Thursday, March 28, 2013

Conversation with Mom, Connor, and Makayla, Billings, Montana

Malynne - Hey mom, I am on the computer for a little bit :) are you there?

Mom - Yes I am :) How are you?

Mom - Malynne, if I missed you again I will be super super sad.  Please still be there.

Malynne - I just told you I am here ha ha I am looking up baby shower ideas so it might be a while. Yeah that's what missionary work is...looking up baby shower game ideas ha ha ;)

Mom - Or you can ask your mom!  Rice and lots and lots of safety pins, different sizes.  Blind fold someone and have them get as many safety pins out of the rice as they can.  It is hard. 

Malynne - ha ha we can do that :) There is a family in our ward who just adopted two more kids from Haiti. We have the Hrubes that I told you about and the Chevaliers, they are the ones who just came back with their twins from Haiti

Mom - Dear girl.  I miss your face!  I miss your voice!  I just miss you.  I hope you are doing well.  Dad just ordered a CD player and it should be there on Tuesday at the latest.  He also ordered music, but has not yet put the music on CD's.  I am waiting to send your bras until I get the music.

Malynne - Ha ha I miss you too!!!! thank you very much! Seriously, the last few days have been really hard and I have just wanted to talk to you!

Mom - I called dad and told him I am talking to you on line.  I am so excited.  He popped my excited bubble by telling me "She is not suppose to be email today."  Whatever.....I am just glad to know that we are connected.

Malynne - Ha ha actually it is. We have time set aside to email on Mondays, but it really isn't super bad if I email when I am on the computer. It's not like I am not doing missionary work.

Mom - Did you already send the boots back?  I can't talk for too long, I am doing a scrap night and I need to get ready.  I will stick around for a little longer.  Do you know my password for pinterest?  Login?

Malynne - I don't know your password, and no I haven't sent the boots back yet, I have just been really busy, I will hopefully send them back on Monday. But that is only if I have time I have to get a hair cut and do laundry. I am going to cut my hair shorter and hopefully it will grow out healthier, it is really gross right now.

Mom - Go to  then login.  I think you should send those boots back ASAP so that we can try and take them back before they won't take boots back.
Connor is here.  He wants to say hi.

Malynne -  HI CONNOR I LOVE YOUR FACE!!!!  I will only be on for a little while longer, we have to go and say good bye to one of the missionaries in a minute...she got sent home early. :( it has been a seriously crappy last couple days.

Mom - Connor says, "That I love your face thing was just random.  You can't even see my face!"  "I am really happy that you are on your mission, but I really miss you at the same time." 

Malynne - Oh ha ha I see his face everyday! It is right by my face when I fall asleep and when I wake up too :) I am really happy I am on my mission, but I really miss you too!

Malynne - Okay I think we will just use that rice and pins game, we don't really have money :P And yeah I will try to send them back on Monday. HI CONNOR I LOVE YOUR FACE!!!!  I will only be on for a little while longer, we have to go and say good bye to one of the missionaries in a minute...she got sent home early. :( it has been a seriously crappy last couple days.

Mom - Why did she have to go home?

Malynne - She just has a lot of problems, there was a lot of abuse in her home growing up and so she is trying to deal with that. She lived with us, and it was just a really hard situation because we love her, but sometimes it was hard. On Wednesday President Mecham called us all into the mission home and pulled her in and told her that she has to go home and then talked to all of us. We pretty much just spent the rest of that day crying because she was so mad she kept telling us it was our fault. She knew it wasn't our fault, she just needed someone to be mad at, and it was really hard to watch her pack her is been a really hard couple of days.

Mom - I am sorry to hear that.  I will pray for you all as you are all dealing with this.  Let's hope that when she gets home she gets some counseling and help that she needs and that with the help of our Heavenly Father and through her knowledge of Christ she will be able to get over this and be a better, stronger person.  How long was she out?  How are you doing?

Malynne - She was out for 7 months almost 8. And hopefully she stays strong and doesn't lose her faith. Everyone keeps asking me how I am doing, and I just want to cry. It is honestly truly been so hard on all of us. On Wednesday we all cried so much we got sick and had to stay home. It was the hardest thing to watch her drive away. I have seen how hard she was fighting, but President just said that she shouldn't have to fight this hard on her mission, that she should just got home and figure things out then. I am just really sad about the whole thing.

Mom - Malynne, just know that we pray for you everyday.  We know that this is not going to be an easy thing, but right now there is nothing more important that you can be doing than serving your Heavenly Father.  We love you, we miss you, but we are so proud of you knowing that you are where you are suppose to be, doing what you are suppose to be doing.  Stay focused on your mission!  BE OBEDIENT to the T!!!!  You will be happy!

Malynne - Ha ha mom I love you too! and I am happy and I love the work, it is just hard on an emotional level that I didn't expect. I knew that the physical and spiritual work was going to be hard, I just didn't realize that I was going to invest my heart into so many people and things and have it broken so often. President Mecham told me that my mission has started out harder than others just because of the area and because of the contention in our house and with Sister Stacey going home and he said he was sorry. I am not sorry though, I am doing okay and it is making me more aware of Heavenly Father in my life, I just get sad when things happen to the people that I love. And that is a lot of the time, just because I love so many people here. But I think as a whole I really am happy I have just had a really rough start.

Mom - ?????? (Lost email conversation )

Malynne - Ha ha I don't know I can tell Letalu to send them an email Monday that tells them that you are coming over to meet them :) but their address is. 787 west 2400 North...yeah literally just around the corner from us ha ha! She said that she would send them a message!

I don't know she said that you could call them, but then just said that she would shoot them an email. They are Polynesian and always go to the Polynesian ward and so they don't know hardly anyone in the neighborhood. So I don' t know if that was a yes or a no... :P

Mom - Sweetie, I need to go.  I want to stay on and talk more, but the kids are getting home from school and I need to talk to them before I head out.  I love you.  Tell me more in your email on Monday and try to email after 12:15, so I can be home and email you back.  I love you.  Makayla is coming to say hi!  Don't leave yet.

Malynne - Okay :) I am only on for a minute more. But have fun learning how to scrap book and tell Kira I say good luck ha ha! I LOVE YOU! (I can stay for a second to talk to Makayla)

Makayla - Hey shmoo!

Malynne - I know this is Makayla, how are you doing? :)

Makayla - Did you get my Scripture of the week?

Malynne - I did :) I got it on Wednesday! It was very cute I liked it a lot. I also liked the poster you send me too. 

Makayla - I am doing awesome!!! Tell your companion I say hello! I told my math teacher that your companion was from our stake, but went to a Korean ward, she said that was so cool and she wants to know how you guys didn't meet before your missions.

Malynne - Ha ha no we never met before the mission, and she didn't go to a Korean ward she went to a polynesian ward.

Makayla - How did you do on your challenge I gave you so far?

Malynne - I don't remember the challenge, did you tell me in a letter? do I need to go back and read it again?

Makayla - what is her name again?

Malynne - Sister Letalu

Makayla - I did give you a challenge. It was after I said the scripture and why it was important to me, then I asked "How can you be charitable to somebody during this week?" Then I thought about it and it applies to me, and not just you.

Malynne - Ha ha you are so funny! Yes as a missionary we get lots of opportunities to be charitable to everyone. I am helping with a baby shower today, and that is helping someone. I am also helping a woman paint her house. Also, teaching people lessons and helping them get ready to be baptized is an act of charity because charity is 'the pure love of Christ' So if we are doing what the savior would do and help everyone then we have Charity. I think Jesus would help everyone get ready to be baptized if he could don't you think?

Makayla - I agree.

Malynne - Yep, so how have you been charitable this week?

Makayla - That is super cool that you get to help those ladies.

Malynne - I agree, they are awesome Makayla! I seriously love the people I work with! they are awesome, and they feed us every night. Yeah they are the!!!!!

But you didn't answer my question, how have you been charitable this week?

Makenna - Well, I helped a girl named Shaylee with her homework. She is super cute. Mom says that it's time to get off because cousins are almost here. I love you! Gotta go!

Malynne - Love you too! Have fun with everyone! Tell them I love them all too!!!! :) LOVES!
-Sister Erbe

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Conversation with mom regarding hair, moving and Easter.

Malynne:  Hey mom are you there?

Mom:  Dear Malynne,
I have been meaning to tell you what I think about your hair cut. It is cute.  I understand why you cut it, but please let it grow out.  You have BEAUTIFUL hair, I am jealous of it.  Men find girls with long hair very attractive and YOURS is BEAUTIFUL.
If you shave your head I will still and always love you!
Love, Mom

Malynne:  Ha ha yes I am still here :) and thank you! I have been having a really hard time with the cut just because it is so much shorter than I have ever had it. But it is growing fast and it is all healthy now. The curl is still having some trouble in the front, but hopefully it sill all come back when it grows in. And yes hopefully it will be really long when I come home!!! :D

Mom :  I just sent you a little package.  I included an Ensign.  Do you have copies of the Ensign?  I thought that you might like some reading material so I sent you the last conference edition (11/12).  I will send you the next conference edition you want it?

Malynne:  YES!!! I would love it! We do get the ensign, but I have to share with my companion and it would be so nice to have my own copy that I can read and write stuff in! :)

Mom:  Do you only want the Conference editions or do you want them all?

Malynne:  I would love to have them all :) What picture did you just send?

Mom:  Also, I sent two necklaces, one for you and one for your companion.  They were cheap and are cheap...they break easily.  One of the little charms was a cross and I broke it off.  On one of the necklaces when I broke off the cross another charm broke off also, the crown.  Please make sure that you get the one with the crown on it.  The package should be there tomorrow.  For Easter I wanted to get you a bunch of Gift Certificates, but don't know where to get them for.  Tell me some of the restaurants (fast food places) near where you are.

Malynne:  Every six weeks are transfers, but I could stay here for a while. I really don't think that I am getting transferred, but there is always a possibility. Generally you will stay in an area for a couple of transfers. So I am here in Billings right now, and will probably be here until around August...I am really hoping I am here that long at least. :) Also, seriously we have everything down here. Cafe rio, Olive garden, sonic, texas roadhouse. Seriously everything except for like chilis and Utah stuff. 

Mom:  We are going to be going to Moab on Sunday, so if you don't get an email....don't think we forgot about you!  We most likely will not have internet.  Don't be sad.  We will write as soon as we can.  On Thursday, April 4th, Makenna is getting her wisdom teeth out.  We will be home on Thursday.

Malynne:  SEND ME A VIDEO!!!!!! :D I won't be sad. I have finally gotten to a point where I really am okay. Like I have been homesick, and then all of a sudden...I wasn't it was super weird, but I just love it up here so much. The people are wonderful and I have had so many opportunities to grow and learn. I am just so blessed to be here right now.
I am good for the time being, I really don't need any clothing or anything sent :) Did you find my hymn book?

Mom:  So yesterday the Zitzman's put their home up for sale.  Today Suzanne Sorenson called and said that she needed to come over and talk to me.  They are going to sale their home also.  The house next to the Hawkes is also for sale.  There are going to be some changes.

Malynne:  :( The Sorensons are moving! Oh I don't want them to move! Where will they be going?
Oh hey, actually I would love some pictures of our family. I only have the one and I really want to decorate my planner with pictures of everyone so I can see you all the time :)

Oh hey, so there is a woman that we have been teaching. It is kind of crazy, her husband was abusive and so one night we went at like 10:00 to go and find her in the hospital and make sure she and her family are okay. She just got a protective order against him and so we can now finally be able to go in and actually teach instead of just stopping by every now and then. So anyway, they are short on money and we wanted to do something special for them for Easter. What do you think of the idea of getting some photos of Christ and putting them in frames and giving them to all of them for Easter so that they all had one?
I agree! There is a guy in our bishopric who reminds me of him sooo much! His name is Brother Hooper and he is the second counselor. He talks so much and feels like his opinion is waaay more important. We talked to him today about Nancy and tried to get her some help (he is the one that we report to for right now) and he was like "Oh you have done a great job, but I think it's time that the priesthood stepped in." Gah! if they were gonna step in they should have stepped in weeks ago when she was getting beat up! I was so bugged!
We rode our bikes 10 miles today! My legs are jelly and I am soo tired!

Mom:  Great idea.  There is also that Easter FHE thing we do every year, where there is a symbol and a scripture in every egg.  Do you want me to send you the list of things to get and the scripture references?

Malynne:  Yes please! Nancy just wants to make this Easter special for her kids now that we can be in her home and teach her kids of Christ. She said that she finally feels safe and so she wants to make everything special. They are really short on money, so anything that we can do to help would be appreciated. We are going to dye Easter eggs with them as well. :) I learned how to make my own dye!

Okay, gotta go, we have to teach a lesson at 7 :) Wyatt Fuch I just love him! But send me those references and I will hopefully get them soon! I LOVE YOU!  and tell makenna that her picture was cute! I figured out how to see it.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Craziest Week of My Life!!!!!!

Okay, so this week I actually have a lot to tell you! It has been such a crazy, busy, stressful, rewarding, and amazing week. I hope I can get it all in with the time that I have. :)

So on Monday we got a traveling sister. This is a new thing that they are doing in the mission to try to help everyone be on the same page and to just help strengthen different companionships and areas. She has been traveling around to different places within the Billings area and her last place to visit here was with us. It was such an incredible blessing to have her with us and her guidance and help. However, it was a little harder for me personally. Sister West (The name of the traveling sister) has been out a long time and has served around Sister Letalu a lot. So they had lots of stories and people that they both knew. I didn't know who they were talking about and I really felt left out of most of the conversations. I started praying that I would just be able to get through this week and to find someone that I could relate to and talk to soon. As the week continued we met with lots of less actives that I honestly truly just fell in love with! Side note, it is crazy how many times you think "I can't possibly love anyone more!" but then you do and you just keep loving them more and more and deeper and deeper and it is just crazy! Anyway continuing on. We just met a lot of wonderful people. However once we left their houses I once again didn't have anyone to talk to. Then one night the other sisters we live with got a call from the AP's and were told that they were going to get a new companion. IT IS SISTER OLSEN!!!!! I came out here with her and she was someone I could talk to and we would totally understand each other! She was praying for someone and I was praying for someone and now we are together! YAY!!!!! ah I feel so much better! Well the traveling Sister left for Kalispell on Saturday afternoon, so we don't have her anymore. Now that the week is over I can see how truly blessed we were to have her with us for the time being. :)

On Tuesday we decided to try a less active named Cheryl Sakahara. We have tried her a couple of times before, but we have never been able to catch her, so going into it this time we weren't to hopeful. However she was home and we were able to go into her home and meet with her. She wanted to play a game where she guessed our first names. :) So we gave her the first letter and she started guessing. My new name from her is "Melon" ha ha she said she was going to stick with that forever. Sister West her first name is Acasia and her new name is "Anaconda", and Sister Letalu (Natalia) her new name is "Netatai" ha ha she was just making up stuff and giving us all new names. We named her "Cherbear" and her daughter Karissa we name "Karisma" It was a super fun visit and we got to know her pretty well. We shared a quick message with her and then she made a comment about how she really likes to sing. Right after she said it I knew that she was supposed to participate in our fireside. So I asked her and she got really excited and said that she would. However it was going to be a surprise what song she was singing and none of us were going to know until she got up there and actually performed...pretty stressful, but I definitely knew that, that was how it was supposed to be. 

On Wednesday we met an older lady in our ward. Her husband had a stroke and has been in a nursing home, and she just recently fractured her hip and got pneumonia. So we went to visit her to see if we could help, and her brother was there. He is not a member of the church, and so when we can he thought that she had called us to come and convert him. However we just came to see his Sister. I shared my favorite scripture with her, and we sang my favorite hymn, and there was an amazing spirit. She cried a little bit and thanked us, she said that it was much needed for us to come over and to do that, and that it was the perfect time. We hugged her and said good bye, and then went to say good bye to her brother. He was in tears and he just kept saying "You don't know how much you just helped us." To us it wasn't a big deal, it was very simple just sharing some scriptures and stopping by, but to them it was a big deal and it helped bless their lives. Maybe it was another step for the brother in coming closer to our savior. :) It is just so cool when you see things like that, that happen.

On Wednesday night we got to go over to Wyatt's house and have dinner with the family. We are so close to all of them, and it was a really fun evening. We ate steak! Oh my gosh I have never loved steak so much in my whole life! We had cheescake and lots of food and it was all homemade. They definitely tried really hard to make everything very special for all of us. :) They are such a special family! We taught Wyatt the third lesson "The Gospel of Jesus Christ" and asked him if he would be baptized. He told us that he was so excited to be baptized! We set the date for the 20th of April :) Yaya!!!!!! He is such an amazing kid, and I am so excited for him to be baptized and to have the holy ghost. He asked so many questions that a normal 11 year old wouldn't even think of. They are deep  questions that shows that he is really taking everything that we learn in and processing it. I am just so proud of him, and I love their whole family so much. We are going to ask his father if he wants to take the discussions, because he sits in on all of them already. He is incredibly involved in them and he just seems so interested, It would be such a blessing to see him join the church and receive the preisthood and them be able to baptize his daughter Jordan. :) They are just the best family I would love it if that happened.

On Thursday night we got to go and teach our other little girl that was getting baptized. We taught her the commandments and then just sat at their house and talked and laughed. Their names are the Garcias there is Lizabeth, that's the mom and Saige the older Sister, Jasmyn is the one getting baptized and then Kanesa and Ammoron are the two youngest. :) They are so amazing! Lizabeth and Saige have only been members for a few years, they were baptized in 2006. Lizabeth told us her conversion story and it was amazing. She had Saige when she was only 17 years old, and lots of people rejected her and left her. The only person who didn't was her best friend, and he was a member of the church. He kept sending her missionaries and finally after Jasmyn was born, she agreed to take the lessons. She had been searching for a church for years and decided that this was the true church. They were baptized and she got married and had two more kids, but then things started going wrong. She got a divorce and became inactive, and just started coming back about 6 months ago. Because her daughter Jasmyn wanted to go back to church, that is what brought them back. They all started reading and then it wasn't just a decision that the church was true, it was that she knew the church was true and now she will never leave it. We just stayed with them for a long time and became such good friends. I love them so much! But they are moving next week to Cash Valley Utah...:( But you should go meet them and you will love them!!!!!!

Okay, lets move forward to Saturday. We spent the entire day getting ready for our fireside. We ran around like crazy people getting all of the information and solidifying everyones songs and stuff! We made a program and then we ran around trying to figure out how we were going to print it. We wanted the front page in color because there was a beautiful picture of Christ on it. So we ran around and all of the places we went to were closed! So we finally tried Office Depot, and they were open. We asked them how much it was and they said $.59 a page!!!! It was gonna be like $150 to print off everything we needed. It was so heartbreaking because we had tried so hard. Then a miracle happened! Sister Hammer called us and asked if we needed help with anything, we told her a little bit about our day and how hard we had tried, and she said "Well come over here after the party and I will do them, and you can pay me back for the ink." She is so awesome! She seriously saved us that night, and many other nights! 

So the party Sister Hammer talked about was on Saturday night. they had an RS birthday party and the whole ward was invited. We went and ate hotdogs and just had a good time. Everyone was dancing and there was loud music and we were all laughing and joking. It was really right then that I realized how much I loved them. Like, love exploded inside of me and I realized that if I ever have to leave these people it will be awful! I had so much fun with them and I just can't believe how much I love my ward. I can't wait to get to know all of them better!

Sunday finally came! We have been preparing for weeks and it was crazy! We managed to get the programs done and they were beautiful! We had to pack all of our food to church and put it in the kitchen because we couldn't leave the church building because we were just busy all day long. So at church we had our less active Jodi come! :) Yay! it was so exciting! And Lizabeth Garcia spoke in church, and Andrew Haven (Our RS presidents son) had his farewell. It was just such a good church meeting! Then right after church, we made a bunch of phone calls (basically for about 2 hours) we called everyone in our ward to make sure that they knew about the baptism and the fireside. Then at 4:00 we had a baptism for Jasmyn Garcia! :) She is so sweet and so special, and her baptism was beautiful! We hung out with the Garcias and played "What time is it wolf?" With her two youngest. I haven't laughed that hard in weeks! they were so funny! At about 6 we had to get ready for the fireside. We set everything up and practiced our songs and then it started at 7. :) We did "His Sacred Name" it was a mormon message, that was how we started the meeting. Then it just went through without interruption, one song after another. They were all about Christ and  Every single person that came bore their testimony through their music! It was one of the most powerful things that I have ever been a part of. We had a really good turn out as well, so there were lots of people there. My favorites I think where the primary kids sang a beautiful song called "Gethsemane" It was so simple, but beautiful. Go look it up and I know you will find it! Also, it will totally be worth it when you listen to it, it will really bring the Easter Spirit. :) The second one I loved the best was Cheryl Sakahara. She got up and sang "I know that my redeemer lives" a'capella. It was incredibly beautiful and powerful! I felt so blessed that it all went so well and the spirit was so strong.

I love it here in Montana! I am feeling so high right now and coming so so close to my savior. I can already see how much I have learned about how much our heavenly father loves each of us. I know that he is aware of all of his children here on the earth. :) I just love the people here!!! It is soo worth it! :) I love you all and I hope you can feel the spirit of our heavenly father! Also, because it is Easter, just spend some time everyday to think about our savior and how much he means to you. I promise your testimony will grow! LOVES!!!!
-Sister Malynne Erbe <3

Mission Calls for Everyone

Mom - After doing lots of under cover work (because Shannon won't talk to me anymore...???? Don't know why)  I have learned that Kaydren is going to the Rapid City South Dakota mission.  She goes into the MTC on the 15th of May.  Her mission covers all of South Dakota and almost all of North Dakota.

Malynne - HI mom!!!! :) and I can't believe she is going on a mission! I hope she can tough it out!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Conversation with Mom - Billings, Montana

Malynne - Mom, are you there?

Mom - I am here now.  Are you still there?
Malynne - Yes I still am here :) how are you?

Mom - We JUST got home from tour.  Dad is unpacking suitcases now.  Is it ok for s to have a chat like this?  How are you?

Malynne - Yep, we are good :) I am doing soo good! This week has been completely fantastic! How was tour? are you exhausted?

Mom - Yes, tour was good.  And yes, i am tired.  Somegirls got up after curfew and pulled all the tape off of all the doors and my girls called crying, afraid they were in at 130am I got to call Nudd and retape doors.  Now....I want to hear about your week.

Malynne - It has just been really good. :) We spent lots of time meeting the less actives in our ward, and we got to teach a bunch of lessons. We put Wyatt, our 11 year old, on date for baptism! :) and Jasmyn our other sweet little nine year old is getting baptized tomorrow at 4. We have been planning for our fireside and I am really excited for that tomorrow. It has just been an awesome week!

Mom - I am so happy to know you are happy.  I miss you and i did not think i would miss you until June or July.  I miss you to tears, so ii am not going to talk about that any more, i can't see the phone to type. 

Malynne - Ha ha, I really miss you too!!! But I honestly love it up here. I love the people, and I am just finding so much joy in the work right now. :)

Mom - Ok, so here is a story for you.  YOUR brother is driving me crazy.  I have been home for less than an hour and have told him to stop talking about 4 times.  He has an insult, a joke, a sarcastic remark or a NOISE for everything!!!! 

Malynne - Ha ha!!!!!!!! He is definitely still my little brother!

Mom - I think that seeing/feeling you grow is what is making me miss you.  I am going to be sending a little package soon as I get my wallet back from Logan (I left it in the hotel room and dad left the car keys, so we had to get a  little creative about getting home from the HS), do you need anything?

Malynne - Ha ha that is sooo funny! I got a phone call today from a family in the other ward who came to the baptism this morning. Sister Streeter (One of the Sisters in the other ward) borrowed his keys because they had the keys to the library in the church. They called us because she left and forgot to give him back his keys which had his car key and his house key on it! Ha ha it's a good thing it's Saturday! and yes actually I really need a little hymn book. I know I used to have one in my room, I don't know if you found it when you were cleaning it. If you did though, it would be really nice to have it since we sing at every lesson we teach :)

And knowing how much I am growing at first made me really homesick. You know when you have success or something good happen, the first people you want to share it with is your family. Being on a mission is definitely hard because you can't share those everyday experiences with those that you love. But I am trying to be really really good at writing in my journal so that when I send it home you can read through it and see what I do every single day :) I know it is hard, but you and I and our whole family is going to grow and be blessed. I talked with another sister the other day who told me "The Lord can help your family and those you love so much more than you can do on your own." I truly believe that and I know that the Lord is going to continue to bless you and help you grow!

Mom - I will go look for it right now.  I was going to try to get this package sent by Wednesday so that you will have it for Easter.....don't get too excited, I am not sending much!  But....I need my wallet and access to my money.  What are you doing right now and where are you? 

Malynne -  We are at the college making final plans for our fireside tomorrow night. We are finishing the Programs, getting the pictures for the slide show ready, and making lots of copies of the living Christ. :) 

Mom - So about the Lord helping us....where is your hymn book?  I have cleaned your room (took out LOADS of trash) and have not seen your hymn book.  where should I look?  HMMMM.....where would Malynne have put it?

Malynne - I was pretty sure that it was just in one of the drawers in my night stand.

Mom - I will go look there!.  Malynne, have you asked your mission president if it is OK for us to converse like this?  Other missionaries in other missions are being told to stop.  I don't want to encourage you to be disobedient. 

Malynne - I actually don't know if it is okay to be honest. But, I don't really feel like it is bad! I talked to Sister Letalu about it and she just said "Heavenly Father gave us our families so that we can bless and be blessed by them." She talks to her family and a lot of other missionaries do to. Also, it isn't like we get to talk very often either just here and there. Honestly, I have thought about it and I don't feel like it is bad or wrong or anything. So I am just not going to worry about it. 

Mom - BINGO!  Found it.  It is not in a nice little pile of stuff to go to Montana.  Can you think of anything else you want/need?

I need to go in a minute.  I need to go to Grandmas house and go get the garage door opener.  She stayed here and watched Makayla and Connor to make sure they did not kill each other with kindness.

Malynne - Wait, was that sarcastic? Ha ha are they being soooo good? Or are they beating each other up? ha ha

Mom - You know how Makyala and Connor are.  They love each other so much that they smother each other and in an instant that love can turn to lethal.....yelling, and after being apart for 5 minutes they are back to loving each other.  Grandma was the referee to send them to time out for the needed 5 minute breaks.  I am leaving.  Keep talking to dad.  I will be watching for you letter on Monday!

Mom - Okay :) Love you mom!!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

"That happened this week?!!!!"

So this week super different from last went by soooo fast! Seriously I don't remember a lot of what we did this week. I started keeping a journal and I was going through it and I kept saying "That happened this week?!!!!" Yeah super crazy fast week!
Basically I spent the first part of the week really sick. We would go out and work, and then we would have to come home because I just was so sick I couldn't handle it! so we would come home and sleep. That was on Monday and the first part of Tuesday. Tuesday night we had a dinner with a members daughter. She is right outside of our area but her husband works a lot and so she can't have the Elders over. We went over there, and it was super weird. Basically her husband was there that night he had the whole entire week off of work, so it wasn't exactly appropriate for us to be there. But then she kept talking about how much help she needed, so we volunteered to go over and help her. We went over all day Thursday and we put all of these child-proof locks on all the cupboards. We helped assemble a swing set. We reinstalled several bathroom cabinets. We helped finish painting one of the bathrooms. We installed a mirror onto a dresser. We helped build a shed. And we cleaned up a bunch of dog poop. It took us a total of two days and we were so exhausted and beat up! It was like going through a war zone!!!! We are all kinds of cut up and bruised and stuff it is ridiculous!!! The whole time we were there she and her husband just chilled on the couch, and made lots of rude and inappropriate comments. We didn't really know what to do because they said that they really needed the help, but they really didn't want to help themselves, and also we had already committed ourselves to this project and we didn't want to just ditch them. She told us that she needed the help because they were going to have Foster care inspections on Saturday. They have been trying to get approved for it for months. Then on Friday night (after we had been there for 6 hours and hadn't eaten anything the whole time and were pretty exhausted and upset) She came in and told us that she was so happy that she was ready for her Foster shower tomorrow. Meaning that no it wasn't inspections it was just a Foster shower!!! Both Letalu and I were pretty not happy and decided that it wouldn't be appropriate for us to go back. Plus it was an incredibly uncomfortable situation since she and her husband were either fighting or making inappropriate comments the whole time. 

We spent a lot of time on Saturday just meeting with our inactive members Then Saturday night we got a call from the other sisters. They had been asked to perform in their ward conference the next day and didn't know what song they were going to do. So they wanted me to come over and help them. So we went to a members house and practiced "I know that my redeemer lives" for like 2 hours. That was how we ended the day on Saturday.

Yesterday we went to sing at the ward conference with the other Sisters. It went really well, and then I was sitting there thinking...I have been here for a total of a month now. Thus far I have taught stake RS I have taught our ward RS I have prayed in Sacrament meeting, spoken in sacrament meeting, and now sang in Ward conference...yay missionary work! :) Actually it has been really good and I am definitely getting more comfortable with things. Anyway, so we went to their ward conference and then had our ward. We had a couple of investigators come to sacrament meeting! :D Wyatt Fuch came with his family and then Jasmyn Garcia came as well. Jasmyns baptism has had to be pushed back a couple of times, but now it is offically happening this Sunday! YAY my first official convert baptism! :D Then We were supposed to teach Wyatt this Wednesday, but his mom and dad had to work late, so we had to reschedule. We are going to teach him this Wednesday night (After we go and eat steak with them for dinner!) and we are going to hopefully put him on date for the week after conference. I am so excited for him! he is such a good kid! 

So going back to Friday night. ha ha Sister Streeter hit her year mark. There is a tradition that I didn't know about, but missionaries burn a shirt on that day. So we decorated a shirt for her, and decorated the house. Then we realized that we didn't have any matches. So we just lit the paper on fire using the burners on the stove! It was such a fun night! We lit the paper on fire and went outside and lit the shirt of fire, then we danced around and celebrated, then we roasted marshmallows over the shirt. Ha ha it was super fun and we got video of the whole thing. :)

Anyway, this was a good week! Not many lessons, but definitely a busy week. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

-Love Sister Erbe

Montana is COLD!!!!

Mom, I am really sorry about the whole money thing too. Honestly We really didn't think that Montana was going to be warm at all!!! I really really needed to go out and buy some new clothes that could be worn in warmer weather because I kept getting too hot and kept getting sick. Basically that is what I spent a lot of the money on last week. I felt sick to my stomach about how much money I spent, but it was definitely something that was necessary. The day after I bought all those clothes, I saw that email from you and I felt so sad! I truly am so sorry. My companion and I have also had to go out to eat a lot just because we don't have very many members that are able to feed us. A lot of them just can't afford it. So we made a resolve the other day to not go out to eat so much. I have to pay for a bike and that will be the rest of the money in my account. I really am sorry, and you are definitely right, I need to live within the money that they give me.
Also, with Ryan...I talked to him a little bit last week. His mom and dad officially split up. His whole life has been turned upside down because now his mom can't afford their house payment and they have to move. He is also in a big fight with his friend Tanner and Courtney just basically told him that she didn't care and didn't want to talk to him anymore. I am really sorry that he didn't come for curry, but please try to understand that he is going through a lot. I am sure that something came up and that he was trying to mediate things at his house. I don't think he tried to be rude, I just think he was to embarrassed to call and tell you that he couldn't come because he is trying to fix things with his parents right now. Just please be patient with him and don't give up in him yet! He really really needs some stability in his life. 

As far as JJ goes, I just sent him a letter today. I don't know his New York mission home address, so I sent it to his MTC address and then they will forward it on to him in New York. I don't know how long it will take to get to him though. I really hope it gets there soon! I have been thinking a lot about him lately. I kind of decided that when I think about people like that, like they are always on the back of my mind nagging me it is the spirit telling me that they need me to tell them something. I wrote to him and I hope he is doing well. He leave the MTC tomorrow morning so I don't know when I will get a letter from him. But he better write to me soon!!!

This email is not my update ha ha I just wanted to send it to you personally! don't forward this one I will send you another one with the details of my week :) Loves!

Mom - Mom sent Malynne a picture of a boy at Fox Hollow that she works with.  This was Malynne's response.

Malynne:  Ha ha mom I just showed her a picture! :) She is actually the youngest in her family so that is her nephew and not her little brother. But she was super excited and said that "He better have been good! if he wasn't just slap him upside the head!" Ha ha :) she is the best!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Long hard week. Billings, Montana

Hello everyone!
So I don't really have too much to report this week. It has been a really long week, but I don't really think that much happened. So on Tuesday night one of the sisters in our house yelled at me and made me cry. I am not even really sure why she was so mad at me, I am not even sure she was mad at me, she was just kind of mad at everyone. I was so sad I couldn't sleep. I didn't really feel like I was being a good missionary just because she told me everything that I am doing wrong. I seriously didn't sleep all night. On Wednesday I talked to her and we 'made up' but I was still really hurt. I really was just trying to get through the day. Living in the house with so many sisters was really hard because there was just so much contention! So on Wednesday we got up and started going about our day. Things were better than they were the night before, but still not completely okay. We went out to lunch with our zone leaders because they invited us, and while we were out they told Sister Stacey that President Mecham wanted to meet with her at 4. Elder Walch (one of our zone leaders) pulled me aside to make sure I was okay because he said that I looked sick. I told him I didn't feel very well, but that I would go home and take a nap after we had taken Sister Stacey to her meeting. He told me that he thought that it would be better for me if i just took a nap a little earlier. I didn't really think anything of it, and the day got busy and we were working on stuff for our fireside. So 4:00 came and we went to the mission home and President mecham pulled Sister Stacey in his office for a long time. Well we were there for like an hour and we had an appointment and stuff, so we were getting really worried. But she came out and President Mecham pulled Sister Letalu in his office and talked to her. I walked over to Sister Stacey and she said that she was being sent home. It was a horrible day!!!!!!!!!! Pretty much everything that happened she blamed Sister Letalu and I for it because she just didn't know who to blame. We cried and cried and had to cancel our appointment just because it would have been a really bad lesson should we have gone. Anyway I understood why Walch told me to sleep sooner than the meeting because I didn't sleep all night. President Mecham had said that with me being trained he didn't think it was fair that there was so much contention. Sister Stacey has some really deep emotional problems that can be a problem for everyone just because of how she acts towards all of us sometimes. So the next morning we went to the mission home to talk to President Mecham just because we all felt so guilty about everything. So when I talked to him he just told me that I can't blame myself because I am a new missionary, it was necessary just because she was going through too much to cope with on the mission. She just needed to go home and get professional help. I feel a lot less guilty knowing that her going home wasn't my fault, just this week has been really hard. 

Also aside from Sister Stacey there is a new sister in our ward named Kish Timothy. Our relief society president asked us if we would go over and visit her, so last week we went and saw her and she is awesome! But she is living with her boyfriend and he was a little weird about having us there. On Saturday morning she called, and I am in charge of the phone, so I answered it and she was sobbing. She kept saying that she needed help and asked if I could set up an appointment with the bishop. I was really worried about her! Like it was a terrifying phone call! So I set up a time with the bishop for her, and then called and left her a message. She came to church and pretty much cried the whole time, but we were speaking so we couldn't even go and talk to her. So after sacrament meeting she went with the bishop and we waited to talk to her. She came out and told us that her home life with her boyfriend has been really bad for a really long time and she is just waiting for someone to come into her life to help her. We were the ones she was waiting for. Yeah it was a really hard day to sit and talk to her about everything.

We did get to meet with the little boy who just got baptized which was good. :) He got his own set of scriptures and he loves them! He is sooo funny! So that was good, that was just last ngiht.

All in all this week has been really long and emotionally draining. But there were some really good parts! I just feel really drained and want a nap today. :) This next week will hopefully be better and a lot less draining...I just gotta keep moving forward. T^his week we are hoping to set up at least 2 baptisms which will be awesome!!!!! :) oh my gosh I am so excited!!!!!

Hey, so I would love it if when you send me all my stuff if you would send the blue pencil skirt and the black skirt I left in my closet, that would be awesome!!!! :) Also, I am sending the shoes and some other stuff home. I gotta go, I am going to go and get my hair cut! Yes I am cutting it shorter and hopefully it grows back beautiful! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
-Sister Malynne Erbe <3

Monday, March 4, 2013

Billings, Montana - Second Week is better.

Okay, so my second week here in Billings went a whole lot smoother than my first one. So I actually got to teach some lessons this week yay! And guess what! I had my first baptism Saturday morning. His name is Kayden Keith and he is awesome! His mom grew up a member but she hasn't been active since she was little. Her daughters name is Brenna and she is actually the one who started asking questions about the gospel. She is only 7 and she is super excited to get baptized in July. Anyway, we got to go over and teach their family a bunch of times and it has been awesome. However the dad just wasn't interested, he was supportive of Kaydens decision to be baptized but he didn't want to be involved in our church. So we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off for about two days trying to get this baptism to happen smoothly. And it did, and it was beautiful. Kayden is such a sweet kid and he was so excited when he got his very own quad. His dad is actually the one that went and picked out his scriptures and had them engraved. The entire baptism I was just praying my guts out that his father would feel something. The spirit was so strong and there was some of the best talks given, it was just an amazing meeting. So we left the baptism with a bunch of the other missionaries who came to support, and we went out to lunch and didn't really think about it after that. But at church yesterday, the father was there, and he didn't just stay for sacrament meeting! He stayed through Sunday School and then the whole family went home. But he stayed!!!!! It was so amazing, he must have felt at least something at the baptism. Now my companion and I are praying that we can teach him, and hopefully have him baptized, and then maybe he can baptize his daughter Brenna in July! That would be so awesome! I will send a picture of the family they are super cute!
 So on Wednesday (27th) we got to go and teach a part member family the Fuchs (you say it like Lukes with an F...don't get it mixed up that would be bad!). The mother is a member but hasn't been active for years, and there are two children Wyatt (11) and Jordan (7) and the father who isn't a member of any church. We went over and we got to teach about the plan of salvation. Okay side note, Wyatt is the one who we are really teaching, he is really really excited about the gospel. Anyway,, we taught about the plan of salvation and we asked him if he loved his family and he looked at us and said "So you're saying I can be with my whole family for forever?" and we were like "yeah" and he was like "I think that is the coolest thing I have ever heard!" OH MY GOSH! he is seriously the cutest kid! We got really close to the rest of the family as well. The father said that he isn't interested in any religion, but he asks tons of questions and agrees with a lot of things that we say, so sometimes I wonder if he really is open to learning about the gospel. They all came to church on Sunday, but they only stayed for sacrament meeting. Wyatt was nervous because he doesn't know anyone, so we are in the process of getting him some friends. We aren't teaching him this Wednesday because he has hunter safety this week, but next Wednesday they are having us over for dinner and making us stake! We are going to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ and commit him to a baptism date! This kid is seriously awesome and he just absorbs everything we tell him about the gospel like a sponge, I am so excited!

There is this family in our ward named the Hrubes family (you say it like Rube-ez the H is silent.) And they are awesome, seriously some of the best people I know. Both brother and sister Hrubes served missions in Haiti. They have 4 kids that are all older, and then they adopted 4 kids from Haiti. They have a little boy named DJ and he is my favorite person in the whole world, he is like my new best friend! I will have to send home pictures. Sister Hrubes had us over for dinner on Friday night and we got to talk to them, and hear their stories. She was telling us that when she was in Haiti she went to some of the orphanages and they kept the kids in cages. They were suspended in the air and when they wanted to give them food they would pull a lever and one of the cages would come down. They would then throw the food in the cage and raise it back up off the floor so the kids couldn't get out. They got money depending on how many kids they had in the orphanage. It was so heart breaking I cried! But she was saying that when she was there she knew that she needed to adopt some kids, that they were meant to be in her family. So after the earthquake and everything she decided that it was time, so she and her husband started the process. She told us that when they got DJ  that he was 3 years old, but he was only 11 lbs. So they tell him that he is only 4 years old, because even though he was 3 he was an infant when they got him. Such an awesome family you would absolutely love them!
There is another family in our ward who has decided that they are our new mom and dad. Their names are Myrna and Ernie Hammer and they have pretty much adopted us. We go over there all the time because she has new referals for us everyday. So just so you know, even though I am here in Montana I am being taken care of very well by the whole ward, but mostly the Hammers. :)
So I taught Relief society yesterday. They invited the young women and I got to talk specifically to them, but to the whole relief society as well on 'preparing to serve a mission.' I talked about personal progress, and about good friends, and about temple attendance, about making time for the lord, and about sticking close to your family. It was really good, and I used a bunch of pictures of my friends and family. The only problem was that I was so nervous I couldn't stop shaking. It was really important that we made a good impression on the ward since we are meeting them for the first time that week. So we spent a lot of time preparing and our lesson was good, I was just really nervous. Anyway I had lots of pictures and I was shaking so hard you couldn't see the pictures, so Sister Letalu had to hold them for me ha ha :).
So after I taught relief society we had MCM (missionary council meeting) with our ward mission leader Brother Larsen (he is awesome by the way and super missionary minded.) But we were having a council meeting with him and we were talking about the members and who we could help and it was going awesome. The sun was out and the sky was blue when we started! The meeting lasted 30 minutes and in that time the clouds rolled in the wind started and the snow was coming sideways!!!! I have never seen it snow sideways like that in my whole life! Even growing up in Utah I had never seen it snow like that! I have seen it snow slanted, but never like completely sideways! and there was thunder and lightening in a snow storm! It was insane!  It was a horrible storm and my companion and I just got a little car instead of our big truck so we were all kinds of scared and getting beat up by the wind. We were praying our guts out that we would be safe and make it home okay. All the stop lights went out and it started snowing worse. However we somehow made it home and we were said a prayer of thanks for letting us arrive there safely. And we walked inside and all the power was out. Sister Stacy was really sick yesterday so she stayed home, and she was like yeah I don't know when the power will come back on. So the storm lasted for about an hour and a half and then it stopped. Everyone elses power came back but not ours! We waited for 7 1/2 hours for our power. We ended up going over to the Hammers to get some flashlights and warm up because it was so cold in our house. Also we had to go out and buy food for dinner because there was nothing to eat in our house that didn't require electricity. So we spent a lot of time on our knees praying that everything would be okay. We called the power company and we didn't hear anything from them after they told us they were going to send someone out to get the power back up. So we resolved that we would spend the night at the Hammers. We all got ready to leave, and then started to leave. However as we were walking out the door everyone kind of got the same thought at once. We all knelt down one more time to have a prayer. As we were praying the electric company came and they went and found the braker (which was like a mile away from the house...) and we got power. :) We were pretty cold last night but we were all really grateful that the power came on right when we needed it too. I don't know if I will ever pray again without thanking Heavenly Father for electricity!
So this has been a really long email about my life! :) I am attatching the picture of Kayden :) he is super cute! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sister Erbe

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kayden Keith's baptism.

Kayden Keith's baptism with Sister Letalu and Sister Erbe