Saturday, March 23, 2013

Conversation with Mom - Billings, Montana

Malynne - Mom, are you there?

Mom - I am here now.  Are you still there?
Malynne - Yes I still am here :) how are you?

Mom - We JUST got home from tour.  Dad is unpacking suitcases now.  Is it ok for s to have a chat like this?  How are you?

Malynne - Yep, we are good :) I am doing soo good! This week has been completely fantastic! How was tour? are you exhausted?

Mom - Yes, tour was good.  And yes, i am tired.  Somegirls got up after curfew and pulled all the tape off of all the doors and my girls called crying, afraid they were in at 130am I got to call Nudd and retape doors.  Now....I want to hear about your week.

Malynne - It has just been really good. :) We spent lots of time meeting the less actives in our ward, and we got to teach a bunch of lessons. We put Wyatt, our 11 year old, on date for baptism! :) and Jasmyn our other sweet little nine year old is getting baptized tomorrow at 4. We have been planning for our fireside and I am really excited for that tomorrow. It has just been an awesome week!

Mom - I am so happy to know you are happy.  I miss you and i did not think i would miss you until June or July.  I miss you to tears, so ii am not going to talk about that any more, i can't see the phone to type. 

Malynne - Ha ha, I really miss you too!!! But I honestly love it up here. I love the people, and I am just finding so much joy in the work right now. :)

Mom - Ok, so here is a story for you.  YOUR brother is driving me crazy.  I have been home for less than an hour and have told him to stop talking about 4 times.  He has an insult, a joke, a sarcastic remark or a NOISE for everything!!!! 

Malynne - Ha ha!!!!!!!! He is definitely still my little brother!

Mom - I think that seeing/feeling you grow is what is making me miss you.  I am going to be sending a little package soon as I get my wallet back from Logan (I left it in the hotel room and dad left the car keys, so we had to get a  little creative about getting home from the HS), do you need anything?

Malynne - Ha ha that is sooo funny! I got a phone call today from a family in the other ward who came to the baptism this morning. Sister Streeter (One of the Sisters in the other ward) borrowed his keys because they had the keys to the library in the church. They called us because she left and forgot to give him back his keys which had his car key and his house key on it! Ha ha it's a good thing it's Saturday! and yes actually I really need a little hymn book. I know I used to have one in my room, I don't know if you found it when you were cleaning it. If you did though, it would be really nice to have it since we sing at every lesson we teach :)

And knowing how much I am growing at first made me really homesick. You know when you have success or something good happen, the first people you want to share it with is your family. Being on a mission is definitely hard because you can't share those everyday experiences with those that you love. But I am trying to be really really good at writing in my journal so that when I send it home you can read through it and see what I do every single day :) I know it is hard, but you and I and our whole family is going to grow and be blessed. I talked with another sister the other day who told me "The Lord can help your family and those you love so much more than you can do on your own." I truly believe that and I know that the Lord is going to continue to bless you and help you grow!

Mom - I will go look for it right now.  I was going to try to get this package sent by Wednesday so that you will have it for Easter.....don't get too excited, I am not sending much!  But....I need my wallet and access to my money.  What are you doing right now and where are you? 

Malynne -  We are at the college making final plans for our fireside tomorrow night. We are finishing the Programs, getting the pictures for the slide show ready, and making lots of copies of the living Christ. :) 

Mom - So about the Lord helping us....where is your hymn book?  I have cleaned your room (took out LOADS of trash) and have not seen your hymn book.  where should I look?  HMMMM.....where would Malynne have put it?

Malynne - I was pretty sure that it was just in one of the drawers in my night stand.

Mom - I will go look there!.  Malynne, have you asked your mission president if it is OK for us to converse like this?  Other missionaries in other missions are being told to stop.  I don't want to encourage you to be disobedient. 

Malynne - I actually don't know if it is okay to be honest. But, I don't really feel like it is bad! I talked to Sister Letalu about it and she just said "Heavenly Father gave us our families so that we can bless and be blessed by them." She talks to her family and a lot of other missionaries do to. Also, it isn't like we get to talk very often either just here and there. Honestly, I have thought about it and I don't feel like it is bad or wrong or anything. So I am just not going to worry about it. 

Mom - BINGO!  Found it.  It is not in a nice little pile of stuff to go to Montana.  Can you think of anything else you want/need?

I need to go in a minute.  I need to go to Grandmas house and go get the garage door opener.  She stayed here and watched Makayla and Connor to make sure they did not kill each other with kindness.

Malynne - Wait, was that sarcastic? Ha ha are they being soooo good? Or are they beating each other up? ha ha

Mom - You know how Makyala and Connor are.  They love each other so much that they smother each other and in an instant that love can turn to lethal.....yelling, and after being apart for 5 minutes they are back to loving each other.  Grandma was the referee to send them to time out for the needed 5 minute breaks.  I am leaving.  Keep talking to dad.  I will be watching for you letter on Monday!

Mom - Okay :) Love you mom!!!!

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