Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready to transfer.

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? :)

Mom:  I am here.

Malynne:  Hey, how are you? :)

Mom:  I am good.  HOW ARE YOU?

Malynne:  Mmmm... a little emotionally unstable, but it will pass I hope. So your email that you sent earlier, you mentioned pinapples and I have to tell you this. I am seriously thinking that I am allergic to citrus fruit! Everytime I eat them I get cold sores and canker sores on my tongue and then I got like canker sores down my throat from eating a pineapple the other day! I am not going to eat oranges or anything like that anymore because I am pretty sure I am allergic to them. Any way totally unrelated. Ha ha

Mom:  Are you packed and ready to go?  I think you should still eat oranges.  They are so good for you and so yummy.  Try mandarin oranges.

Malynne:  Yeah, I am packed and I will go where I am asked to go...I just won't be happy about it for a couple of days.  I did, and I got a canker sore. I have one right now! I have vitamin C pills that I am taking to replace oranges because they just make my mouth hurt. :(

Mom:  Are your writting a big letter?  I need to send part of it to Karen Ashman to put in the ward newsletter.  What am I to do about the address?

Malynne:  Just leave the address they will forward things to me in Wyoming. I will give you personally my new Wyoming address as soon as I have it though, because there is this weird thing with packages and stuff. Also, yes you can put my email on there because now I can respond to everyone, even though I don't know if I will write a lot, I will at least try to write some every week. :) And yes, I am sending out my big letter right now! 

Mom:  I am sending you a box.   Did you take that green shirt that you loved?  I am sending you a new skirt and I originally had three shirts to send.  But, on Sunday when I could not find one to wear one of the three became mine and I am thinking hard about keeping another one.  I will send you a picture of the skirt with the shirts and you can tell me which shirt you like best.

Malynne:  um...I don't remember which green shirt I love so much I really don't have any green shirts. I like the green one the best! :) and I looove that skirt with all my whole body!

Mom:  Just sent you a picture of the skirt.  I am keeping the green shirt and I am thinking about keeping the white.  Do you like the purple and skirt?  Did you get the other pkg that I sent, the one with the sweater dress?  Did is still smell like smoke?

Malynne:  No it didn't! And are you kidding me! You sent me them just so you could tell me you are keeping the one that I want!?! :( Yes I like the skirt it will go with everything, but the purple shirt just looks like a t-shirt.

Mom:  The purple one and the green one are exactly the same style just different color.  You will like it.  So do you want the purple shirt or should I keep it too?  I like them all.

Malynne:  I would like the purple shirt please :)  So you liked the mouse story! :D Ha ha I will send you a picture of their head stones!  k, I gotta go because we are having a barbeque tonight :) yay warm weather! talk to you later! LOVES!

Leaving Montana, going somewhere in Wyoming

So, needless to say I am not incredibly happy right now. I am having a really really hard time leaving Billings. I keep telling myself that if I had been asked to transfer in two weeks time on the transfer day that things would've been different. Except for that I know that they wouldn't be different and I would still feel like my heart were being ripped out of my chest at any given moment for the next little while. I am glad that I had the opportunity to say goodbye to those that I love the most and share with them my testimony for the last time as a missionary with them. I am extremely sad about leaving my dear companion Sister Letalu Prematurely as well. I wanted to be with her until the end of her mission in two weeks. We had all of these plans with members and stuff that we wanted to do before she left, except for now we can't do anything. I am terrified to get my new companion, I just pray that I will love her as much as I love Sister Letalu. I feel very blessed to have been here even for the short amount of time that I was.

So I am not going to Lovell actually. When President Mecham told me that I was going to Wyoming I tuned the rest of what he said out basically because I was just to upset to listen. He told Sister Letalu as well, so she knew who my comp will be. Except neither of us remembered where I was going except that it definitely wasn't Lovell. We are pretty sure that I am headed to Riverton, or to Burlington or something like that. It will be an adventure even if I don't like it very much right now. At least I can tell people that I served in two different states on my mission! :)
Sooooo other than that we had a great week. On Tuesday we went into our investigator Nancies house and just started cleaning it. We had no appointment, we just felt really prompted to go and get started. So we cleaned the kitchen for 7 hours straight and didn't even get done. We scheduled a service project with the whole ward to go in on Tuesday Afternoon and to help get the rest of the house cleaned up. I am really sad that I won't be able to go because President wants me to be in Wyoming for Zone conference Tuesday morning. But yeah we got all kinds of dirty scrubbing her house from top to bottom and trying to make it look beautiful. :) We got a lot done, and I think that it was just what she needed because through out the week when we go over to visit, the house keeps looking a little better. :) I think that she just needed some motivation to get started. :) Her two youngest kids, Marcus and Noelle came running up to us and were playing with us while we worked. Marcus kept shooting us with a gun, and Noelle told us that her stickers would protect us so she stuck stickers all over us! I had them all over both my arms and all over my legs, and Sister Letalu had them all over her face. Ha ha she even told Sister Letalu that she would be protected from bad words and stuck one directly over her ear ha ha! :) I got some great pictures! I absolutely love the Doneys and feel very very blessed to have had the opportunity to serve them and learn a lot from all of them. We were so completely exhausted after we were done and we went home and crashed!
The next morning there was the funeral. We didn't have an opportunity to sign up to make food or anything, so we just went to see what we could help with. We went and we helped cut like 300 pieces of cake for the funeral. We got to eat and talk to the Bishop and everyone that was there. It was a great opportunity for us to talk to those who didn't know very much about the gospel. After everyone left the funeral we had tons of left over cake, so they let us eat it. :) We just chilled and ate a bunch of cake for a while! The funeral itself was beautiful, and it was good that we got to attend.
That night after we went to dinner we came back and I was getting ready for bed and Sister Letalu was in the kitchen. All of a sudden this awful scream rang through the house and Sister Letalu came tearing into the living room as fast as she possibly could slamming the kitchen door behind her. She was completely hysterical and it took us a while to get her to calm down enough to tell us what the crap happened. (because we totally thought that there was someone in our house so we were kind of freaked out.) She finally just said that there was a mouse in the kitchen. So sister Tukavatu and I snuck in there to see if we could kill it quickly and just get rid of it. We went in there and it was still on the ground and so I took a broom and just wacked it on the head. But then I started screaming my head off and then Sister Tukavatu started screaming, and then Sister Letalu started screaming because we were screaming and we ran out of the kitchen in the living room. The mouse had fallen over like it was dead and I totally thought that I had killed it, so I was freaking out and crying because I felt so guilty for killing this poor little mouse. Sister Tukavatu went back in the kitchen to make sure it was dead and she is a total prankster so we thought she was going to do something mean with it, so we went to the bathroom and locked ourselves in there so she couldn't get to us. I was at this point still crying. But then Sister T. came and knocked on the door and was like "It's still alive you didn't kill it." Then I was really mad that I hadn't killed it and we went into the kitchen to take care of it right then. Sister Letalu followed us in there (I think she was way to scared to be anywhere else in the house lest she see another mouse.) and just sat on the table ha ha. The mouse was still on the floor and we tried how best to catch it and kill it quickly. We decided that the best option for us was to just grab it in a walmart bag, tie it up, and figure out what to do after that. We tried to grab it and it just escaped under the stove. We thought we had lost it and Sister Letalu went into hysterics again so we decided that the only way that she was ever going to sleep again was to kill it right now and make sure that she knew it was dead. So thus commenced our two hour long mouse hunt! We pulled everything out of the cupboards and all of the drawers were stacked all over the counters, we had wire hangers and we were poking them into every nook and cranny nad banging on everything. Finally we pulled out the stove and we saw it in the corner...:) So Sister Tukavatu climbed over the counter behind the stove and I held the stove while Sister Letalu got a video of it. We got it in the bag and tied it up and then didn't really know what to do with it then. So we walked outside and decided that dropping a brick on it would be the fastest and most humane way we could think of. So we did, and we all started screaming our heads off again ha ha it was soo funny! :) Sister Letalu named it Rufus and I made a head stone for him that had the scripture "It is better that one mouse should die than a whole house dwindle in rodent infestation." Ha ha I thought I was soo funny! Then Saturday morning Sister Letalu saw another mouse in the bathroom, and came screaming back into the house. I went into the bathroom and wacked it with a broom and just killed it the same way really fast. This one was named Mavis ha ha. Awe man, Sooooo funny! I don't know what she is going to do without me!
So Friday night we went to the church and met up with the Fuchs and our Zone Leaders so that we could get Wyatt interviewed and get his baptism suit all ready to go. We hung out and played basketball for a while and then it was time to go. Except that Sister Letalu locked the keys in the truck so we couldn't leave to go anywhere. We called some other Elders because the Elders there didn't have the tools to do it. So they came and we were stuck at the church until around 11 just trying to get this stupid door unlocked! Ha ha it was super funny and they ended up unlocking it with a wooden ruler instead of a wire hanger because it wasn't firm enough to push the button Ha ha...yet another adventure from the week.

Wyatt got baptized on Saturday afternoon. It was such a sweet special moment and I am so glad that I got to be there for it. Sister Letalu played her Ukulele and I sang...or tried to sing. I was crying the whole time because it was the day after I found out I was leaving. But it was a great spiritual moment for everyone there. They also had me speak on the holy ghost and I got through most of that okay ha ha! I absolutely love that family, and I am incredibly blessed to have been able to share my testimony of our savior with all of them. :)
On Sunday we went and had breakfast with the Hammers for the last time. They were so sweet and gave me a card and a present, and we talked about some of their most spiritual memories. They filled me with so much love and comfort with the move to Wyoming. We got to take lots of pictures and just have a great morning together. We headed off for church after that, and both of us got to speak in church. I was asked to share my testimony ha ha and everyone was crying including me. :) We have all just grown to love each other so much, and I know for a lot of them they will miss me just as much as I miss them, and that is a good thought. :) We took lots of pictures and said lots of goodbyes. I went around and said goodbyes to our less actives and our investigators, and then we had dinner with the Hoopers. They have 3 little boys who are soo soo cute and we were just having the funnest time with them! :) They have this huge giant love sack and I was jumping on it, and they were bouncing up in the air and landing on it. Then Brother Hooper came out and was like "let's launch 'em" so we fluffed up the love sack and moved it close to the couch to prevent injury. Then both Brother Hooper and I jumped on it at the same time and two of his boys launched and landed on the couch except for his youngest Mikey...He launched and landed on his butt on the floor. Ha ha it was so funny! We were laughing, and even Mikey who is gonna have a pretty sore butt was laughing. He is only 3 and he was laughing after just being launched through the air straight on the floor! :) It was soo very funny!
After dinner with the Hoopers we went over to the Doneys to say goodbye to Nancie and her kids. We went and she was so obviously stressed out I felt bad, I just really wanted to say goodbye. Sister Letalu had her Uke in the car and so she ran and grabbed it and we just asked if we could sing her a song. We started singing, and the feeling of stress completely disappeared and it was replaced with calm. I felt calm for the first time in days, and so did Nancie and her whole family. They turned off the TV and just listened while we sang nearer my God to thee. When we were finished we were asked to play another one so we decided how great thou art would go with the same chords. When we were finished we just sat and relished the feeling of the spirit for a while. We bore our testimonies and then as we were saying goodbye, I just knew that we needed to sing I am a child of God. So I asked if we could play one more song and so we did, we just sang I am a child of God simply and powerfully. Everyone was crying by the end of the song and I knew that in some way that I had been able to be the mouthpiece of God for this family and that I had been able to help them even in a small way. I feel comforted knowing that I am not going to Wyoming without having made a difference in someones life.
Basically today, I am not happy about leaving, but I am not going to hate Wyoming. I am going to love Wyoming and the people that are there I just know it. I am not thrilled about leaving my companion, but I am not going to hate my new companion. I am never going to stop loving the people here, but I always have room to love more people. ;) I will talk to you all again from Wyoming! Thanks for everything LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH! Loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Friday, April 26, 2013

Desperate - Conversation with Mom. Being transferred away from Billings and Sister Letalu. Not Happy.

Malynne:  Mom, please be there!!!!!

Mom:  Hello

Malynne:  Hi mom!
So President called in our whole house this morning for interviews because the other Sisters in the house have been fighting a little bit this week. So we all went in for interviews and he interviewed me last and he pulled me in his office and just asked me how everything was going. I told him how I finally love the work and that we finally have a teaching pattern down and that I love Billings. Then he said "Well that's good, but I got a prompting last night and you are going down to Wyoming." He couldn't wait two weeks for transfers to happen so that I could stay with Sister Letalu? Also, I am not just leaving Billings, I am leaving the whole state of Montana! :(

Mom:  What have you been fighting about?

Malynne:  I just feel like he is wrong! Like I have been praying about what is going to happen for transfers just because Sister Letalu is leaving, and I don't feel like my work in this ward is done. He is slowing down the work in that ward and hindering it and I feel like it is just more for convenience for him rather than he really actually had a prompting about it. I just feel sick about it, it's not right!

Also, I wasn't fighting, it was the other Sisters. Sister Letalu is one of my best friends and we were just hoping that we could finish out her mission together. We only had two weeks left!

Mom:  And after your mission you two will have years!  It is OK!  What were the fights about and who was fighting?

Malynne:  Well in our house, sister Tukavatu was sick and her companion was upset because she didn't want to go tracting, so we got caught in the middle of that. Then the Sisters down in Wyoming, my new companion Sister Wood doesn't get along with like any sisters very well I guess she says that "We are on the Lords time" and she is very very very serious about her call and doesn't like Sisters who want to let loose and be themselves. So now I am worried because I don't want to not be myself that's stupid. I am sure Jesus Christ had a personality...God has one. So as representatives of Jesus Christ why shouldn't we just relax and be ourselves while we are working hard and serving the Lord? I just don't want to go.

I don't remember...I just blocked out most of what he said because I was crying. I told him that I thought that he was wrong too. He asked me to be honest and I told him. I think in Lovell, because that is where there are Sisters mostly. They are sending me down there and bringing Sister Woods companion up here because they were fighting so they are splitting Sister Letalu and I up.

Sister Woods companion is coming up to be with Sister Letalu and I am going to Wyoming to be with Sister Wood and the other Sisters in our house got split up today too, but they are staying in Billings.

Mom:  Have you meet Sister wood?  You need to give her a chance.  You also need to remember that you are on the Lords time and it is precious.  In 14 months from now you will look back and ask yourself where did all the time go?  You do not need to give up your personality, but you do need to be a friend to everyone, including your companion. 

Malynne: she should have done the same and now Sister Letalu and I are getting split and I am loosing the people and place that I love because she wouldn't work with her comp. I am just so so so so sad! I get a few days to say goodbye but it almost would have been easier if I had left today instead of Tuesday. :(

Mom:  Then you would miss Wyatt's baptism, right?  It is good that you get to stay for that.  Do not say anything negative about the transfer.  Just tell people how much you will miss them, cry and cry somemore, but nothing negative about anything.  You don't want your last impression to be a negative one on the people you love most.  Get lots of names, address and phone numbers so when we go visit you will have contact info.  
Have you used any of the stickers I sent to you?  If not then in your next area use them.  You have a loving personality and if the other sister is so focused on work, you be focused on LOVE.  You can be the missionary that everyone remembers because you LOVED them!  That, LOVE, is the Gospel of Christ!
Did you get the pkg I sent?
I have another to send!  YOU WILL LIKE IT ALOT!  Where should I send it?  Or, should I hold on to it and wait until you send me a new address?

Malynne:   am going through these waves of just being so heartbroken and then really upset and then I feel bad for being upset because the work is the same even if it is under different circumstances. I just don't feel like this is a prompting from God. I really really really really don't...there is a possibility that things will change, sometimes he changes his mind last minute so says Sister Letalu. However, it is likely that it won't happen. With the package I am not leaving until Tuesday, so it will probably get here in time. Also, I will send you the new address so that you will have it. I am really praying that it gets changed and I really won't have to leave. I am glad I get to be here for Wyatts baptism, but then I have to speak and will probably just cry a lot...

Mom:  Find some awesome scripture and use it as a resource in a letter to your mission president to plead your case.  Find one about loving the people and serving the people with all your heart and then tell him that you want to stay :)  Just an idea :)

Malynne:  Ha ha he pulled me in for my interview and I had no idea what was going to happen. I told him straight up that this was the worst thing that he could be doing to these people. He said "I know someone will love them as much as you do." Then I said "Well I don't think the ward will open up to them like they did to me." It took us a long time to get this ward up and running with missionary work and he is just ruining it. He is having me leave and then a Sister will only be here for 2 weeks before Sister Letalu leaves and there is no way that Sister will know enough about the members or the area to be a good missionary for a yeah I am going to just keep telling him that I need to come back here. ha ha

Mom:  Think of the song "I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord...." Those words may bring you some solace.  Remember you are not doing this for yourself, not for your companion, not for your Mission President, but for the Lord and for the people that need the gospel.

Malynne:  Ha ha, I know and I will go when it comes down to it...but I definitely am not going to be happy about it for a while.

Mom:  Maybe farther down the road you will come back.  Maybe the people will have missed you so much that they will ALL come to church and all committ to baptism because you came back.  We need to remember that people need to come to church, get baptized, and committ to the gospel for themselves, not for some missionary that they like, for a friend, for a boyfriend etc.  The committment needs to come from within themselves.  I am not saying that you have no part it that, but you don't want someone to committ to the gospel because of YOU.  Right?  You can have a major influence on peoples lives, but Christ should have the most influence.  You will have so many memories, good memories.  Write in your journal about this experience.  Look back in 2 months and see if you can then see the hand of the Lord in this decision.

Malynne:  yeah I agree. It is just hard when you feel like you are building a tower with blocks and just when your tower starts to pick up off the gets kicked down again and someone has to restart. It is really really detrimental to missionary work, and I just can't believe that he white washing the area twice withing 3 months! It is really hard on everyone. I know eventually it will pick up just in time for someone to kick the tower of blocks down again...If they could have a steady tower, more work would get done, more referals would get contacted, and missionaries would be less stressed out all the time. 

Mom:  I feel the same way.  I think you are right about that, but for some reason this is the way missions are.  The Lord has a reason for doing things the way he does.

Malynne:  I am honestly truly wondering if I feel like this move is so wrong because it will be short. Transfers are coming and they could move me back up here in two weeks. I really just feel like I have more work to do here, so I really hope I come back soon! In the end, I am going to go to Wyoming if that is what President asks of me...I just really pray that he is doing this for the right reasons. I love you lots, but I gotta go, we have dinner and i have to go say goodbye to the hrubes family. :( Love you, I will talk to you soon!

Mom:  I think this might make you smile.  (It is a picture of Courtney at the MTC with the other Sister Missionaries)

Malynne:  Ha ha I love her and miss her a lot! I got her letter from the MTC and it made me miss her! 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Conversation with family while preparing Wyatts baptism .

Malynne:  Mom, are you there?  I'm back!
Hey mom, I wanted to know if you could possibly send some new socks in that package tomorrow and my MOAB sweatshirt please! :) Thanks so much!!!! LOVE YOU!

Mom:  What kind of socks do you want?  athletic sock, dress socks, nylons, footies???

Malynne: just normal white socks. All of mine have holes in the toes. :)

Mom:  Have you been on the computer this entire time?  Did you hear about the new rule about emailing missionaries and how missionaries can email everyone except missionaries within the mission and some investigators? 

Malynne:  Yep I heard that new rule :) And no I have not been on the email the whole time we went and played some volleyball and stuff and it was great. :) In our mission we now have as much time as we want to email everyone as long as we do our mission president letter first and then our parents. 
so does our house smell less like a casino yet?

Mom:  Anything else that you need?  Package goes out tomorrow.

Malynne:  I can't think of anything else right now. :) Ha ha and actually mom, you are my first choice to email every week! Even before the President. 

Mom:  That made me smile, knowing that I am first on the list....even if it would not be your choice :).  Love you.  I will try to get you some socks, just short athletic socks.  By the way.  I am also sending you some yoga pants.....again on sale from Old Navy.  Hope you like them!  Is there ANYTHING else that you need?

Malynne:  Nope

Mom:  I will get some sent off tomorrow and I will buy some soon.  Love you!  Have a good evening!  I love you!
Makayla:  What are you wearing right now?
Makenna:  I say Hi.  I will deliver the letter to Adam tomorrow.
Dad:  I love you very much.
Connor:  I love you very much and I am very excited for Wyatt to get baptized.  Love you stinky bum.
Makayla:  Your really awesome.
Mom:  I LOVE you tons!              

Malynne:  Ha ha 
Makayla: I am wearing a colorful flower skirt a white shirt and a green jacket.
Makenna: I say hi too and thank you soo much for delivering that letter. :) I can always count on you!
Dad: I love you very much too!! I am glad that I got to talk to you today! :)
Connor: I am excited for Wyatt to get baptized too! :D He is excited but a little nervous about drowning ha ha. Love you oodles stinky!
mom: I love you tons too!!! :) I am right now as we speak (type) getting pictures together on an email to send to you so you can see how beautiful my Montana is! :)   

Mom:  I will be waiting for them.  Dad told me that you told him you have lost weight.  Good job.  Both Dad and I are on diets.  We will be skinny!  We will all be skinny.  Keep it up.  Love you.  How are you able to continue to email all night today?

Malynne:  We have to get the program ready for Wyatts baptism on Saturday so we ran to the college so that we can do that. But it is a one person job and Sister Letalu really wanted to do it, so I am just hanging out and emailing...that's how. :)

Mom:  So have you been told of the new email rule and what do you think about it?  I must tell you that Sister Troutman LOVES getting your letters!!!!

Malynne:  I love the new emailing rule! I have time to email Courtney and Ryan and JJ and you and everyone that writes me. I still love writing letters, because I love getting letters more than emails ha ha. But it is really nice to be able to have as much time as I want/need. It is sometimes the only way that I could keep in contact with Ryan and Court just because they are so busy. I have been waiting for a package from Ryan for like a month and I hate waiting! But I get to email him now and he told me that he will send it soon ha ha.

Mom:  Tell Ryan that I am going to be mailing a package and if he wants to add his I will mail it with the stuff I have for you...I will pay for it.  How is JJ doing?  Is Alex his companion?  Apparently JJ doesn't write to Julia very much, just one and two liners.

Malynne:  Tell Ryan that I am going to be mailing a package and if he wants to add his I will mail it with the stuff I have for you...I will pay for it.  How is JJ doing?  Is Alex his companion?  Apparently JJ doesn't write to Julia very much, just one and two liners.

Makayla:  Hey, Shmoo, this is Makayla now.

Malynne:  Hi Makayla :) How art thou?

Makayla:  I am awesome. The question I need to ask quickly, is: Did you get my missionary cat? I sent him a while ago.

Malynne:  Yep I got him and he is in my room. We can't put stuff on the walls in our house though, so I am not sure where I am gonna put him but I will figure it out :0

Makayla:  The one in our locker is named Puffy. We have locker guardian cats, who guard our stuff, their names are Fluffer and Daisy. They got married on April 11. We planned it all out and then we decided that we might be the biggest geeks in the whole hall.....

Malynne: yes!  My hair is short and ugly and it is still to ruined to curl. Some days are better than others and I am just waiting for it to grow so I can cut off the damage and let the good hair grow back. I wish I had never bleached it! It completely destroyed my hair and it makes me very very sad! :(

Makayla:  Do you want me to try to send some of our conditioner in a bottle?

Malynne:  Nah it's all good. I think once my card gets reloaded I am going to go and find some deep conditioning mask and maybe some shampoo that will help it grow. I know it is weird, but if you want to send those cheap generic brand pre-natal vitamins that would be great too. Seriously anything to help it grow!!! 

Mom:  How much Biotin do you have?  I have some of that that I can send to you now.  I can also send some Do Terra Oils.....I will look them up and tell you what to use and how to use them.  I have the girls believing in Do terra, it is taking their warts away and I rubbed some OnGuard on dads feet and his cold went away.  Right now we have Lemon in a defuser and it is making the house smell good.  Do yu want some?

Malynne:  Yes!!! :) I love doterra oils! 

Malynne is sending pictures between emails.

Malynne:  you have seen some of Montana. You saw the rims and the fluffy clouds! I see the most beautiful sky everyday here! :)

Mom:  Are any of the ladies Sister Shepard?  Sister Meacham?  Your hair looks cute in some of these pictures.  Makayla just walked past and said "I miss her SO much!"

Malynne:  Yes. Sister Shepherd is the fourth one in from the right in the red coat. and Sister Mecham is the farthest one on the right :) The other lady to the left of me is Sister Sears, and the other one on the left of her is Sister Hopkins :)

Mom:  My favorite person is the fourth one from the right!
I will send you some little tiny vials, with insturctions on what they are and how they are to be used.  I will for sure send you some deep blue oil, for your neck and some OnGuard to ward off any sickness, if you feel like you are getting sick you rub it on your hands, feet and a couple drops in your mouth.  I will send you a couple other good ones.  I have got one called balance that I have Makayla use to keep her attitude in check. she is so hormonal and she yells at you and wants to dig your eyes out and then after you blink she is lovey and wants to cuddle.

Malynne:  Ha ha sooo happy I am missing all of that :) holy schnikeys Connor fits into dads shoes!?!

Mom:  My favorite person is the fourth one from the right!

Malynne:  Ha ha I absolutely love her! I sat right next to her at lunch that day and that was the first time I met her. We just hit it off and I absolutely love her now! 

Mom:  What????The fourth one from the right is you!!!!  You are my favorite!

Malynne:  Oh ha ha....I am such a dork! :) I love you a lot mom! We gotta go though, we are gonna be late getting home. So I might be on later this week since we didn't finish the program yet. I love you lots!!!!!! :)


I love the people of Billings Montana so much!!!!

So mmm...where do I start? I guess I should start with how much I love the people here. I truly love them more than words can express! I just love them so much. Which is why it is so hard sometimes to be a missionary. I love them all so much and when things happen it breaks my heart. On Friday night we got a call from a member in our ward. Two 21 year old boys set fire to a trailer and all four people inside the trailer were killed. One of the people in the trailer was a less active woman in our ward named Brandi. We knocked on her door a little less than 24 hours before she died, and she didn't answer. We were shocked and horrified at the news and are now helping to coordinate a funeral on Wednesday. Her family also lives in our ward, and we are going to try to meet with them and just see if there is anything that we can do to help. We are truly learning how to "mourn with those that mourn and stand with those that stand in need of comfort"
We also met with our investigator Nancy. She has so many needs and we are just trying to ease her burden in any way that we can. We decided that it would be really great for her to learn about the plan of salvation.We thought it would be a really great opportunity to bring a member in and try to get her some fellowship and then also get the ward involved in missionary work. So we went and met with her and started to teach...but then the member took over and she went into some crazy deep doctrine. She talked about the millenium and about how Satan will be bound. Then she started talking about sons of perdition and about how Satan is perdition....Needless to say the lesson went downhill fast! We just tried to ring it back and it just kept going farther and farther downhill. ha ha it wasn't funny at the time, but it is kind of funny now. Man Sister Letalu and I kept looking at each other and our eyes kept getting bigger and bigger ha ha. :) I hope that someday we can go in and just help clarify things.

So our arms look like a battlefield right now. We were helping a Less active woman in our ward with her yard. She was sick of having river rocks instead of grass so she started ripping all the rocks out. We had to rip whole bushes out of her yard and we were digging through dirt on our hands and knees. It just makes me realize how many opportunities everyone can find to serve others. I really didn't think yard work was that much of a service, but it really was a great help and comfort to her. We met with a lot of less actives and we were able to set up a lot more opportunities to serve. Whether that be just helping them clean their kitchen a lot, or yard work, or just coming and visiting them regularly. I just feel so blessed to be a missionary and be able to offer service to everyone that I see. :) Doing service brings me such great joy! :) 

Our recent convert baptism just moved to Utah on Friday. We were able to go to a going away party for them Friday evening and it was so great! I love that family so much I  feel soo blessed to have met them. :) It is going to be a really great thing for them to move and to be surrounded by so many people who are going to help them keep their standards and gather around them. I pray that when they get there, that they have an awesome ward and that they can feel loved. :) It is just so great that going on a mission can give me life long friends I never would have found otherwise! :) Oh and mom, Lizabeth sent you a message on Facebook ha ha and you didn't reply. She was just making sure it was you that got it and not just some random person. Ha ha :) 

I love Billings more than I have ever loved anywhere in my entire life. I feel so blessed to know that Heavenly Father trusted me enough to send me here and let me love these people. I just absolutely love my ward and can't imagine how hard it will be when they send me somewhere else! Billings is my home away from home now! 

I love all of you! I feel so blessed to know that you are in my life and that you are supporting me! Thanks for everything you do!!! LOVES!

-Sister Malynne Erbe

Favorite People in Billings

The Hurbes Family

Wyatt Fuch
Jordan Fuch

Fun times in Billings Montana

Sisters in Billings, Montana

Sister Owens

Sister Letalu and Sister Erbe
Sisters in the Heights.

The Sisters in Billings

The Three Lehites

The Garcia family.

Sister Erbe, Saige Garcia, Sister Letalu

Kanesa Garcia and Sister Erbe


Lizabeth Garcia

My Billings District

The Rims - Billings Montana with Sister Letalu

Sister Letalu and Sister Erbe

Typical Montana

Conversation with mom: Never leaving Billings.

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? :)

Mom:  I am here!

Malynne:  Hi mom I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Mom:  Thank you.  I can only talk until Makayla gets home, 10 minutes, then I need to take her to the orthodontist.
How are you doing?  Did you mail the coat back yet?

Malynne:  I didn't I was going to ask because I don't have any paperwork with the coat, it was just the coat and the tags. I even saved the box. Also I have like $8 and I don't know if that is enough to send it back, what do you think? Also, do you want me to send it straight back to you or to send it back to where it came from? and do you want to send me the return label if you want me to just send it straight back there? 

Mom:  I can send you the label.....will you send it back if I send you the label?  I will get it sent off to you today!!!!!  I bought you a sweater dress from Old Navy.  It will be too warm until winter, but it was only $2.70.  Smell it when you get it.  We had a smoke fire in the house yesterday and it was sitting on the kitchen table.  It may smell like smoke, so wash it before you wear it.  If it doesn't smell, don't wash it.  I can't tell.....everything smells like smoke to me.

Malynne:  Ha ha oh mom, that is so funny! A Sister in our house burned a pizza for a couple of hours and our house smells like smoke too! :) we have been washing laundry like crazy! ha ha 

Mom:  So did Dad tell you that we will be sending you some money every month?  I will send you $50 at the end of April and another $50 on the 15th.  Our goal is to send you $100 a month, but it may be slow in coming until June because we need to find $300 for your bike.

Malynne:  Thank you so much mom!!!! Seriously it is a great blessing to have you as parents! 

Mom:  We are washing everything!  Last night every time I turned over I got a new wiff of burn smell, residue on the sheets and bedspreads. we are washing everything, walls, floors, bedding etc.  I have to take Makayla to the orthodonitist right now.  I will talk to you on my phone.

Malynne:  Okay :) I am so happy that I get to talk to you! Did you like my birthday card? ha ha ;)

Mom:  Yes.  Thank you.  Did you hear that Courtney Barkdall got her mission call to "Billings Montana"?

Malynne  I think that is crazy that we are going to have 7 sisters all from within blocks of each other here in Montana!!!!!!! Holy Schnikeys that is crazy. We have soo many sisters coming in, in the next transfer and I just keep thinking that I am going to be training. I pray that if I am training I get to be with my friend from Lehi! :D and yeah I talked to Ryan and he has officially turned in his papers as of last Sunday and is just waiting to find out!!! :D

Mom:  I got to talk to Sister Shepard about the money for your bike.  She told me she would give you a big hug from me. 

Malynne:  ha ha Sister Shepherd drove straight over to our house and knocked on the door. We were still having studies so we were like "What the crap, who is here right now?" I opened the door and she just threw her arms around me and gave me a hug. Then she told me it was from you and I just burst into tears ha ha. Then she was like "Oh I also brought some De-con so we can kill all the mice." She is sooo funny ha ha I was laughing and crying and then I started snorting and it was super funny! :0

Mom:  Just made me cry again.  This time i am embarrassing myself at the orthodontist  unhuman noises this time.  Just tears and snot.

Malynne:  Ha ha sorry I didn't mean to make you cry. :) I just love you a lot I hope that you know that! And you don't have to be embarassed! 

Mom:  There were some changes in our ward.  The Zitzmans moved and so we got a new YW President.....Guess who.....Sister Mindy Tilley!!!

Malynne:  Oh, and I didn't know Mindy is the new young womens President! I knew that there was a new one, but I didn't know who! :) That is so awesome she is just so great!

Mom:  Tell me about the family with the fire.

Malynne:  They are less active and we haven't been able to meet with them. I really don't know what to do in that situation...It just breaks my heart. The girl had 2 little boys and they were spending the night at their Grandmas so they are okay. But their father died a few years ago and now their mother is gone. Their Grandmother has custody of them now. :( We have arranged dinners for the next 3 weeks and are trying to send people over there on a regular basis to try to help. Our relief society President just asked for our help in some things and we were more than happy to help. If you can think of anything that you think could help them go ahead and send it.

Mom had to leave to go the orthodontist.  Much of the conversation is one sided.

Mom:  I did not get an email from lizabeth....i got something that said test.....i will look again.  Tell her to reemail me.  Remind me who she is.

Malynne:  Jasmyn is our recent convert and she is 9 years old. She is her mother and one of my favorite people I have met out here in Montana. :) She just sent you a picture and a message on facebook.

Malynne:  Oh mom...I will get home just in time for winter! :D

Mom:   Just in time to go on a vacation to montana. And introduce us to all your friends.

Malynne:  Yes mom, I can't wait until we can all be here in Montana!!! :) oh my gosh I have a list of places and people that I want you to meet and see. 1-the wheat fields. 2-The rims 3-The pictograph caves 4-the mission home 5-candy town and that is just the places! :) 

Malynne:  I don't know her contact info off the top of my head. I have it written down somewhere, but I don't have it with me, it's at home. So look her up on facebook :D Her name is Lizabeth Garcia and she is from Billings Montana. :D
mmm...maybe my compie has it I will ask really quick :)
Nope she doesn't remember it off the top of her head either ha ha. :P I hope that we still have it! 
Ha ha actually I am never leaving Billings ever..So we will only have to come here ;) ha ha just kidding. I wish I just could stay in Billings forever I love it so much!

Makayla  Hi Malynne this is Makayla I want to talk while mom is driving.

Malynne:  am I talking to Makayla now? :0

Makayla:  Our house smells like a casino.... 

Malynne:  Ha ha Makayla you crack me up!!! :) 

Mom:  You were, now you are talking to your mom again.  I just walked into this smoke smelling place we call home.

Malynne:  ha ha crack open the windows and turn on the fans and just hope it goes away soon. :) Oh hey, Thanks sooooooo much for that package it was so great! I loved all the pictures and the ped egg worked great. I love the candies from Sister Troutman and the dress is freakin' adorable! Also I really needed new chapstick so it was seriously a great package to get this week! :) 

Mom:  Is there anything you need me to put in the package I am going to send today?

Malynne:  chocolate and a present for my companion. :) I gotta go, but I love you lots!!!! Have a good day! 

Mom:  Love you too.  Good bye my dear daughter.  Loves


Monday, April 15, 2013

We biked!!!! Then we biked some more!!!!

So this week...We biked. It was snowing! I can officially say that I have biked in the snow now!. It was actually really fun the first day because it was all bright and sunny and we just rode around and had a good time and talked to everyone we met on the street and met with lots of less actives and stuff it was so great! But the second day it was pouring rain! We were dropped off like 4 miles outside our area and we biked all the way to our area and by the time we got there we were completely soaked. We had rain coats and ponchos on, but when we were riding the ponchos would fly in our faces so we just took them off. But then our raincoats got soaked all the way through and everything else did too. We rode around and met with a bunch of people who seemed sorry to see us out in the rain, but didn't really want to let us in because we were too wet ha ha. :) We rode the 5 miles home and just stayed home and ordered pizza for dinner and then did area book for the rest of the night. We got up yesterday morning and it was snowing! We went to church, and we had a dinner and a bunch of people we really needed to see. So we rode around in the snow for a long time. Finally, I was so cold I couldn't feel my face...I felt like I had been at the dentist and like you try to smile but your face won't move, yeah it was like that. So we rode home early again because it was safer to just go home rather than freeze. We were riding home and we ran into this man and so we stopped to talk to him. He said that he wasn't a member of the church and didn't believe anything that we said or believed in, but that he didn't dislike us as people. He then told us a story about how one night he invited a couple of elders into his home. they came in and shared a scripture with him and his wife and because of that they decided that they really needed to go back to church. It was so cool, because as a missionary I have realized that my purpose in being out here isn't to just convert people to the gospel, it is to bring people closer to Christ. Even if they believe in Christ differently than we do, any step towards Christ is a positive one. That was a really cool experience after a really hard day. :) When we got home we took off our coats and stuff so we could go and throw on some sweats and a sweatshirt and we were bright red! It looked like a sunburn, but it was a cold burn...we looked like lobsters ha ha! We tried to take a picture, but we were shaking to hard ha ha it didn't work out. :) Biking sucked, but it really made me appreciate cars a lot more! It also just made me realize how hard I really am willing to work for the Lord.

We got to meet with a lot of our less actives this week, and I really didn't feel like anything was going anywhere. Like we go and meet with them on a regular basis and share scriptures with them and our testimonies, but they never really seem to be moving. We were pretty discouraged because we don't feel like we have been making much progress with anything. but then this Sunday came and we had 2 investigators there and 3 less actives that haven't been to church in years! :) It was so awesome! and it was awesome for them to be there for fast and testimony meeting. Man, it is just so awesome to be able to see people take steps to get closer to our savior. Stuff like that just makes it all so worth it!
I don't really know what else to report, it was a really hard week. But it was one of the most rewarding I have had the whole time that I have been out!  I LOVE MONTANA EVEN WITH ITS CRAZY BIPOLAR WEATHER!!!!!!! Ha ha it is so awesome I love everyone here so much! I am so excited for this next week, our sweet little Wyatt is getting baptized on Saturday! He is so excited and I am so excited to see the steps that his family is taking. It is truly amazing!
I love you all, I hope you have a great week! Loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

I love you, mom.

Hey mom, :) Thanks so much for everything! You are so amazing! Seriously I just realize how awesome you are now that I am out with missionaries who don't have a good support system back at home. I just want you to know that I love you very much and feel so blessed that you are my mom. I miss you, and can't wait until I get to talk to you on mothers day! :)
Also, I have talked to Ryan, JJ, and Courtney. JJ wrote and told me all about his first couple weeks in New York Ha ha it sounds pretty crazy, but he is doing well. :) Ryan emails me weekly and tells me about his crazy family drama and about work and stuff. It sounds like he is doing well, and I really hope he is. Courtney is super nervous about going into the MTC  this Wednesday, but she is really excited. I am excited for her, I just know how much everyone will love her and her awesome personality and the way that she just loves people. I just love her so much and I am so excited for her. :)

I got a check from Grandma Alma for $20 and so I am going to send it to you, will you put it in my account for me? Also, could you possibly wend me a ped-egg? My heels are so crazy cracked it hurts. Thanks for all the packages you send to me! You are amazing! I am sending one back to you, with a bunch of stuff in it that I can't keep. Our mission President asked us all to "Purge and sanctify" So I went through everything and decided what I really needed/would use and what I really don't. I have a box of stuff to send home, and I am going to try to not collect so much stuff ha ha. It is crazy how little you actually need! I am living out of 2 suit cases, and it works like I have everything I need. :)
Anyway, Thanks so much for everything you do! I love you sooooooo much! :) Loves!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

Monday, April 8, 2013

Montana is COLD!!!!

Okay, so this week I was really sick. I got a cold last Monday and ended up staying home for most of the week. The first day that I even felt well enough to leave the house was Thursday. However, we don't have a car anymore and it is a five mile walk from our house to the nearest house in our area. We left home and it started raining, and I was still sick. I made it through most of the day, but we got a ride home from one of the less active members that we have been working with. We went out again Friday, and were once again dumped on. We walked around 16 miles to get to a womans house in our ward that we had promised to come help. We were cold and wet, and yet it was still super fun to go and visit her and help her. We got her house all cleaned up and then we headed back out into the rain. We walked another 5 miles to our dinner appointment with our relief society president. She is seriously awesome and I love her and her family. She is having a hard time because her son is going to the MTC in South America this week, and she is freaking out a little bit. We got to go and visit another less active woman in our ward that I love so much right after dinner. We just talked to her and tried to figure out how we could help her. She told us that she was just having a hard time realizing that heavenly father loves her. It seriously was one of the most amazing powerful experiences that I have had on my mission thus far. We just got to talk about prayer and invite her to ask him if he loved her. We all knelt down and she offered up the most sincere prayer. The feeling that entered into that room is a feeling that I will never forget. Our Heavenly Father Loves us soo much! 
We spent the next couple of days with investigators and at the church watching conference. Yesterday we got to meet with one of our amazing investigators Nancy. We are going to help her clean her house tomorrow and we spent a lot of time rounding up carpet cleaners for her. I have never used one so this is going to be an adventure! After we met with Nancy we needed to walk home again. So we started out, and after a couple miles it started to rain...and it kept raining and raining. Then the thunder and lightening started. The streets were seriously overflowing and we still had about 5 more miles to walk in this crazy rain. So we started singing every primary song we knew. We seriously sang all the way home and it was great. We were so cold we ran inside and changed and grabbed every blanket that we could find and wrapped up and then made hot chocolate. It is really nice to have the companion that I do, because she is seriously so awesome and makes everything so great. :)

Conference was amazing. I felt like there were so many talks designed specifically for me. All the Sisters in our house spent about an hour the night before conference to write down questions that we were having, either for ourselves or for our investigators. Every single question that we had was answered. There were some amazing moments. I think for me personally I loved the talk on the atonement. I don't actually remember who gave it, I have it written down somewhere, but it's not with me. I super loved that talk, it was just so needed for me and for the investigators and less actives we have been working with. I also loved Elder Hollands talk on belief and knowledge. We have an investigator who won't progress because she really just doesn't know if the gospel is true. It was really nice to go and show her that talk and show her that she doesn't have to have a perfect knowledge of everything she just needs to want to believe and in time she will know. That was really powerful for all of us. :) I just loved conference it seriously like filled a hole I wasn't aware was there!!!! 

Well I love you all, but I really don't have much more to report. I am better now so I can work this week :) I love you all soo much! And yes, I really do like getting the packages that you send to me. They make me very happy. the next one, could you possibly send a jacket? :) I forgot one. Anyway, LOVES!
-Sister Malynne Erbe 

What kind of coat do you want? A WARM ONE!!!!

Malynne:  Hey, mom are you there?

Mom:  I am here.  When did you loose your coat?  Do you need me to send you one?

Malynne:  I don't know when I lost my coat. It seriously just disappeared. I don't know if you need to send another one, because I am worried that you will send it and then it will be actually warm for good. So maybe send a coat in like August and just send a jacket for right now, because I didn't even bring one...

Mom:  What kind of a jacket do you want?

Malynne:  I don't know, a warm one. Ha ha we seriously thought that it was getting warmer so we weren't going to worry about it, but now it is snowing again! :(

Mom:  I think I will look at like Eddie Bauer or something and get a coat jacket.  Will that work?  I will try and get one ordered today and have it sent straight to you.  Love you!

Malynne:  Love you too! :) Thanks so much! Did you love conference?

Monday, April 1, 2013

Conversation with Mom: Vacation and friends

Malynne:  Mom, are you there?

Mom:  So we are in Moab right now.  We went to Courtneys farewell yesterday, and so glad that we went.  With it being Easter we got to go to two sacrament meetings and get a double whammy of the Atonement.  It was good.  I think Courtney was glad to see us also.  Not very many people came...alot of factors...Easter, Spring Break, her meeting didn't start until 2:50.....Late, late late.  We put off leaving for Moab until after her farewell.  She did a great job speaking!!!
On Saturday Evening I took the girls and we went to YW conference.  When we were there we saw Mrs. Dole, your fourth grade teacher.  She asked about you and said she was so proud of you!

Malynne:  Awe! Thanks :) I am so glad that you went to Courtneys farewell, she really needed it. :) How is Moab?

Malynne:  It is beautiful here.  We hiked to Delicate Arch today.  That is the hike that Kira said was too hard....well we did it.  It was 3 miles round trip, but the hike was HARD!  We climbed an elevation of 500+, and most of it was slippery sand stone.  I will send you a picture when I don't have to use my phone as a hot spot.  

We are staying in a CRAPPY hotel!  The pool is gross, the hot tub is gross, the bathroom is gross, the beds are full size and the reservation said queen size.  The owner is some middle eastern guy who won't talk to me because I am a woman, but will carry on a full conversation with your dad (who is wiped out and taking a nap right now).

I am SUPER worried about Ryan.  Have you heard from him?

Malynne:  Ha ha that is kind of funny, but crappy at the same time! I have heard from Ryan yes. I got a letter from him on Thursday and an email today. He is working full time and his life is crazy. His parents officially split up and it has been hard on him. They might get back together still and Ryan isn't happy about that. He is finally finishing up his medical papers and he is going to get them in very soon! :) I am very proud of him! You still haven't heard from him?

Mom:   How would Ryan respond if your dad or I wrote him a letter of encouragement and told him that we would still think the world of him if he choose not to go on a mission?  He is alienating himself from everyone.

Malynne:   I don't know I think that he would appreciate the encouragement. However I honestly do think that he is going on a mission. It is so hard for me to know what is happening with him and not be able to do anything about it.

Mom:  No, we still have not heard from him, but we did follow a link to him Blog and there he wrote a poem about how his future was being a missionary and wearing a white shirt and now his future is unknown.  I started crying when I read was so sad.  Do you really think that he is going?  He has told us this story about medical papers for a long long time.  It should not take that long to get things straightened out.  He has been saying "medical problems" since is now April.

Malynne:  I know, mom I really I just don't know how to help him. All I can do is pray for him. I just don't know what to do. I got his letter about his parents and my heart broke. I wish that I could just fix things and make things easier on him, but I am so far away. It's been hard on me.
K, well I really have to get off the computer now. I hope that you can get a hold of him. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
-Sister Malynne Erbe

So this week, I feel like I can't remember what happened. Things get blurred together a lot in my head and I can't tell the difference between them. ;) That is a good thing though, because I am becoming more absorbed in the work. :)
We spent a lot of time doing service this week again. Jasmyn the 9 year old who was baptized last week, it was her family. The Garcias are amazing, and I just love them so much! They are moving to a little town near Logan Utah this week. So we went over and helped them move out nad pack up all of their stuff and clean their house. We spent Thursday night, Friday basically all day, and a lot of Saturday over there. They are such a special family! We just clicked so well with them and it was hard for us to see them go. We were packing up the kitchen and Saige the oldest daughter found some of their dyed Easter eggs and went to throw them away. Except we all grabbed bats and tennis rackets and we smashed them into the dumpster! SOOO FUN!!! Oh my gosh new Easter tradition! :) Then we went to go and get pizza so that we could all have dinner. They turned on a christian rock cd and we all seriously went nuts and had a crazy dance party in the kitchen. We were laughing so hard! I love them sooo much!!!! We went back again on Friday and just helped load the van, so we are pretty sore. We went back again on Saturday to help them clean up their apartment, but we brought all of the other missionaries with us to help. So we had like 30 people there and they were all helping clean up the house so it went really fast. :) They moved this week, and it was really hard to see them go, but it will be really good for their family to move to Utah where they will have more support.

We got to go to the temple this Saturday morning. :) It is awesome that I am in Billings because I can go to the temple. We had to be there for the 6:30 session so we had to get up at 5:00 in the morning so that we could be there on time. It was wonderful to get to go, but we were soo tired! Man, we kept falling asleep and it was hard to stay awake. We were doing the head bob the entire time. The worst part was that President Mecham came and he kept looking at us. I was worried he would be mad, but he told us that it was good to see how exhausted we were because it means that we are working hard. It was a rough morning though.

So my companion wasn't feeling to great so we spent time at home unless we had set appointments. I was really hoping that she would be better for Easter, and she was! But Easter night I got really really sick, and I am still super sick. I have a fever and chills and stuff, I just barely woke up so I could email and I am probably going right back to bed. I hope that I will get better soon though!

So for Easter they had a devotional with the whole mission over the phone. Everyone was on mute except for those whose turn it was to speak or participate. We got to listen to it and it was SUPER GOOD!!! I feel so blessed to be here with such an awesome mission president! :)

Then we went to church and it was all centered around Jesus Christ atonement and we had 4 of our investigators come to sacrament meeting, and maybe another one, but we really don't know because we didn't know who she was, but she might've been an investigator. Right after church we got to go over to our investigator Nancy Doneys house.We just talked to her about the atonement and about being forgiven and having Christ make things easier and can heal us. Then we got to read 3 Nephi 11 with her and talk about the resurrection. Then we asked her if she would get baptized and she said that she would get baptized in time. She really doesn't want a date or anything yet, but we were very happy that she is open to it. Then we went over to the Hammers for Easter dinner and it was crazy and we had kids running all over us and it was fun. :) Easter this year was amazing because for the first time we really had the entire day focused on Christ. It was an amazing spiritual day! 

We went to the rims last night as well, if you have never seen them, go look them up. They are so beautiful! We went and took lots of pictures and it was just an awesome sight. So after spending the whole day focused on Christ and what he has done for us we got to spent the evening on the rims marveling at how beautiful the world is. It was truly an amazing day. :)

The transfer ended yesterday night! Can you believe I have been here in Montana for 6 weeks already? We had transfer calls this morning so we were all freaking out and worried that one of us would get transferred. And guess what! It is April fools day, so we all thought that they would be lying to us all and that freaked us out even more. So they called this morning and both Sister Letalu are both staying in Billings for the next 6 weeks! Yay! I am so thrilled that I get to stay here with the people that I love so much for a little while longer! :) 

Well I love you all! Thanks for all the support! I love you soooooooooooooo much!

-Sister Malynne Erbe