Thursday, March 28, 2013

Conversation with Mom, Connor, and Makayla, Billings, Montana

Malynne - Hey mom, I am on the computer for a little bit :) are you there?

Mom - Yes I am :) How are you?

Mom - Malynne, if I missed you again I will be super super sad.  Please still be there.

Malynne - I just told you I am here ha ha I am looking up baby shower ideas so it might be a while. Yeah that's what missionary work is...looking up baby shower game ideas ha ha ;)

Mom - Or you can ask your mom!  Rice and lots and lots of safety pins, different sizes.  Blind fold someone and have them get as many safety pins out of the rice as they can.  It is hard. 

Malynne - ha ha we can do that :) There is a family in our ward who just adopted two more kids from Haiti. We have the Hrubes that I told you about and the Chevaliers, they are the ones who just came back with their twins from Haiti

Mom - Dear girl.  I miss your face!  I miss your voice!  I just miss you.  I hope you are doing well.  Dad just ordered a CD player and it should be there on Tuesday at the latest.  He also ordered music, but has not yet put the music on CD's.  I am waiting to send your bras until I get the music.

Malynne - Ha ha I miss you too!!!! thank you very much! Seriously, the last few days have been really hard and I have just wanted to talk to you!

Mom - I called dad and told him I am talking to you on line.  I am so excited.  He popped my excited bubble by telling me "She is not suppose to be email today."  Whatever.....I am just glad to know that we are connected.

Malynne - Ha ha actually it is. We have time set aside to email on Mondays, but it really isn't super bad if I email when I am on the computer. It's not like I am not doing missionary work.

Mom - Did you already send the boots back?  I can't talk for too long, I am doing a scrap night and I need to get ready.  I will stick around for a little longer.  Do you know my password for pinterest?  Login?

Malynne - I don't know your password, and no I haven't sent the boots back yet, I have just been really busy, I will hopefully send them back on Monday. But that is only if I have time I have to get a hair cut and do laundry. I am going to cut my hair shorter and hopefully it will grow out healthier, it is really gross right now.

Mom - Go to  then login.  I think you should send those boots back ASAP so that we can try and take them back before they won't take boots back.
Connor is here.  He wants to say hi.

Malynne -  HI CONNOR I LOVE YOUR FACE!!!!  I will only be on for a little while longer, we have to go and say good bye to one of the missionaries in a minute...she got sent home early. :( it has been a seriously crappy last couple days.

Mom - Connor says, "That I love your face thing was just random.  You can't even see my face!"  "I am really happy that you are on your mission, but I really miss you at the same time." 

Malynne - Oh ha ha I see his face everyday! It is right by my face when I fall asleep and when I wake up too :) I am really happy I am on my mission, but I really miss you too!

Malynne - Okay I think we will just use that rice and pins game, we don't really have money :P And yeah I will try to send them back on Monday. HI CONNOR I LOVE YOUR FACE!!!!  I will only be on for a little while longer, we have to go and say good bye to one of the missionaries in a minute...she got sent home early. :( it has been a seriously crappy last couple days.

Mom - Why did she have to go home?

Malynne - She just has a lot of problems, there was a lot of abuse in her home growing up and so she is trying to deal with that. She lived with us, and it was just a really hard situation because we love her, but sometimes it was hard. On Wednesday President Mecham called us all into the mission home and pulled her in and told her that she has to go home and then talked to all of us. We pretty much just spent the rest of that day crying because she was so mad she kept telling us it was our fault. She knew it wasn't our fault, she just needed someone to be mad at, and it was really hard to watch her pack her is been a really hard couple of days.

Mom - I am sorry to hear that.  I will pray for you all as you are all dealing with this.  Let's hope that when she gets home she gets some counseling and help that she needs and that with the help of our Heavenly Father and through her knowledge of Christ she will be able to get over this and be a better, stronger person.  How long was she out?  How are you doing?

Malynne - She was out for 7 months almost 8. And hopefully she stays strong and doesn't lose her faith. Everyone keeps asking me how I am doing, and I just want to cry. It is honestly truly been so hard on all of us. On Wednesday we all cried so much we got sick and had to stay home. It was the hardest thing to watch her drive away. I have seen how hard she was fighting, but President just said that she shouldn't have to fight this hard on her mission, that she should just got home and figure things out then. I am just really sad about the whole thing.

Mom - Malynne, just know that we pray for you everyday.  We know that this is not going to be an easy thing, but right now there is nothing more important that you can be doing than serving your Heavenly Father.  We love you, we miss you, but we are so proud of you knowing that you are where you are suppose to be, doing what you are suppose to be doing.  Stay focused on your mission!  BE OBEDIENT to the T!!!!  You will be happy!

Malynne - Ha ha mom I love you too! and I am happy and I love the work, it is just hard on an emotional level that I didn't expect. I knew that the physical and spiritual work was going to be hard, I just didn't realize that I was going to invest my heart into so many people and things and have it broken so often. President Mecham told me that my mission has started out harder than others just because of the area and because of the contention in our house and with Sister Stacey going home and he said he was sorry. I am not sorry though, I am doing okay and it is making me more aware of Heavenly Father in my life, I just get sad when things happen to the people that I love. And that is a lot of the time, just because I love so many people here. But I think as a whole I really am happy I have just had a really rough start.

Mom - ?????? (Lost email conversation )

Malynne - Ha ha I don't know I can tell Letalu to send them an email Monday that tells them that you are coming over to meet them :) but their address is. 787 west 2400 North...yeah literally just around the corner from us ha ha! She said that she would send them a message!

I don't know she said that you could call them, but then just said that she would shoot them an email. They are Polynesian and always go to the Polynesian ward and so they don't know hardly anyone in the neighborhood. So I don' t know if that was a yes or a no... :P

Mom - Sweetie, I need to go.  I want to stay on and talk more, but the kids are getting home from school and I need to talk to them before I head out.  I love you.  Tell me more in your email on Monday and try to email after 12:15, so I can be home and email you back.  I love you.  Makayla is coming to say hi!  Don't leave yet.

Malynne - Okay :) I am only on for a minute more. But have fun learning how to scrap book and tell Kira I say good luck ha ha! I LOVE YOU! (I can stay for a second to talk to Makayla)

Makayla - Hey shmoo!

Malynne - I know this is Makayla, how are you doing? :)

Makayla - Did you get my Scripture of the week?

Malynne - I did :) I got it on Wednesday! It was very cute I liked it a lot. I also liked the poster you send me too. 

Makayla - I am doing awesome!!! Tell your companion I say hello! I told my math teacher that your companion was from our stake, but went to a Korean ward, she said that was so cool and she wants to know how you guys didn't meet before your missions.

Malynne - Ha ha no we never met before the mission, and she didn't go to a Korean ward she went to a polynesian ward.

Makayla - How did you do on your challenge I gave you so far?

Malynne - I don't remember the challenge, did you tell me in a letter? do I need to go back and read it again?

Makayla - what is her name again?

Malynne - Sister Letalu

Makayla - I did give you a challenge. It was after I said the scripture and why it was important to me, then I asked "How can you be charitable to somebody during this week?" Then I thought about it and it applies to me, and not just you.

Malynne - Ha ha you are so funny! Yes as a missionary we get lots of opportunities to be charitable to everyone. I am helping with a baby shower today, and that is helping someone. I am also helping a woman paint her house. Also, teaching people lessons and helping them get ready to be baptized is an act of charity because charity is 'the pure love of Christ' So if we are doing what the savior would do and help everyone then we have Charity. I think Jesus would help everyone get ready to be baptized if he could don't you think?

Makayla - I agree.

Malynne - Yep, so how have you been charitable this week?

Makayla - That is super cool that you get to help those ladies.

Malynne - I agree, they are awesome Makayla! I seriously love the people I work with! they are awesome, and they feed us every night. Yeah they are the!!!!!

But you didn't answer my question, how have you been charitable this week?

Makenna - Well, I helped a girl named Shaylee with her homework. She is super cute. Mom says that it's time to get off because cousins are almost here. I love you! Gotta go!

Malynne - Love you too! Have fun with everyone! Tell them I love them all too!!!! :) LOVES!
-Sister Erbe

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