Monday, March 18, 2013

"That happened this week?!!!!"

So this week super different from last went by soooo fast! Seriously I don't remember a lot of what we did this week. I started keeping a journal and I was going through it and I kept saying "That happened this week?!!!!" Yeah super crazy fast week!
Basically I spent the first part of the week really sick. We would go out and work, and then we would have to come home because I just was so sick I couldn't handle it! so we would come home and sleep. That was on Monday and the first part of Tuesday. Tuesday night we had a dinner with a members daughter. She is right outside of our area but her husband works a lot and so she can't have the Elders over. We went over there, and it was super weird. Basically her husband was there that night he had the whole entire week off of work, so it wasn't exactly appropriate for us to be there. But then she kept talking about how much help she needed, so we volunteered to go over and help her. We went over all day Thursday and we put all of these child-proof locks on all the cupboards. We helped assemble a swing set. We reinstalled several bathroom cabinets. We helped finish painting one of the bathrooms. We installed a mirror onto a dresser. We helped build a shed. And we cleaned up a bunch of dog poop. It took us a total of two days and we were so exhausted and beat up! It was like going through a war zone!!!! We are all kinds of cut up and bruised and stuff it is ridiculous!!! The whole time we were there she and her husband just chilled on the couch, and made lots of rude and inappropriate comments. We didn't really know what to do because they said that they really needed the help, but they really didn't want to help themselves, and also we had already committed ourselves to this project and we didn't want to just ditch them. She told us that she needed the help because they were going to have Foster care inspections on Saturday. They have been trying to get approved for it for months. Then on Friday night (after we had been there for 6 hours and hadn't eaten anything the whole time and were pretty exhausted and upset) She came in and told us that she was so happy that she was ready for her Foster shower tomorrow. Meaning that no it wasn't inspections it was just a Foster shower!!! Both Letalu and I were pretty not happy and decided that it wouldn't be appropriate for us to go back. Plus it was an incredibly uncomfortable situation since she and her husband were either fighting or making inappropriate comments the whole time. 

We spent a lot of time on Saturday just meeting with our inactive members Then Saturday night we got a call from the other sisters. They had been asked to perform in their ward conference the next day and didn't know what song they were going to do. So they wanted me to come over and help them. So we went to a members house and practiced "I know that my redeemer lives" for like 2 hours. That was how we ended the day on Saturday.

Yesterday we went to sing at the ward conference with the other Sisters. It went really well, and then I was sitting there thinking...I have been here for a total of a month now. Thus far I have taught stake RS I have taught our ward RS I have prayed in Sacrament meeting, spoken in sacrament meeting, and now sang in Ward conference...yay missionary work! :) Actually it has been really good and I am definitely getting more comfortable with things. Anyway, so we went to their ward conference and then had our ward. We had a couple of investigators come to sacrament meeting! :D Wyatt Fuch came with his family and then Jasmyn Garcia came as well. Jasmyns baptism has had to be pushed back a couple of times, but now it is offically happening this Sunday! YAY my first official convert baptism! :D Then We were supposed to teach Wyatt this Wednesday, but his mom and dad had to work late, so we had to reschedule. We are going to teach him this Wednesday night (After we go and eat steak with them for dinner!) and we are going to hopefully put him on date for the week after conference. I am so excited for him! he is such a good kid! 

So going back to Friday night. ha ha Sister Streeter hit her year mark. There is a tradition that I didn't know about, but missionaries burn a shirt on that day. So we decorated a shirt for her, and decorated the house. Then we realized that we didn't have any matches. So we just lit the paper on fire using the burners on the stove! It was such a fun night! We lit the paper on fire and went outside and lit the shirt of fire, then we danced around and celebrated, then we roasted marshmallows over the shirt. Ha ha it was super fun and we got video of the whole thing. :)

Anyway, this was a good week! Not many lessons, but definitely a busy week. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

-Love Sister Erbe

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