Monday, April 29, 2013

Leaving Montana, going somewhere in Wyoming

So, needless to say I am not incredibly happy right now. I am having a really really hard time leaving Billings. I keep telling myself that if I had been asked to transfer in two weeks time on the transfer day that things would've been different. Except for that I know that they wouldn't be different and I would still feel like my heart were being ripped out of my chest at any given moment for the next little while. I am glad that I had the opportunity to say goodbye to those that I love the most and share with them my testimony for the last time as a missionary with them. I am extremely sad about leaving my dear companion Sister Letalu Prematurely as well. I wanted to be with her until the end of her mission in two weeks. We had all of these plans with members and stuff that we wanted to do before she left, except for now we can't do anything. I am terrified to get my new companion, I just pray that I will love her as much as I love Sister Letalu. I feel very blessed to have been here even for the short amount of time that I was.

So I am not going to Lovell actually. When President Mecham told me that I was going to Wyoming I tuned the rest of what he said out basically because I was just to upset to listen. He told Sister Letalu as well, so she knew who my comp will be. Except neither of us remembered where I was going except that it definitely wasn't Lovell. We are pretty sure that I am headed to Riverton, or to Burlington or something like that. It will be an adventure even if I don't like it very much right now. At least I can tell people that I served in two different states on my mission! :)
Sooooo other than that we had a great week. On Tuesday we went into our investigator Nancies house and just started cleaning it. We had no appointment, we just felt really prompted to go and get started. So we cleaned the kitchen for 7 hours straight and didn't even get done. We scheduled a service project with the whole ward to go in on Tuesday Afternoon and to help get the rest of the house cleaned up. I am really sad that I won't be able to go because President wants me to be in Wyoming for Zone conference Tuesday morning. But yeah we got all kinds of dirty scrubbing her house from top to bottom and trying to make it look beautiful. :) We got a lot done, and I think that it was just what she needed because through out the week when we go over to visit, the house keeps looking a little better. :) I think that she just needed some motivation to get started. :) Her two youngest kids, Marcus and Noelle came running up to us and were playing with us while we worked. Marcus kept shooting us with a gun, and Noelle told us that her stickers would protect us so she stuck stickers all over us! I had them all over both my arms and all over my legs, and Sister Letalu had them all over her face. Ha ha she even told Sister Letalu that she would be protected from bad words and stuck one directly over her ear ha ha! :) I got some great pictures! I absolutely love the Doneys and feel very very blessed to have had the opportunity to serve them and learn a lot from all of them. We were so completely exhausted after we were done and we went home and crashed!
The next morning there was the funeral. We didn't have an opportunity to sign up to make food or anything, so we just went to see what we could help with. We went and we helped cut like 300 pieces of cake for the funeral. We got to eat and talk to the Bishop and everyone that was there. It was a great opportunity for us to talk to those who didn't know very much about the gospel. After everyone left the funeral we had tons of left over cake, so they let us eat it. :) We just chilled and ate a bunch of cake for a while! The funeral itself was beautiful, and it was good that we got to attend.
That night after we went to dinner we came back and I was getting ready for bed and Sister Letalu was in the kitchen. All of a sudden this awful scream rang through the house and Sister Letalu came tearing into the living room as fast as she possibly could slamming the kitchen door behind her. She was completely hysterical and it took us a while to get her to calm down enough to tell us what the crap happened. (because we totally thought that there was someone in our house so we were kind of freaked out.) She finally just said that there was a mouse in the kitchen. So sister Tukavatu and I snuck in there to see if we could kill it quickly and just get rid of it. We went in there and it was still on the ground and so I took a broom and just wacked it on the head. But then I started screaming my head off and then Sister Tukavatu started screaming, and then Sister Letalu started screaming because we were screaming and we ran out of the kitchen in the living room. The mouse had fallen over like it was dead and I totally thought that I had killed it, so I was freaking out and crying because I felt so guilty for killing this poor little mouse. Sister Tukavatu went back in the kitchen to make sure it was dead and she is a total prankster so we thought she was going to do something mean with it, so we went to the bathroom and locked ourselves in there so she couldn't get to us. I was at this point still crying. But then Sister T. came and knocked on the door and was like "It's still alive you didn't kill it." Then I was really mad that I hadn't killed it and we went into the kitchen to take care of it right then. Sister Letalu followed us in there (I think she was way to scared to be anywhere else in the house lest she see another mouse.) and just sat on the table ha ha. The mouse was still on the floor and we tried how best to catch it and kill it quickly. We decided that the best option for us was to just grab it in a walmart bag, tie it up, and figure out what to do after that. We tried to grab it and it just escaped under the stove. We thought we had lost it and Sister Letalu went into hysterics again so we decided that the only way that she was ever going to sleep again was to kill it right now and make sure that she knew it was dead. So thus commenced our two hour long mouse hunt! We pulled everything out of the cupboards and all of the drawers were stacked all over the counters, we had wire hangers and we were poking them into every nook and cranny nad banging on everything. Finally we pulled out the stove and we saw it in the corner...:) So Sister Tukavatu climbed over the counter behind the stove and I held the stove while Sister Letalu got a video of it. We got it in the bag and tied it up and then didn't really know what to do with it then. So we walked outside and decided that dropping a brick on it would be the fastest and most humane way we could think of. So we did, and we all started screaming our heads off again ha ha it was soo funny! :) Sister Letalu named it Rufus and I made a head stone for him that had the scripture "It is better that one mouse should die than a whole house dwindle in rodent infestation." Ha ha I thought I was soo funny! Then Saturday morning Sister Letalu saw another mouse in the bathroom, and came screaming back into the house. I went into the bathroom and wacked it with a broom and just killed it the same way really fast. This one was named Mavis ha ha. Awe man, Sooooo funny! I don't know what she is going to do without me!
So Friday night we went to the church and met up with the Fuchs and our Zone Leaders so that we could get Wyatt interviewed and get his baptism suit all ready to go. We hung out and played basketball for a while and then it was time to go. Except that Sister Letalu locked the keys in the truck so we couldn't leave to go anywhere. We called some other Elders because the Elders there didn't have the tools to do it. So they came and we were stuck at the church until around 11 just trying to get this stupid door unlocked! Ha ha it was super funny and they ended up unlocking it with a wooden ruler instead of a wire hanger because it wasn't firm enough to push the button Ha ha...yet another adventure from the week.

Wyatt got baptized on Saturday afternoon. It was such a sweet special moment and I am so glad that I got to be there for it. Sister Letalu played her Ukulele and I sang...or tried to sing. I was crying the whole time because it was the day after I found out I was leaving. But it was a great spiritual moment for everyone there. They also had me speak on the holy ghost and I got through most of that okay ha ha! I absolutely love that family, and I am incredibly blessed to have been able to share my testimony of our savior with all of them. :)
On Sunday we went and had breakfast with the Hammers for the last time. They were so sweet and gave me a card and a present, and we talked about some of their most spiritual memories. They filled me with so much love and comfort with the move to Wyoming. We got to take lots of pictures and just have a great morning together. We headed off for church after that, and both of us got to speak in church. I was asked to share my testimony ha ha and everyone was crying including me. :) We have all just grown to love each other so much, and I know for a lot of them they will miss me just as much as I miss them, and that is a good thought. :) We took lots of pictures and said lots of goodbyes. I went around and said goodbyes to our less actives and our investigators, and then we had dinner with the Hoopers. They have 3 little boys who are soo soo cute and we were just having the funnest time with them! :) They have this huge giant love sack and I was jumping on it, and they were bouncing up in the air and landing on it. Then Brother Hooper came out and was like "let's launch 'em" so we fluffed up the love sack and moved it close to the couch to prevent injury. Then both Brother Hooper and I jumped on it at the same time and two of his boys launched and landed on the couch except for his youngest Mikey...He launched and landed on his butt on the floor. Ha ha it was so funny! We were laughing, and even Mikey who is gonna have a pretty sore butt was laughing. He is only 3 and he was laughing after just being launched through the air straight on the floor! :) It was soo very funny!
After dinner with the Hoopers we went over to the Doneys to say goodbye to Nancie and her kids. We went and she was so obviously stressed out I felt bad, I just really wanted to say goodbye. Sister Letalu had her Uke in the car and so she ran and grabbed it and we just asked if we could sing her a song. We started singing, and the feeling of stress completely disappeared and it was replaced with calm. I felt calm for the first time in days, and so did Nancie and her whole family. They turned off the TV and just listened while we sang nearer my God to thee. When we were finished we were asked to play another one so we decided how great thou art would go with the same chords. When we were finished we just sat and relished the feeling of the spirit for a while. We bore our testimonies and then as we were saying goodbye, I just knew that we needed to sing I am a child of God. So I asked if we could play one more song and so we did, we just sang I am a child of God simply and powerfully. Everyone was crying by the end of the song and I knew that in some way that I had been able to be the mouthpiece of God for this family and that I had been able to help them even in a small way. I feel comforted knowing that I am not going to Wyoming without having made a difference in someones life.
Basically today, I am not happy about leaving, but I am not going to hate Wyoming. I am going to love Wyoming and the people that are there I just know it. I am not thrilled about leaving my companion, but I am not going to hate my new companion. I am never going to stop loving the people here, but I always have room to love more people. ;) I will talk to you all again from Wyoming! Thanks for everything LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH! Loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

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