Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mom:  Schmoo,  When you write to us hang around the computer for a minute.  We will try to watch closely so we can ask questions and get quick responses.
WAITING for your email.  Can't wait to hear what is going on with you.
Love, MOM

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? it's me!

Malynne:  Hey, I am going to be able to call you both from the airport :) I have a call card and I will be able to spend a few minutes calling. I didn't want everyone else to know because I didn't want them to feel bad because I will be calling when they are in school. I am leaving the MTC at 8 and so as soon as I get through security at the airport I will call around like 9. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR YOUR VOICES!!!! I love you!
-Sister Erbe

Mom:  Can we keep everyone home from school or do you only want to talk to dad and I?

Malynne:  You can keep everyone, I just didn't want them to feel sad if they didn't get to talk to me because they were at school so I though that I would just be on the safe side.
Mom I only have like 5 minutes! write faster!

Mom:  We will let everyone know and let them decide.  I guess you will know who loves you by who stays home.

Malynne:  Oh my gosh you seriously think that they would pass up a chance to get out of school? :)
I wrote you all that letter, I will be able to talk more on the phone. I hope I will have like an hour to talk, I bought a calling so that I will be able to.

Mom:  Dear Malynne, I want to know if this email address is the email that you will be using throughout your mission?  I think the thing that I am most in the dark about is how do I correspond with you?  The missionaries of old used to only get to have letters.....can we email back and forth AND send letters or OR send letters?  I will always want to know your physical address so that I can mail you packages OR do all packages need to go to the mission home?  Questions for you to find answers to.  I will wait to hear from you, mailed letters yesterday.  
Love you tons,

Malynne:  Yes this is the email that I will be using through out the rest of my mission :)

Mom:  Braden Erickson got his mission call on Thursday. He's going to Uganda! I talked with Loren a bit about it this morning, and Braden is so excited. He reports May 29. His mission covers Uganda, Ethiopia, and parts of Sudan. He was told to bring 8 short-sleeved white shirts and sandals.
Makayla wants to know what color you're wearing.

Malynne:  That is awesome! He is going to love going on a mission. Is he English speaking?
And Makayla I am wearing a bluish green color and a flower skirt

Malynne:  So I only have like 60 seconds left on the email for today. Hopefully in the field I will have more time. I will write as soon as I get there and tell you when my p-day is and stuff. :) I love you all so much! Talk to you on Tuesday!

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