Monday, February 25, 2013

Billings, Montana and Sister Letalu

Oh hey, it's me!
So I am gonna write this pretty fast :) hopefully I don't have very many mistakes. So I am in serving in....BILLINGS! yeah! ha ha I wrote you a letter, but I don't know if it has gotten there yet, so I guess you will just get all this information twice. My companions name is Sister Letalu, and she is from...LEHI UTAH! She lives on 2400 North and we never met before. But she graduated in 08 so I guess that is understandable. But she is awesome and I love her! My whole MTC group is split up in crazy places all over the state and I miss them a lot, but it's all good because we can write letter s and then we can see each other on certain days so I guess that isn't so bad. 

So My companion spent 10 months in Kalispell and has only been one other place besides that. On top of that, I don't know what I doing. On top of that, we are opening a brand new area that hasn't had missionaries in it for like a year so there is nothing ready for us at all. We pretty much spend our whole life tracting and everyone either slams the door in our faces, yells at us and threatens us, or just lectures us on how wrong our doctrine is because they read lots of anti mormon literature. It has been really hard, and I have just kind of wanted to go home. However I do know that this is where I am supposed to be. I can't actually justify going home just because people hate me...I already knew that this would happen. I seriously haven't even taught a lesson yet. We met some people in our ward though and they are nice, there is a lot of inactive work to be done and now that we have lists we can get things rolling. I just hope that this week will be better than last week.Last night though we got to meet with two kids who have wanted to get baptized and we were able to set 2 baptism dates for the 2nd of march and the 9th :) Hopefully we can teach them the commandments and get that rolling, they are awesome! 

So we live in a house! The stake president gave us a house! we share it with another set of Sisters, and it is awesome! Also, we have a truck, and it is awesome and I never want to drive a car again. We have horses on the same property as our house and we get to go out and see them in the mornings :) they are pretty great. So yeah, that is where I live.

Honestly, my mission isn't bad at all. I feel incredibly blessed to be where I am and to have the companion that I do. We just had a rough week and have to move forward with faith and know that everything will be okay and I will be blessed for my diligence.

Oh hey mom, I just thought that you would be so proud to know that I taught relief society when they had a stake training meeting. I talked about making a more comfortable transition between young womens and relief society. And I get to teach again on Sunday in my own ward! yay! Oh, p.s. I am in the hilltop ward in billings just in case you were wondering. 

I don't have much more time, so I am gonna close really fast so I can upload some pictures! yay! :D But I love you all, thanks so much for the emails they are awesome! And mom, just take the ward blurt out of what I have said in this email ha ha you can put something together I am sure :) Love you all!!!!!

Okay, just kidding once again my pictures are having an issue uploading...I am going to ask for help next Monday, so you will have to wait a week to see my face! But I love you!

Missionaries Arrive to the MBM.

WELCOME to MBM - Faith Precedes the Miracle

Dear Elders and Sisters:
Welcome to the Montana Billings Mission.  Each Monday you will receive an email from Sister Mecham sharing success or miracle stories from some of our missionaries. You are invited to record and share your own stories and send them to Sister Mecham on your P-day email.    All the stories that are gathered will be compiled into a booklet that will be provided to you at the end of your mission.  We want to recognize all the miracles that are happening in our mission in relation to finding, baptizing, and promptings of the Holy Ghost, etc.   Anything that is a miracle to you is a miracle for the whole mission.  We are now in our 21st week of sharing miracles since we started. 
The Book of Mormon, combined with the Spirit, is your most powerful resource in conversion. (Preach My Gospel, 104)
Elder Gregory Eiselin 2.1.13 - Book Club Reads Book of Mormon
Elder Slade and I had an incredible experience this past week. We decided to revisit a potential investigator family we had tracted into some time back. The woman was home with her young son and so we gave her our contact info so we could have a lesson with her and her husband. We received a call from an unfamiliar phone number and it was the husband of this woman we visited. He was happy to speak to us and very much wanted us to have a lesson with him. He said that he would provide pizza and then asked if he could invite some of his friends over to be part of it. We said, “Yes!” We went there with one of the newly-called ward missionaries. The group of friends this man had invited was all part of a book club that is reading the Book of Mormon!!!! They were very kind and open hearted to hear the things we would speak about. Just as he promised, he provided pizza and beverages and even dessert! We then taught lesson one and they had lots of questions as they were fairly versed in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible. It was wonderful and we invited them to read, ponder and pray to know that this is the Lord’s true church established back on the earth and that when they receive an answer they will desire to be baptized. We are meeting with them again this Wednesday. When we left the lesson last week they all said, “You need to give us more time with you next time.” They wanted more! It was a great experience like I have never before had thus far. There were six people in this book club. How perfect it is that they are reading the Book of Mormon and that the spirit led us to them at this time. They said they will have read the Book of Mormon in its entirety by our next visit.
The Spirit carries truth to the heart of the listener. (Preach My Gospel, 97; 2 Nephi 33:1)
Sister Rebekah Streeter 2.4.13 – Church Attendance and Book of Mormon
One of our new investigators is named Allison! She's probably the most prepared person I have ever taught. The Elders were teaching her. When we taught her on Tuesday we asked her about church and she said it was amazing. When we asked her to elaborate she said, "I have never felt like that before...I was really emotional, I couldn't stop crying. When the speakers spoke I knew they were speaking from their hearts. I felt a.....presence there. And I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy. It wasn't something my mind conjured up either." We were able to explain to her that that "presence" is the Holy Ghost. She had a lot of questions, but overall it went really well. She also said, "Sometimes when I read the Book of Mormon I don't want to put it down." She is wonderful. She has an incredible heart and she is truly searching for the truth!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Montana Women

Lucy Anderson, a lady in the Eaglecrest 1st Ward and a Montanan, sent this to me and said that Malynne would come back a true Montana woman.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mom:  Schmoo,  When you write to us hang around the computer for a minute.  We will try to watch closely so we can ask questions and get quick responses.
WAITING for your email.  Can't wait to hear what is going on with you.
Love, MOM

Malynne:  Hey mom, are you there? it's me!

Malynne:  Hey, I am going to be able to call you both from the airport :) I have a call card and I will be able to spend a few minutes calling. I didn't want everyone else to know because I didn't want them to feel bad because I will be calling when they are in school. I am leaving the MTC at 8 and so as soon as I get through security at the airport I will call around like 9. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR YOUR VOICES!!!! I love you!
-Sister Erbe

Mom:  Can we keep everyone home from school or do you only want to talk to dad and I?

Malynne:  You can keep everyone, I just didn't want them to feel sad if they didn't get to talk to me because they were at school so I though that I would just be on the safe side.
Mom I only have like 5 minutes! write faster!

Mom:  We will let everyone know and let them decide.  I guess you will know who loves you by who stays home.

Malynne:  Oh my gosh you seriously think that they would pass up a chance to get out of school? :)
I wrote you all that letter, I will be able to talk more on the phone. I hope I will have like an hour to talk, I bought a calling so that I will be able to.

Mom:  Dear Malynne, I want to know if this email address is the email that you will be using throughout your mission?  I think the thing that I am most in the dark about is how do I correspond with you?  The missionaries of old used to only get to have letters.....can we email back and forth AND send letters or OR send letters?  I will always want to know your physical address so that I can mail you packages OR do all packages need to go to the mission home?  Questions for you to find answers to.  I will wait to hear from you, mailed letters yesterday.  
Love you tons,

Malynne:  Yes this is the email that I will be using through out the rest of my mission :)

Mom:  Braden Erickson got his mission call on Thursday. He's going to Uganda! I talked with Loren a bit about it this morning, and Braden is so excited. He reports May 29. His mission covers Uganda, Ethiopia, and parts of Sudan. He was told to bring 8 short-sleeved white shirts and sandals.
Makayla wants to know what color you're wearing.

Malynne:  That is awesome! He is going to love going on a mission. Is he English speaking?
And Makayla I am wearing a bluish green color and a flower skirt

Malynne:  So I only have like 60 seconds left on the email for today. Hopefully in the field I will have more time. I will write as soon as I get there and tell you when my p-day is and stuff. :) I love you all so much! Talk to you on Tuesday!

Last days in the MTC

Hey guys, just having my p-day, seriously the best day of the whole week! I am leaving the MTC on Tuesday and am flying to Montana. We had a whole lesson on how to be missionaries at the airport and I was like 'I can't because I don't have a companion.' They are sending my companion and the other two girls going to Montana on the earlier flight, so it is just me on my flight. So I will be  without a companion for like 4 hours, it's really weird to think about. I am going to be with 4 Elders for a while so it will all be good, it is just weird that they split Sister Holbrook and I up for that long.
HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! We celebrated it here at the MTC as well, the sisters and I put a bunch of little hearts all around our class room and we wrote funny inside jokes on it and stuff, it was a pretty good day...except for the part where we spent 12 hours in class. I absolutely loved my valentines day card and my necklace, I have worn it everyday, it goes with everything! Oh and those posters you sent, funny story! All of the candy fell off so Sister Holbrook laid them on the floor and put them together ha ha :) We thought that mine said "Say hi to all the 'airheads' in Montana" and then we figured out that it was supposed to be Jolly Ranchers ha ha We were laughing so hard we were crying. I got a Valentine from Sister Holbrooks family too. :)
I wrote a bunch of people yesterday by the way, can you make sure that they get the letters please? and thank you.
So our PI investigator his name is Ian, and we taught him yesterday about the plan of salvation and the doctrine of Christ. And guess what! HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED! I can't even wait until I get up to montana and actually teach someone about the gospel and have them say that they are getting baptized. Oh I am singing in church tomorrow with my district. The boys sound like dying cats we all decided, hey but the girls sound good.
I saw Justin Moore and Blake Nelson! They're awesome. I saw Blake right before a fireside and so we got to talk for a little bit and that was nice. And then I actually saw Justin at breakfast this morning...So weird to call him Elder Moore! I kept forgetting his last name because I have never called him anything other than Justin! I have seen a couple other people that I know too. I saw my friend Dillan Durrant and I got to talk to him for a while. It is awesome to see people that I know going on missions.
I don't really have anything else ha ha I love being a missionary. I absolutely love being able to carry the name of Christ! OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT!!!!! Loves!!!!
-Sister Erbe
p.s. my name tag is a magnet. You were right!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's ME in the MTC!!!

Hey guys!
So I only have like 20 minutes to write, so I am going to write really fast and just tell you about my week. First of all, I am alive. I have made it to my P-day and it has been great so far. The food in the cafeteria is pretty old already though, and I wish that I could just go and get a subway sandwich or something. I wrote a letter and I hope that you got it, but in case you didn't my companions name is Sister Holbrook and she is awesome! I absolutely love her and I am so glad that we are companions. She actually really reminds me of Courtney. So we have four sisters in our district, me and Sister Holbrook and Sister Christensen and Sister Olsen also, they are all old enough to be on a mission even without the announcement, so I am the youngest ha ha :). Hey but we have an 18 year old Elder who decided to come on his mission because of the announcement too. My whole district is made up of 6 different companionships, there is Elder Bishop and Elder Schlenker, Elder Bishop is my district leader, he is in charge of getting the mail and stuff and Elder Schlenker is from Pleasant Grove and he is 6'8'', them and Elder Long and Elder Goodwin are my two favorite Elders. We always eat together as a district and that is really cool because at meal times we all can kind of relax and just get to know each other. We have some Elders that are going to Canada too, so we call ourselves Montanada ha ha. Things that are a little weird about being here at the MTC I can't call anybody 'guys' or say 'hey dude' because we are now all missionaries we can only say 'Elders' and 'Sisters' even when we are getting ready for bed we are always sisters. Second it is really weird to be called Sister Erbe, I am having a really hard time adjusting to that name. Other than that it is amazing here!
So the first few days I was here I was really really nervous to teach, and we do these things where we take turns pretending to be the investigator and then the missionary, and I was soooo scared I didn't want to be the missionary. I just was so worried about what I would say and if I would say it wrong and if I wouldn't listen to the spirit like I am supposed to. Sister Holbrook and I went to teach our first investigator last night, and I was just praying like crazy. She started to get nervous and I kept pretending like I wasn't nervous because I didn't want her to freak out, but I was super nervous. We got there and we knocked on the door and she didn't want to say anything so I said "Hi my name is Sister Erbe and this is my companion Sister Holbrook and we are missionaries for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we were just wondering if you had a minute to talk to us." It was actually really perfect because he invited us in and we were able to go in a sit down and talk about God and about the nature of God, and he had some questions and we were able to use the spirit to direct us to scriptures. Everyone keeps talking about that scripture in D&C the one where 'open your mouth and I will fill in in the very hour.' It was totally like that. I was so excited and the spirit was so strong, it ended up being a beautiful lesson and we taught him how to pray and we invited him to read Alma 22 (go and read this right now and if you are having any questions about anything then do what it says and get down on your knees) and then we asked if we could come back again and he said we can come back again tonight :) so we have a second appointment with him. His name is Ian and he is a high school senior, super cool kid, it is crazy how much I love him and want him to have the gospel just after a 20 minute discussion with him. It just makes me really excited to get out there and to teach the people in Montana.
I met my branch president on Thursday night and we met with our zone. Everyone in my zone is going to Montana except the four Elders going to Canada. He had all of us stand up and bear our testimonies, definitely one of my favorite things that has happened so far, to see why other people are serving the Lord and to feel my own testimony of why I am here. Anyway he asked us the question 'so are you going to be an average missionary?' and we kind of didn't understand, but we were like oh yeah, we'll be average, and he said 'no you're going to be EXCEPTIONAL' and that is Montanadas motto now, 'let's be exceptional'
I got a package from Robert and Jenny Nelsen! They sent me some pink valentines day cookies and me and my companion have been eating them, they are delicious. I haven't seen Blake yet though, I have looked but everyone has such different schedules and now they have so many missionaries they have like 5 different dinners at 5 different times. I am running out of time a little bit I only have 5 minutes, so I am going to upload pictures of my companion and the girls in my district :) I love you all, write me letters and ask me questions so that I know what to write to you! God bless you!
Okay just kidding can't figure it out, I will figure it out and you will get them next email. Oh and Mr. Ditty, you better send me a letter, or just email me your address so I can write you! K again I love you hopefully I can write to you in a letter later this week. loves!