Monday, April 8, 2013

Montana is COLD!!!!

Okay, so this week I was really sick. I got a cold last Monday and ended up staying home for most of the week. The first day that I even felt well enough to leave the house was Thursday. However, we don't have a car anymore and it is a five mile walk from our house to the nearest house in our area. We left home and it started raining, and I was still sick. I made it through most of the day, but we got a ride home from one of the less active members that we have been working with. We went out again Friday, and were once again dumped on. We walked around 16 miles to get to a womans house in our ward that we had promised to come help. We were cold and wet, and yet it was still super fun to go and visit her and help her. We got her house all cleaned up and then we headed back out into the rain. We walked another 5 miles to our dinner appointment with our relief society president. She is seriously awesome and I love her and her family. She is having a hard time because her son is going to the MTC in South America this week, and she is freaking out a little bit. We got to go and visit another less active woman in our ward that I love so much right after dinner. We just talked to her and tried to figure out how we could help her. She told us that she was just having a hard time realizing that heavenly father loves her. It seriously was one of the most amazing powerful experiences that I have had on my mission thus far. We just got to talk about prayer and invite her to ask him if he loved her. We all knelt down and she offered up the most sincere prayer. The feeling that entered into that room is a feeling that I will never forget. Our Heavenly Father Loves us soo much! 
We spent the next couple of days with investigators and at the church watching conference. Yesterday we got to meet with one of our amazing investigators Nancy. We are going to help her clean her house tomorrow and we spent a lot of time rounding up carpet cleaners for her. I have never used one so this is going to be an adventure! After we met with Nancy we needed to walk home again. So we started out, and after a couple miles it started to rain...and it kept raining and raining. Then the thunder and lightening started. The streets were seriously overflowing and we still had about 5 more miles to walk in this crazy rain. So we started singing every primary song we knew. We seriously sang all the way home and it was great. We were so cold we ran inside and changed and grabbed every blanket that we could find and wrapped up and then made hot chocolate. It is really nice to have the companion that I do, because she is seriously so awesome and makes everything so great. :)

Conference was amazing. I felt like there were so many talks designed specifically for me. All the Sisters in our house spent about an hour the night before conference to write down questions that we were having, either for ourselves or for our investigators. Every single question that we had was answered. There were some amazing moments. I think for me personally I loved the talk on the atonement. I don't actually remember who gave it, I have it written down somewhere, but it's not with me. I super loved that talk, it was just so needed for me and for the investigators and less actives we have been working with. I also loved Elder Hollands talk on belief and knowledge. We have an investigator who won't progress because she really just doesn't know if the gospel is true. It was really nice to go and show her that talk and show her that she doesn't have to have a perfect knowledge of everything she just needs to want to believe and in time she will know. That was really powerful for all of us. :) I just loved conference it seriously like filled a hole I wasn't aware was there!!!! 

Well I love you all, but I really don't have much more to report. I am better now so I can work this week :) I love you all soo much! And yes, I really do like getting the packages that you send to me. They make me very happy. the next one, could you possibly send a jacket? :) I forgot one. Anyway, LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

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