Saturday, February 16, 2013

Last days in the MTC

Hey guys, just having my p-day, seriously the best day of the whole week! I am leaving the MTC on Tuesday and am flying to Montana. We had a whole lesson on how to be missionaries at the airport and I was like 'I can't because I don't have a companion.' They are sending my companion and the other two girls going to Montana on the earlier flight, so it is just me on my flight. So I will be  without a companion for like 4 hours, it's really weird to think about. I am going to be with 4 Elders for a while so it will all be good, it is just weird that they split Sister Holbrook and I up for that long.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! We celebrated it here at the MTC as well, the sisters and I put a bunch of little hearts all around our class room and we wrote funny inside jokes on it and stuff, it was a pretty good day...except for the part where we spent 12 hours in class. I absolutely loved my valentines day card and my necklace, I have worn it everyday, it goes with everything! Oh and those posters you sent, funny story! All of the candy fell off so Sister Holbrook laid them on the floor and put them together ha ha :) We thought that mine said "Say hi to all the 'airheads' in Montana" and then we figured out that it was supposed to be Jolly Ranchers ha ha We were laughing so hard we were crying. I got a Valentine from Sister Holbrooks family too. :)
I wrote a bunch of people yesterday by the way, can you make sure that they get the letters please? and thank you.
So our PI investigator his name is Ian, and we taught him yesterday about the plan of salvation and the doctrine of Christ. And guess what! HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED! I can't even wait until I get up to montana and actually teach someone about the gospel and have them say that they are getting baptized. Oh I am singing in church tomorrow with my district. The boys sound like dying cats we all decided, hey but the girls sound good.
I saw Justin Moore and Blake Nelson! They're awesome. I saw Blake right before a fireside and so we got to talk for a little bit and that was nice. And then I actually saw Justin at breakfast this morning...So weird to call him Elder Moore! I kept forgetting his last name because I have never called him anything other than Justin! I have seen a couple other people that I know too. I saw my friend Dillan Durrant and I got to talk to him for a while. It is awesome to see people that I know going on missions.
I don't really have anything else ha ha I love being a missionary. I absolutely love being able to carry the name of Christ! OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!! Loves!!!!
-Sister Erbe
p.s. my name tag is a magnet. You were right!


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