Monday, March 11, 2013

Long hard week. Billings, Montana

Hello everyone!
So I don't really have too much to report this week. It has been a really long week, but I don't really think that much happened. So on Tuesday night one of the sisters in our house yelled at me and made me cry. I am not even really sure why she was so mad at me, I am not even sure she was mad at me, she was just kind of mad at everyone. I was so sad I couldn't sleep. I didn't really feel like I was being a good missionary just because she told me everything that I am doing wrong. I seriously didn't sleep all night. On Wednesday I talked to her and we 'made up' but I was still really hurt. I really was just trying to get through the day. Living in the house with so many sisters was really hard because there was just so much contention! So on Wednesday we got up and started going about our day. Things were better than they were the night before, but still not completely okay. We went out to lunch with our zone leaders because they invited us, and while we were out they told Sister Stacey that President Mecham wanted to meet with her at 4. Elder Walch (one of our zone leaders) pulled me aside to make sure I was okay because he said that I looked sick. I told him I didn't feel very well, but that I would go home and take a nap after we had taken Sister Stacey to her meeting. He told me that he thought that it would be better for me if i just took a nap a little earlier. I didn't really think anything of it, and the day got busy and we were working on stuff for our fireside. So 4:00 came and we went to the mission home and President mecham pulled Sister Stacey in his office for a long time. Well we were there for like an hour and we had an appointment and stuff, so we were getting really worried. But she came out and President Mecham pulled Sister Letalu in his office and talked to her. I walked over to Sister Stacey and she said that she was being sent home. It was a horrible day!!!!!!!!!! Pretty much everything that happened she blamed Sister Letalu and I for it because she just didn't know who to blame. We cried and cried and had to cancel our appointment just because it would have been a really bad lesson should we have gone. Anyway I understood why Walch told me to sleep sooner than the meeting because I didn't sleep all night. President Mecham had said that with me being trained he didn't think it was fair that there was so much contention. Sister Stacey has some really deep emotional problems that can be a problem for everyone just because of how she acts towards all of us sometimes. So the next morning we went to the mission home to talk to President Mecham just because we all felt so guilty about everything. So when I talked to him he just told me that I can't blame myself because I am a new missionary, it was necessary just because she was going through too much to cope with on the mission. She just needed to go home and get professional help. I feel a lot less guilty knowing that her going home wasn't my fault, just this week has been really hard. 

Also aside from Sister Stacey there is a new sister in our ward named Kish Timothy. Our relief society president asked us if we would go over and visit her, so last week we went and saw her and she is awesome! But she is living with her boyfriend and he was a little weird about having us there. On Saturday morning she called, and I am in charge of the phone, so I answered it and she was sobbing. She kept saying that she needed help and asked if I could set up an appointment with the bishop. I was really worried about her! Like it was a terrifying phone call! So I set up a time with the bishop for her, and then called and left her a message. She came to church and pretty much cried the whole time, but we were speaking so we couldn't even go and talk to her. So after sacrament meeting she went with the bishop and we waited to talk to her. She came out and told us that her home life with her boyfriend has been really bad for a really long time and she is just waiting for someone to come into her life to help her. We were the ones she was waiting for. Yeah it was a really hard day to sit and talk to her about everything.

We did get to meet with the little boy who just got baptized which was good. :) He got his own set of scriptures and he loves them! He is sooo funny! So that was good, that was just last ngiht.

All in all this week has been really long and emotionally draining. But there were some really good parts! I just feel really drained and want a nap today. :) This next week will hopefully be better and a lot less draining...I just gotta keep moving forward. T^his week we are hoping to set up at least 2 baptisms which will be awesome!!!!! :) oh my gosh I am so excited!!!!!

Hey, so I would love it if when you send me all my stuff if you would send the blue pencil skirt and the black skirt I left in my closet, that would be awesome!!!! :) Also, I am sending the shoes and some other stuff home. I gotta go, I am going to go and get my hair cut! Yes I am cutting it shorter and hopefully it grows back beautiful! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
-Sister Malynne Erbe <3

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