Monday, February 25, 2013

WELCOME to MBM - Faith Precedes the Miracle

Dear Elders and Sisters:
Welcome to the Montana Billings Mission.  Each Monday you will receive an email from Sister Mecham sharing success or miracle stories from some of our missionaries. You are invited to record and share your own stories and send them to Sister Mecham on your P-day email.    All the stories that are gathered will be compiled into a booklet that will be provided to you at the end of your mission.  We want to recognize all the miracles that are happening in our mission in relation to finding, baptizing, and promptings of the Holy Ghost, etc.   Anything that is a miracle to you is a miracle for the whole mission.  We are now in our 21st week of sharing miracles since we started. 
The Book of Mormon, combined with the Spirit, is your most powerful resource in conversion. (Preach My Gospel, 104)
Elder Gregory Eiselin 2.1.13 - Book Club Reads Book of Mormon
Elder Slade and I had an incredible experience this past week. We decided to revisit a potential investigator family we had tracted into some time back. The woman was home with her young son and so we gave her our contact info so we could have a lesson with her and her husband. We received a call from an unfamiliar phone number and it was the husband of this woman we visited. He was happy to speak to us and very much wanted us to have a lesson with him. He said that he would provide pizza and then asked if he could invite some of his friends over to be part of it. We said, “Yes!” We went there with one of the newly-called ward missionaries. The group of friends this man had invited was all part of a book club that is reading the Book of Mormon!!!! They were very kind and open hearted to hear the things we would speak about. Just as he promised, he provided pizza and beverages and even dessert! We then taught lesson one and they had lots of questions as they were fairly versed in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. It was wonderful and we invited them to read, ponder and pray to know that this is the Lord’s true church established back on the earth and that when they receive an answer they will desire to be baptized. We are meeting with them again this Wednesday. When we left the lesson last week they all said, “You need to give us more time with you next time.” They wanted more! It was a great experience like I have never before had thus far. There were six people in this book club. How perfect it is that they are reading the Book of Mormon and that the spirit led us to them at this time. They said they will have read the Book of Mormon in its entirety by our next visit.
The Spirit carries truth to the heart of the listener. (Preach My Gospel, 97; 2 Nephi 33:1)
Sister Rebekah Streeter 2.4.13 – Church Attendance and Book of Mormon
One of our new investigators is named Allison! She's probably the most prepared person I have ever taught. The Elders were teaching her. When we taught her on Tuesday we asked her about church and she said it was amazing. When we asked her to elaborate she said, "I have never felt like that before...I was really emotional, I couldn't stop crying. When the speakers spoke I knew they were speaking from their hearts. I felt a.....presence there. And I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy. It wasn't something my mind conjured up either." We were able to explain to her that that "presence" is the Holy Ghost. She had a lot of questions, but overall it went really well. She also said, "Sometimes when I read the Book of Mormon I don't want to put it down." She is wonderful. She has an incredible heart and she is truly searching for the truth!


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