Monday, April 22, 2013

I love the people of Billings Montana so much!!!!

So mmm...where do I start? I guess I should start with how much I love the people here. I truly love them more than words can express! I just love them so much. Which is why it is so hard sometimes to be a missionary. I love them all so much and when things happen it breaks my heart. On Friday night we got a call from a member in our ward. Two 21 year old boys set fire to a trailer and all four people inside the trailer were killed. One of the people in the trailer was a less active woman in our ward named Brandi. We knocked on her door a little less than 24 hours before she died, and she didn't answer. We were shocked and horrified at the news and are now helping to coordinate a funeral on Wednesday. Her family also lives in our ward, and we are going to try to meet with them and just see if there is anything that we can do to help. We are truly learning how to "mourn with those that mourn and stand with those that stand in need of comfort"
We also met with our investigator Nancy. She has so many needs and we are just trying to ease her burden in any way that we can. We decided that it would be really great for her to learn about the plan of salvation.We thought it would be a really great opportunity to bring a member in and try to get her some fellowship and then also get the ward involved in missionary work. So we went and met with her and started to teach...but then the member took over and she went into some crazy deep doctrine. She talked about the millenium and about how Satan will be bound. Then she started talking about sons of perdition and about how Satan is perdition....Needless to say the lesson went downhill fast! We just tried to ring it back and it just kept going farther and farther downhill. ha ha it wasn't funny at the time, but it is kind of funny now. Man Sister Letalu and I kept looking at each other and our eyes kept getting bigger and bigger ha ha. :) I hope that someday we can go in and just help clarify things.

So our arms look like a battlefield right now. We were helping a Less active woman in our ward with her yard. She was sick of having river rocks instead of grass so she started ripping all the rocks out. We had to rip whole bushes out of her yard and we were digging through dirt on our hands and knees. It just makes me realize how many opportunities everyone can find to serve others. I really didn't think yard work was that much of a service, but it really was a great help and comfort to her. We met with a lot of less actives and we were able to set up a lot more opportunities to serve. Whether that be just helping them clean their kitchen a lot, or yard work, or just coming and visiting them regularly. I just feel so blessed to be a missionary and be able to offer service to everyone that I see. :) Doing service brings me such great joy! :) 

Our recent convert baptism just moved to Utah on Friday. We were able to go to a going away party for them Friday evening and it was so great! I love that family so much I  feel soo blessed to have met them. :) It is going to be a really great thing for them to move and to be surrounded by so many people who are going to help them keep their standards and gather around them. I pray that when they get there, that they have an awesome ward and that they can feel loved. :) It is just so great that going on a mission can give me life long friends I never would have found otherwise! :) Oh and mom, Lizabeth sent you a message on Facebook ha ha and you didn't reply. She was just making sure it was you that got it and not just some random person. Ha ha :) 

I love Billings more than I have ever loved anywhere in my entire life. I feel so blessed to know that Heavenly Father trusted me enough to send me here and let me love these people. I just absolutely love my ward and can't imagine how hard it will be when they send me somewhere else! Billings is my home away from home now! 

I love all of you! I feel so blessed to know that you are in my life and that you are supporting me! Thanks for everything you do!!! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

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