I realized that she was still there. LIke she had stood there and just helped me get through my little self-pity crap that I had been going through for the last few days. After that, I realized that there were going to be good people here in Burlington that I hadn't even met yet. I started to realize what an incredible blessing it was for me to be able to be here because I am not loosing everyone in Billings! They aren't dead, and neither am I! Heavenly Father just gave me the opportunity to be here in Burlington and to meet these people and to love these people just as much as I had loved the people in Billings. Then I realized that Sister Wood didn't hate me either. We had both just been so extremely exhausted and emotional from the transfer that we were fighting, and we weren't even fighting about the same thing. So Sister Wood and I are friends now, and I decided that this is going to be something good for me instead of just some incredible amount of pain that God wanted to inflict upon me. So I started Praying instead of just wanting to be sent back to Billings, I started praying to just make it through a few hours at a time. Just to make it to lunch, or just to make it to dinner and to just be able to see Gods hand helping me and lifting me up through out the day. I also just started praying to know why I was here and how I could personally help these people.
We teach an English class on Wednesdays and on Thursdays...I bet that you would never have guessed that I would be in the middle of Wyoming teaching an English class! But there are a lot of Spanish speaking people out here who come out to help with peoples farms and they just stay and have their own little plots of land and stuff. So we just are helping them to learn English and to help their kids when they go to school and stuff. Well we taught on Wednesday, but then as I said I was definitely wallowing in self pity so I wasn't in tune with the Spirit of our Heavenly Father. But then we taught on Thursday and we were just trying to help these women learn how to communicate more clearly and I just had this really strong prompting "You need to learn Spanish." So I just thought about it until we were done teaching and then when we got out in the car I looked at Sister Wood and said "Sister Wood, you're gonna learn Spanish with me." Well she had kind of felt the same thing, but didn't really want to learn Spanish so she just shrugged it off for a while. But I know that I am supposed to learn how to teach these people in their language, and Sister Wood is with me so she is learning it with me. Ha ha President Mecham says that it is a great idea, and so we are just going to the pamphlets since we have them in English and in Spanish ha ha and we are just memorizing them and learning what things mean as we go along. We really don't mave many things to help us figure out how to speak it right now, so if anyone has anything that they would like to contribute to the cause of me learning Spanish ha ha it would be greatly appreciated! :) WE can actually say a lot already we can tell people that "God is our loving Heavenly Father. He knows us personally and loves us more than we can comprehend. He wants us to be happy in this life and throughout eternity. to accomplish this he established the gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the son of God' his life and teachings are the way to peace in this life and joy in the eternities. The gospel blesses all those who accept and live it, especially families. God has established families to bring happiness to his children, to teach us correct principles in a loving atmosphere, and to prepare us to return to live with him after we die." :) Pretty good huh? Ha ha Yeah it's been kind of a crazy week.
So Mothers day is this Sunday! My companion have talked about it and decided that she would talk to her family on the earlier hour and I would talk to you all on the later hour. Namely 6:30. :) I am soo excited to be able to talk to you all! So here is the deal though, Skype is available for us to use, but being here in Burlington you can imagine that out in the middle of nowhere there isn't really very good internet connection. So I decided that it would be best for me to just call and talk to you on the phone, I feel like we would be able to talk about more and really actually get to talk rather than just worry about skype freezing all the time. You can just put a picture of my face on the computer and pretend that you are skyping me while we talk on the phone ha ha.  So I am going to call and then we can talk for about an hour! :) Yay I can't wait to talk to you all!!!! :)
Oh and my new address out here in Wyoming is.
321 Elm St.
P.O. Bos 95
Burlington, WY 82411
So now I can get letters and packages and stuff! :)
So all in all, I do love it here ,and I do love my companion. We were actually talking about it yesterday, about how crazy it was that we ever even fought. Like we were yelling at each other and then we just went to sleep. So I can't imagine ever really fighting with her at all ha ha :) We live with members here and guess what their names are! Lowell, and Louise Card. Yeah he has the same name as you dad!!!! It was crazy because I have never met another Lowell besides you and now I am living with one. :) They are pretty sweet! They have served 2 missions together so far, and yesterday they just put their papers in for a third. :) Brother Card plays every stringed instrument known to man and so later today after we go shopping we are going to have a little jam session with his violins since he has like 6 of them. He is building a Banjo....He says that he really doesn't even know what it is supposed to sound like when you play it, but he knows that it isn't right yet. I wouldn't even know where to start with playing a banjo let alone building a banjo! They are awesome and I feel blessed to be living with them. :)
Well I love you all! Talk to you on Sunday!!! :D Loves!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Conversation with mom - Holy Crap! That is 9 Sisters for Lehi!

Malynne:  Hey mom, so we are emailing right now because we have to drive for an hour to go shopping today...Burlington has no where to shop so I have been sharing my companions food ha ha so we are getting a ride to Cody Wyoming at noon so I probably won't be on. If you have a minute at all before you get off of work that would be great! :) But don't worry I am sending out an email about my week and with my address and about Mothers day on Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D Loves!

Mom:  There is $50 in your account.  Happy Shopping.  You can count on money on the first and fifteenth.  Do you like your companion?

Malynne:  Yes actually I really do. I was really worried because a lot of Sisters in Billings didn't like her, but then I met her and we are friends and I can't imagine fighting with her. Although I think sometimes she wants to kill me because I am making her learn Spanish ha ha 

Mom:  Do you know Alexa Todd from Lehi?  She is also going to billings.  Just got her call.  Her brother goes to fox hollow and his teacher came running to tell me.

Malynne:  yeah I know her! Holy crap! that is like 9 Sisters from Lehi!!! Well I guess minus my dear Sister Letalu since she comes home on the 17th. Oh, you should go meet her and go to her homecoming! :D

Mom:  That was my next question....when does Letalu come home.   Please write to her and tell her to come meet me. Or i will go to her house.  I love you.

Malynne:  I love you too! :) and yes she knows that she is supposed to come and meet you ha ha. I would be so mad if she didn't!

Mom:  I need your new address.

Malynne:  I just sent it in my email,
321 Elm St.
P.O. Box 95
Burlington, WY 82411
:) Now you can send me Spanish stuff and a new skirt! :) hey, if you find any cheap skirts at like walmart or something my companion is dying to have new clothes and there is no where to go shopping in Wyoming. Everyone here goes up to Billings to go shopping that is how little shopping there is in Wyoming. So if you see something that is a medium/size 6 if they have sizes she would very much appreciate it. Ha ha she was talking about it this morning and just thought that I would ask. :)

Mom, I love you! I really miss you a lot, and can't wait to talk to you on Sunday! Thanks for everything!!! :)