Monday, April 22, 2013

Conversation with family while preparing Wyatts baptism .

Malynne:  Mom, are you there?  I'm back!
Hey mom, I wanted to know if you could possibly send some new socks in that package tomorrow and my MOAB sweatshirt please! :) Thanks so much!!!! LOVE YOU!

Mom:  What kind of socks do you want?  athletic sock, dress socks, nylons, footies???

Malynne: just normal white socks. All of mine have holes in the toes. :)

Mom:  Have you been on the computer this entire time?  Did you hear about the new rule about emailing missionaries and how missionaries can email everyone except missionaries within the mission and some investigators? 

Malynne:  Yep I heard that new rule :) And no I have not been on the email the whole time we went and played some volleyball and stuff and it was great. :) In our mission we now have as much time as we want to email everyone as long as we do our mission president letter first and then our parents. 
so does our house smell less like a casino yet?

Mom:  Anything else that you need?  Package goes out tomorrow.

Malynne:  I can't think of anything else right now. :) Ha ha and actually mom, you are my first choice to email every week! Even before the President. 

Mom:  That made me smile, knowing that I am first on the list....even if it would not be your choice :).  Love you.  I will try to get you some socks, just short athletic socks.  By the way.  I am also sending you some yoga pants.....again on sale from Old Navy.  Hope you like them!  Is there ANYTHING else that you need?

Malynne:  Nope

Mom:  I will get some sent off tomorrow and I will buy some soon.  Love you!  Have a good evening!  I love you!
Makayla:  What are you wearing right now?
Makenna:  I say Hi.  I will deliver the letter to Adam tomorrow.
Dad:  I love you very much.
Connor:  I love you very much and I am very excited for Wyatt to get baptized.  Love you stinky bum.
Makayla:  Your really awesome.
Mom:  I LOVE you tons!              

Malynne:  Ha ha 
Makayla: I am wearing a colorful flower skirt a white shirt and a green jacket.
Makenna: I say hi too and thank you soo much for delivering that letter. :) I can always count on you!
Dad: I love you very much too!! I am glad that I got to talk to you today! :)
Connor: I am excited for Wyatt to get baptized too! :D He is excited but a little nervous about drowning ha ha. Love you oodles stinky!
mom: I love you tons too!!! :) I am right now as we speak (type) getting pictures together on an email to send to you so you can see how beautiful my Montana is! :)   

Mom:  I will be waiting for them.  Dad told me that you told him you have lost weight.  Good job.  Both Dad and I are on diets.  We will be skinny!  We will all be skinny.  Keep it up.  Love you.  How are you able to continue to email all night today?

Malynne:  We have to get the program ready for Wyatts baptism on Saturday so we ran to the college so that we can do that. But it is a one person job and Sister Letalu really wanted to do it, so I am just hanging out and emailing...that's how. :)

Mom:  So have you been told of the new email rule and what do you think about it?  I must tell you that Sister Troutman LOVES getting your letters!!!!

Malynne:  I love the new emailing rule! I have time to email Courtney and Ryan and JJ and you and everyone that writes me. I still love writing letters, because I love getting letters more than emails ha ha. But it is really nice to be able to have as much time as I want/need. It is sometimes the only way that I could keep in contact with Ryan and Court just because they are so busy. I have been waiting for a package from Ryan for like a month and I hate waiting! But I get to email him now and he told me that he will send it soon ha ha.

Mom:  Tell Ryan that I am going to be mailing a package and if he wants to add his I will mail it with the stuff I have for you...I will pay for it.  How is JJ doing?  Is Alex his companion?  Apparently JJ doesn't write to Julia very much, just one and two liners.

Malynne:  Tell Ryan that I am going to be mailing a package and if he wants to add his I will mail it with the stuff I have for you...I will pay for it.  How is JJ doing?  Is Alex his companion?  Apparently JJ doesn't write to Julia very much, just one and two liners.

Makayla:  Hey, Shmoo, this is Makayla now.

Malynne:  Hi Makayla :) How art thou?

Makayla:  I am awesome. The question I need to ask quickly, is: Did you get my missionary cat? I sent him a while ago.

Malynne:  Yep I got him and he is in my room. We can't put stuff on the walls in our house though, so I am not sure where I am gonna put him but I will figure it out :0

Makayla:  The one in our locker is named Puffy. We have locker guardian cats, who guard our stuff, their names are Fluffer and Daisy. They got married on April 11. We planned it all out and then we decided that we might be the biggest geeks in the whole hall.....

Malynne: yes!  My hair is short and ugly and it is still to ruined to curl. Some days are better than others and I am just waiting for it to grow so I can cut off the damage and let the good hair grow back. I wish I had never bleached it! It completely destroyed my hair and it makes me very very sad! :(

Makayla:  Do you want me to try to send some of our conditioner in a bottle?

Malynne:  Nah it's all good. I think once my card gets reloaded I am going to go and find some deep conditioning mask and maybe some shampoo that will help it grow. I know it is weird, but if you want to send those cheap generic brand pre-natal vitamins that would be great too. Seriously anything to help it grow!!! 

Mom:  How much Biotin do you have?  I have some of that that I can send to you now.  I can also send some Do Terra Oils.....I will look them up and tell you what to use and how to use them.  I have the girls believing in Do terra, it is taking their warts away and I rubbed some OnGuard on dads feet and his cold went away.  Right now we have Lemon in a defuser and it is making the house smell good.  Do yu want some?

Malynne:  Yes!!! :) I love doterra oils! 

Malynne is sending pictures between emails.

Malynne:  you have seen some of Montana. You saw the rims and the fluffy clouds! I see the most beautiful sky everyday here! :)

Mom:  Are any of the ladies Sister Shepard?  Sister Meacham?  Your hair looks cute in some of these pictures.  Makayla just walked past and said "I miss her SO much!"

Malynne:  Yes. Sister Shepherd is the fourth one in from the right in the red coat. and Sister Mecham is the farthest one on the right :) The other lady to the left of me is Sister Sears, and the other one on the left of her is Sister Hopkins :)

Mom:  My favorite person is the fourth one from the right!
I will send you some little tiny vials, with insturctions on what they are and how they are to be used.  I will for sure send you some deep blue oil, for your neck and some OnGuard to ward off any sickness, if you feel like you are getting sick you rub it on your hands, feet and a couple drops in your mouth.  I will send you a couple other good ones.  I have got one called balance that I have Makayla use to keep her attitude in check. she is so hormonal and she yells at you and wants to dig your eyes out and then after you blink she is lovey and wants to cuddle.

Malynne:  Ha ha sooo happy I am missing all of that :) holy schnikeys Connor fits into dads shoes!?!

Mom:  My favorite person is the fourth one from the right!

Malynne:  Ha ha I absolutely love her! I sat right next to her at lunch that day and that was the first time I met her. We just hit it off and I absolutely love her now! 

Mom:  What????The fourth one from the right is you!!!!  You are my favorite!

Malynne:  Oh ha ha....I am such a dork! :) I love you a lot mom! We gotta go though, we are gonna be late getting home. So I might be on later this week since we didn't finish the program yet. I love you lots!!!!!! :)


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