Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Conversation with mom regarding hair, moving and Easter.

Malynne:  Hey mom are you there?

Mom:  Dear Malynne,
I have been meaning to tell you what I think about your hair cut. It is cute.  I understand why you cut it, but please let it grow out.  You have BEAUTIFUL hair, I am jealous of it.  Men find girls with long hair very attractive and YOURS is BEAUTIFUL.
If you shave your head I will still and always love you!
Love, Mom

Malynne:  Ha ha yes I am still here :) and thank you! I have been having a really hard time with the cut just because it is so much shorter than I have ever had it. But it is growing fast and it is all healthy now. The curl is still having some trouble in the front, but hopefully it sill all come back when it grows in. And yes hopefully it will be really long when I come home!!! :D

Mom :  I just sent you a little package.  I included an Ensign.  Do you have copies of the Ensign?  I thought that you might like some reading material so I sent you the last conference edition (11/12).  I will send you the next conference edition you want it?

Malynne:  YES!!! I would love it! We do get the ensign, but I have to share with my companion and it would be so nice to have my own copy that I can read and write stuff in! :)

Mom:  Do you only want the Conference editions or do you want them all?

Malynne:  I would love to have them all :) What picture did you just send?

Mom:  Also, I sent two necklaces, one for you and one for your companion.  They were cheap and are cheap...they break easily.  One of the little charms was a cross and I broke it off.  On one of the necklaces when I broke off the cross another charm broke off also, the crown.  Please make sure that you get the one with the crown on it.  The package should be there tomorrow.  For Easter I wanted to get you a bunch of Gift Certificates, but don't know where to get them for.  Tell me some of the restaurants (fast food places) near where you are.

Malynne:  Every six weeks are transfers, but I could stay here for a while. I really don't think that I am getting transferred, but there is always a possibility. Generally you will stay in an area for a couple of transfers. So I am here in Billings right now, and will probably be here until around August...I am really hoping I am here that long at least. :) Also, seriously we have everything down here. Cafe rio, Olive garden, sonic, texas roadhouse. Seriously everything except for like chilis and Utah stuff. 

Mom:  We are going to be going to Moab on Sunday, so if you don't get an email....don't think we forgot about you!  We most likely will not have internet.  Don't be sad.  We will write as soon as we can.  On Thursday, April 4th, Makenna is getting her wisdom teeth out.  We will be home on Thursday.

Malynne:  SEND ME A VIDEO!!!!!! :D I won't be sad. I have finally gotten to a point where I really am okay. Like I have been homesick, and then all of a sudden...I wasn't it was super weird, but I just love it up here so much. The people are wonderful and I have had so many opportunities to grow and learn. I am just so blessed to be here right now.
I am good for the time being, I really don't need any clothing or anything sent :) Did you find my hymn book?

Mom:  So yesterday the Zitzman's put their home up for sale.  Today Suzanne Sorenson called and said that she needed to come over and talk to me.  They are going to sale their home also.  The house next to the Hawkes is also for sale.  There are going to be some changes.

Malynne:  :( The Sorensons are moving! Oh I don't want them to move! Where will they be going?
Oh hey, actually I would love some pictures of our family. I only have the one and I really want to decorate my planner with pictures of everyone so I can see you all the time :)

Oh hey, so there is a woman that we have been teaching. It is kind of crazy, her husband was abusive and so one night we went at like 10:00 to go and find her in the hospital and make sure she and her family are okay. She just got a protective order against him and so we can now finally be able to go in and actually teach instead of just stopping by every now and then. So anyway, they are short on money and we wanted to do something special for them for Easter. What do you think of the idea of getting some photos of Christ and putting them in frames and giving them to all of them for Easter so that they all had one?
I agree! There is a guy in our bishopric who reminds me of him sooo much! His name is Brother Hooper and he is the second counselor. He talks so much and feels like his opinion is waaay more important. We talked to him today about Nancy and tried to get her some help (he is the one that we report to for right now) and he was like "Oh you have done a great job, but I think it's time that the priesthood stepped in." Gah! if they were gonna step in they should have stepped in weeks ago when she was getting beat up! I was so bugged!
We rode our bikes 10 miles today! My legs are jelly and I am soo tired!

Mom:  Great idea.  There is also that Easter FHE thing we do every year, where there is a symbol and a scripture in every egg.  Do you want me to send you the list of things to get and the scripture references?

Malynne:  Yes please! Nancy just wants to make this Easter special for her kids now that we can be in her home and teach her kids of Christ. She said that she finally feels safe and so she wants to make everything special. They are really short on money, so anything that we can do to help would be appreciated. We are going to dye Easter eggs with them as well. :) I learned how to make my own dye!

Okay, gotta go, we have to teach a lesson at 7 :) Wyatt Fuch I just love him! But send me those references and I will hopefully get them soon! I LOVE YOU!  and tell makenna that her picture was cute! I figured out how to see it.

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