Monday, April 22, 2013

Conversation with mom: Never leaving Billings.

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? :)

Mom:  I am here!

Malynne:  Hi mom I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mom:  Thank you.  I can only talk until Makayla gets home, 10 minutes, then I need to take her to the orthodontist.
How are you doing?  Did you mail the coat back yet?

Malynne:  I didn't I was going to ask because I don't have any paperwork with the coat, it was just the coat and the tags. I even saved the box. Also I have like $8 and I don't know if that is enough to send it back, what do you think? Also, do you want me to send it straight back to you or to send it back to where it came from? and do you want to send me the return label if you want me to just send it straight back there? 

Mom:  I can send you the label.....will you send it back if I send you the label?  I will get it sent off to you today!!!!!  I bought you a sweater dress from Old Navy.  It will be too warm until winter, but it was only $2.70.  Smell it when you get it.  We had a smoke fire in the house yesterday and it was sitting on the kitchen table.  It may smell like smoke, so wash it before you wear it.  If it doesn't smell, don't wash it.  I can't tell.....everything smells like smoke to me.

Malynne:  Ha ha oh mom, that is so funny! A Sister in our house burned a pizza for a couple of hours and our house smells like smoke too! :) we have been washing laundry like crazy! ha ha 

Mom:  So did Dad tell you that we will be sending you some money every month?  I will send you $50 at the end of April and another $50 on the 15th.  Our goal is to send you $100 a month, but it may be slow in coming until June because we need to find $300 for your bike.

Malynne:  Thank you so much mom!!!! Seriously it is a great blessing to have you as parents! 

Mom:  We are washing everything!  Last night every time I turned over I got a new wiff of burn smell, residue on the sheets and bedspreads. we are washing everything, walls, floors, bedding etc.  I have to take Makayla to the orthodonitist right now.  I will talk to you on my phone.

Malynne:  Okay :) I am so happy that I get to talk to you! Did you like my birthday card? ha ha ;)

Mom:  Yes.  Thank you.  Did you hear that Courtney Barkdall got her mission call to "Billings Montana"?

Malynne  I think that is crazy that we are going to have 7 sisters all from within blocks of each other here in Montana!!!!!!! Holy Schnikeys that is crazy. We have soo many sisters coming in, in the next transfer and I just keep thinking that I am going to be training. I pray that if I am training I get to be with my friend from Lehi! :D and yeah I talked to Ryan and he has officially turned in his papers as of last Sunday and is just waiting to find out!!! :D

Mom:  I got to talk to Sister Shepard about the money for your bike.  She told me she would give you a big hug from me. 

Malynne:  ha ha Sister Shepherd drove straight over to our house and knocked on the door. We were still having studies so we were like "What the crap, who is here right now?" I opened the door and she just threw her arms around me and gave me a hug. Then she told me it was from you and I just burst into tears ha ha. Then she was like "Oh I also brought some De-con so we can kill all the mice." She is sooo funny ha ha I was laughing and crying and then I started snorting and it was super funny! :0

Mom:  Just made me cry again.  This time i am embarrassing myself at the orthodontist  unhuman noises this time.  Just tears and snot.

Malynne:  Ha ha sorry I didn't mean to make you cry. :) I just love you a lot I hope that you know that! And you don't have to be embarassed! 

Mom:  There were some changes in our ward.  The Zitzmans moved and so we got a new YW President.....Guess who.....Sister Mindy Tilley!!!

Malynne:  Oh, and I didn't know Mindy is the new young womens President! I knew that there was a new one, but I didn't know who! :) That is so awesome she is just so great!

Mom:  Tell me about the family with the fire.

Malynne:  They are less active and we haven't been able to meet with them. I really don't know what to do in that situation...It just breaks my heart. The girl had 2 little boys and they were spending the night at their Grandmas so they are okay. But their father died a few years ago and now their mother is gone. Their Grandmother has custody of them now. :( We have arranged dinners for the next 3 weeks and are trying to send people over there on a regular basis to try to help. Our relief society President just asked for our help in some things and we were more than happy to help. If you can think of anything that you think could help them go ahead and send it.

Mom had to leave to go the orthodontist.  Much of the conversation is one sided.

Mom:  I did not get an email from lizabeth....i got something that said test.....i will look again.  Tell her to reemail me.  Remind me who she is.

Malynne:  Jasmyn is our recent convert and she is 9 years old. She is her mother and one of my favorite people I have met out here in Montana. :) She just sent you a picture and a message on facebook.

Malynne:  Oh mom...I will get home just in time for winter! :D

Mom:   Just in time to go on a vacation to montana. And introduce us to all your friends.

Malynne:  Yes mom, I can't wait until we can all be here in Montana!!! :) oh my gosh I have a list of places and people that I want you to meet and see. 1-the wheat fields. 2-The rims 3-The pictograph caves 4-the mission home 5-candy town and that is just the places! :) 

Malynne:  I don't know her contact info off the top of my head. I have it written down somewhere, but I don't have it with me, it's at home. So look her up on facebook :D Her name is Lizabeth Garcia and she is from Billings Montana. :D
mmm...maybe my compie has it I will ask really quick :)
Nope she doesn't remember it off the top of her head either ha ha. :P I hope that we still have it! 
Ha ha actually I am never leaving Billings ever..So we will only have to come here ;) ha ha just kidding. I wish I just could stay in Billings forever I love it so much!

Makayla  Hi Malynne this is Makayla I want to talk while mom is driving.

Malynne:  am I talking to Makayla now? :0

Makayla:  Our house smells like a casino.... 

Malynne:  Ha ha Makayla you crack me up!!! :) 

Mom:  You were, now you are talking to your mom again.  I just walked into this smoke smelling place we call home.

Malynne:  ha ha crack open the windows and turn on the fans and just hope it goes away soon. :) Oh hey, Thanks sooooooo much for that package it was so great! I loved all the pictures and the ped egg worked great. I love the candies from Sister Troutman and the dress is freakin' adorable! Also I really needed new chapstick so it was seriously a great package to get this week! :) 

Mom:  Is there anything you need me to put in the package I am going to send today?

Malynne:  chocolate and a present for my companion. :) I gotta go, but I love you lots!!!! Have a good day! 

Mom:  Love you too.  Good bye my dear daughter.  Loves


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