Monday, April 15, 2013

We biked!!!! Then we biked some more!!!!

So this week...We biked. It was snowing! I can officially say that I have biked in the snow now!. It was actually really fun the first day because it was all bright and sunny and we just rode around and had a good time and talked to everyone we met on the street and met with lots of less actives and stuff it was so great! But the second day it was pouring rain! We were dropped off like 4 miles outside our area and we biked all the way to our area and by the time we got there we were completely soaked. We had rain coats and ponchos on, but when we were riding the ponchos would fly in our faces so we just took them off. But then our raincoats got soaked all the way through and everything else did too. We rode around and met with a bunch of people who seemed sorry to see us out in the rain, but didn't really want to let us in because we were too wet ha ha. :) We rode the 5 miles home and just stayed home and ordered pizza for dinner and then did area book for the rest of the night. We got up yesterday morning and it was snowing! We went to church, and we had a dinner and a bunch of people we really needed to see. So we rode around in the snow for a long time. Finally, I was so cold I couldn't feel my face...I felt like I had been at the dentist and like you try to smile but your face won't move, yeah it was like that. So we rode home early again because it was safer to just go home rather than freeze. We were riding home and we ran into this man and so we stopped to talk to him. He said that he wasn't a member of the church and didn't believe anything that we said or believed in, but that he didn't dislike us as people. He then told us a story about how one night he invited a couple of elders into his home. they came in and shared a scripture with him and his wife and because of that they decided that they really needed to go back to church. It was so cool, because as a missionary I have realized that my purpose in being out here isn't to just convert people to the gospel, it is to bring people closer to Christ. Even if they believe in Christ differently than we do, any step towards Christ is a positive one. That was a really cool experience after a really hard day. :) When we got home we took off our coats and stuff so we could go and throw on some sweats and a sweatshirt and we were bright red! It looked like a sunburn, but it was a cold burn...we looked like lobsters ha ha! We tried to take a picture, but we were shaking to hard ha ha it didn't work out. :) Biking sucked, but it really made me appreciate cars a lot more! It also just made me realize how hard I really am willing to work for the Lord.

We got to meet with a lot of our less actives this week, and I really didn't feel like anything was going anywhere. Like we go and meet with them on a regular basis and share scriptures with them and our testimonies, but they never really seem to be moving. We were pretty discouraged because we don't feel like we have been making much progress with anything. but then this Sunday came and we had 2 investigators there and 3 less actives that haven't been to church in years! :) It was so awesome! and it was awesome for them to be there for fast and testimony meeting. Man, it is just so awesome to be able to see people take steps to get closer to our savior. Stuff like that just makes it all so worth it!
I don't really know what else to report, it was a really hard week. But it was one of the most rewarding I have had the whole time that I have been out!  I LOVE MONTANA EVEN WITH ITS CRAZY BIPOLAR WEATHER!!!!!!! Ha ha it is so awesome I love everyone here so much! I am so excited for this next week, our sweet little Wyatt is getting baptized on Saturday! He is so excited and I am so excited to see the steps that his family is taking. It is truly amazing!
I love you all, I hope you have a great week! Loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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