Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready to transfer.

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? :)

Mom:  I am here.

Malynne:  Hey, how are you? :)

Mom:  I am good.  HOW ARE YOU?

Malynne:  Mmmm... a little emotionally unstable, but it will pass I hope. So your email that you sent earlier, you mentioned pinapples and I have to tell you this. I am seriously thinking that I am allergic to citrus fruit! Everytime I eat them I get cold sores and canker sores on my tongue and then I got like canker sores down my throat from eating a pineapple the other day! I am not going to eat oranges or anything like that anymore because I am pretty sure I am allergic to them. Any way totally unrelated. Ha ha

Mom:  Are you packed and ready to go?  I think you should still eat oranges.  They are so good for you and so yummy.  Try mandarin oranges.

Malynne:  Yeah, I am packed and I will go where I am asked to go...I just won't be happy about it for a couple of days.  I did, and I got a canker sore. I have one right now! I have vitamin C pills that I am taking to replace oranges because they just make my mouth hurt. :(

Mom:  Are your writting a big letter?  I need to send part of it to Karen Ashman to put in the ward newsletter.  What am I to do about the address?

Malynne:  Just leave the address they will forward things to me in Wyoming. I will give you personally my new Wyoming address as soon as I have it though, because there is this weird thing with packages and stuff. Also, yes you can put my email on there because now I can respond to everyone, even though I don't know if I will write a lot, I will at least try to write some every week. :) And yes, I am sending out my big letter right now! 

Mom:  I am sending you a box.   Did you take that green shirt that you loved?  I am sending you a new skirt and I originally had three shirts to send.  But, on Sunday when I could not find one to wear one of the three became mine and I am thinking hard about keeping another one.  I will send you a picture of the skirt with the shirts and you can tell me which shirt you like best.

Malynne:  um...I don't remember which green shirt I love so much I really don't have any green shirts. I like the green one the best! :) and I looove that skirt with all my whole body!

Mom:  Just sent you a picture of the skirt.  I am keeping the green shirt and I am thinking about keeping the white.  Do you like the purple and skirt?  Did you get the other pkg that I sent, the one with the sweater dress?  Did is still smell like smoke?

Malynne:  No it didn't! And are you kidding me! You sent me them just so you could tell me you are keeping the one that I want!?! :( Yes I like the skirt it will go with everything, but the purple shirt just looks like a t-shirt.

Mom:  The purple one and the green one are exactly the same style just different color.  You will like it.  So do you want the purple shirt or should I keep it too?  I like them all.

Malynne:  I would like the purple shirt please :)  So you liked the mouse story! :D Ha ha I will send you a picture of their head stones!  k, I gotta go because we are having a barbeque tonight :) yay warm weather! talk to you later! LOVES!

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